Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 393 – Fierce Fighting against the Insect Swarm

Chapter 392 – Devil Cockroaches

Translator: Xaiomoge

In the Demonic Realm, there were countless strange monsters, and there were many devil insect powerhouses with unique abilities. Yuan Yi, a Glorious Dawn Warlock, was indeed unrivaled in the underground worlds 3rd floor. He could wipe out countless freaks.

But in the Demonic Realm, Yuan Yis consumption of strength was enormous. At most, he could flatten one or two nests before having to stop and return to the nine fortresses to rest and restore his strength. Otherwise, he may be surrounded and killed by Moonlight Warlock rank freaks.

So long as Yuan Yi stayed guard within the barrier of the nine fortresses, then even a Bright World Warlock rank freak might not be able to take down the Black Ink War Zone.

The freaks in the Demonic Realm wanted to destroy the nine fortresses, yet were unable to. Similarly, the Black Ink War Zone, which had only one Glorious Dawn Warlock, Yuan Yi, standing guard, was unable to recapture the Demonic Realm and wipe out all the freaks therein.

Yang Feng touched his chin and slowly uttered: “Its that dangerous there? It seems that I cant destroy that place right away. I need to do some preparations.”

Luo Luer spoke frankly: “You still want to destroy that place? Not even the generals of the nine fortresses could do it. Its the nest of devil insects! Although your mobile fortified stronghold is really amazing, but faced with the siege of countless devil insects, nothing will be left of it! If you want to go there, then let us out first. We dont want to die.”

Zhang Zhiqiao raised her eyebrows, saying: “Yang Feng, although Luers words might not be pleasant, but theyre true. If you really want to go to the devil insect nest, then please let us out.”

Yang Feng wrinkled his eyebrows, then his gaze fell on Su Fangyan, and his eyes lit up. He asked full of expectations. “I still lack a guide. Major Su Fangyan, can you stay and act as my guide?”

There were innumerable fearsome freaks hidden in the Demonic Realm. With an excellent guide, Yang Feng could avoid many dangers.

Su Fangyan showed a sweet smile, and then said with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “Sorry, but Im still very fond of this life of mine, and have no intentions of giving it up. Please let me out along with Zhiqiao and them.”

“Well, in that case, how about we stop here?” Yang Feng contemplated for a while, and then pointed at the wilderness between the devil insect nest and the Furious Lion Fortress.

Zhang Zhiqiao carefully examined the surrounding terrain for a while, and then nodded: “This place is fine! Even if were in trouble, we can ask for help from the Furious Lion Fortress.”

Wang Bing, the gentle girl with a round face, smiled at Yang Feng and said: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang. In the Demonic Realm, the first priority is to survive, to protect yourself, to keep contact with the rear at all times. In the Demonic Realm, due to various reasons, the number of Starry Sky Warlocks that die in the Black Ink War Zone alone each year exceeds 20. This is bloody experience that countless former generations left behind using their own lives.”

“I understand!” Yang Feng nodded and smiled. He wasnt someone who didnt know how to recognize other peoples good intentions. Naturally, he understood Zhang Zhiqiao and them were talking from experience. For ordinary geniuses who came to gain experience, theirs were words of wisdom.

The mobile fortified fortress flew at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour for 100 kilometers before landing on the ground.

Along the way, the mobile fortified strongholds various artillery fire never stopped, blasting all kinds of freaks around the stronghold apart.

On the Merit Steles of the nine fortresses, the number of merit points next to Yang Fengs name rose continuously. Although not as terrifying as before, when the number of merit points rose by the tens of thousands up to more than 100,000 per minute, but the number of merit points still increased steadily.

When the mobile fortified stronghold landed, doors opened, and countless level-8 battle robots poured out like a tide and occupied strategic locations.

Engineering robots poured out of the doors and began building various batteries.

Yang Feng scanned the various batteries being built and ordered coldly: “All batteries should focus on energy weapons as much as possible, keep the construction of live ammunition weapons to a minimum.”

Although energy weapons consumed a tremendous amount of energy, but Yang Feng has built more than 10,000 large-scale nuclear power plants in the Turandot Subcontinent, which netted him a tremendous amount of energy every day. Via warp gates, Yang Feng could get a steady stream of supply of energy from the Turandot Subcontinent.

Machine cannons, heavy machine guns, missile launchers, and other live ammunition weapons, once used, would consume a lot of steel and other materials. It was very difficult to replenish those materials in the Demonic Realm. Even if the materials were transported from the Turandot Subcontinent, it would be too costly, and would be very disadvantageous in protracted warfare.

As the components of the various batteries have been manufactured beforehand, the assembling work was progressing very fast.

Before long, high-energy grids, aurora turrets, large railguns, and other batteries were set up. At the same time, battle robots continuously poured out of the mobile fortified stronghold, and their numbers soon exceeded 200,000.

As if giant ants, the 200,000 five- or six-meter tall battle robots crowded in a huge barracks.

Stunned by the sheer number of battle robots, Luo Luer uttered: “So many mechanical golems! How can the mobile fortified stronghold hold that many of them?”

Zhang Zhiqiao hesitated for a while before asking: “The mobile fortified stronghold should be using spatial magic inside. Right, Junior Disciple Brother Yang?”

The mobile fortified stronghold concealed too many secrets, dazzling Zhang Zhiqiao, a genius from the Bright Moon School, and making her lose self-confidence.

Yang Feng responded with a smiled: “Thats right!”

In fact, Yang Feng was using one of the four first-rate warp gates to transport the battle robots from the Turandot Subcontinent.

With warp gate technology, wherever he went, Yang Feng could have all kinds of items from the Turandot Subcontinent and his territory on the Feisuo Plane at his disposal. This was the basis for Yang Fengs confidence to go on a rampage in the Demonic Realm.

Soon after the mobile fortified stronghold landed, the area around calmed down. There were no freaks in sight, as if they were all exterminated.

Luo Luer drank cold juice. Suddenly, she frowned, stared at the holographic projections, and thought out loud: “Whats going on? Why are there no freaks all of a sudden?”

Yang Feng responded casually: “Werent they wiped out by me?!”

Luo Luer looked blankly at Yang Feng: “How could it be that simple? The freaks in the Demonic Realm are like cockroaches, how could they be wiped out. Just 10 kilometers away from the Furious Lion Fortress, there are disgusting freaks in the sky, underground, and in water. Its impossible to wipe them out completely. For this change to suddenly occur, there must be something amiss!”

Zhang Zhiqiao contemplated for a while, then her beautiful eyes glimmered with a peculiar glint, and she spoke in a firm tone: “Yes, something isnt right. If I didnt guess wrong, a lot of freaks must be congregating somewhere. Afraid, the other freaks must have fled.”

Wang Bings pretty eyes shimmered gravely, and she pointed at a holographic projection and said: “Theyre coming!”

There were pitch-black insect clouds floating in the air, hiding the sky and covering the earth. The main insect cloud was entirely composed of devil locusts, and it was three times as big as the insect cloud that besieged Yang Feng at the Furious Lion Fortress.

On the ground, there were dense swarms of devil cockroaches with the head of a cockroach, an orangutan-like body, and a pair of cockroach wings on the back, as well as two-meter-tall demonic cockroaches with a pair of sharp incisors and sharp blades on the joints of their four limbs.

Face pale, Zhang Zhiqiao looked at the overwhelming clouds of insects with graveness in her beautiful eyes. She spoke in low voice: “Its the worst combination. Devil locusts, devil cockroaches, and demonic cockroaches – theyre the lowest cannon fodder among devil insect. This is the most disgusting combination. Even a Glorious Dawn Warlock wouldnt be willing to face these damn cannon fodder in the Demonic Realm! They are too numerous, and their fecundity is too perverted! Its impossible to wipe them out!!”

Looking pale, Wang Bing added: “The disgusting devil cockroaches can continue to fight even with their heads smashed. The demonic cockroaches have the ability to dig. Be careful, they will attack from below the ground!”

Women were naturally afraid of insects. The three kinds of freaks – devil locust, devil cockroaches, and demonic cockroaches were hideous, looking like huge insects. Ordinary people would be afraid and disgusted by them. Although they were not afraid of the demonic insects, but these women were overcome with disgust.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with excitement: “What a troublesome number! But thats alright. After wiping them out, I may be able to earn one kilogram of purple sage demonic gold worth of merit points. Attack!”

The laser cannon batteries that have been fully set up after the thousands of engineering robots worked against the clock flashed, and laser beams shot into the sky and slammed into the devil locusts.

Wherever the laser beams passed, holes were punched into devil locusts, clearing out a path.

The gunner robots, who have replaced their weapons with laser guns, shot at the devil locusts in the sky.

Densely packed laser beams instantly enveloped the sky, and devil locust began to fall from the sky like raindrops.

Devil cockroaches, demonic cockroaches, and other demonic insects cannon fodder crazily surged towards the mobile fortified stronghold like a black sea wave, covering the earth completely.

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