Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 394 – Grand Merit Stele

Chapter 393 – Fierce Fighting against the Insect Swarm

Translator: Xaiomoge

More than 10,000 large-caliber heavy artillery fired wildly, and densely packed shells rained down on the demonic insect ground forces.

The devil cockroaches and demonic cockroaches were all level-1 extraordinary life forms. Faced with the fearsome carpet bombing, they were instantly swallowed and blown apart, splattering mucus about.

“Thats awesome!” On the bridge, when Luo Luer staring at a holographic projection saw a large tract of the densely packed devil cockroaches disappear in an instant, she couldnt help sighing in admiration.

Zhang Zhiqiaos beautiful eyes flashed with extraordinary splendor.

Su Fangyans pretty eyes opened wide as she stared at a holographic projection. She clenched her snow-white hands, and her delicate body trembled slightly.

The 10,000 cannons roared and erased tens of thousands of devil cockroaches and demonic cockroaches with a volley.

In the Demonic Realm, Moonlight Warlocks could not wipe out so many freaks in a single blow. Only when Glorious Dawn Warlocks went all out, would they be able to eliminate tens of thousands of freaks with a single strike.

The Triumph City, in front of the Merit Stele.

“Look, his merit points are increasing dramatically again!!”

“An increase of 130,000 merit points in one go! How frightening!”

“A sudden surge of 130,000 merit points, did he kill two Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks at once?”


The agents of various major forces stared at the Merit Stele, both stunned and excited, discussing spiritedly.

Luo Hongyi looked at the insane growth of merit points next to Yang Fengs name. Her lily-white arms intertwined tightly, and she gloomily clenched her white teeth, heart overcome with shock: “130,000 merit points, how can his merit points increase so fast?”

“130,000 merit points, thats terrific!”

“What on earth did he do? How did his merit points increase by so much in a flash?”


In the nine fortresses, the Warlocks surrounding the respective Merit Stele commented spiritedly.

Standing before the Furious Lion Fortresss Merit Stele, Lu Xiongsheng looked up at Yang Fengs name, his eyes overcome with jealousy. Currently, his own merit points were only a fraction of Yang Fengs.

Following that horrible volley, only sporadic devil cockroaches remained, which were shot dead by the gunner robots one at a time before they could get close to the batteries.

Having learned their lesson, the wings of the devil cockroaches in the rear flickered wildly, and they rose into the air, flying toward the mobile fortified stronghold at a low altitude.

The demonic cockroaches began to dig quickly at the ground, and dug out tunnels, via which they headed toward Yang Fengs batteries.

Forming dense swarms, the devil locusts flew toward the mobile fortified stronghold.

Gunner robots equipped with jet packs and flamethrowers suddenly rose into the air and blocked in front of the devil locusts, and then sprayed long tongues of flame shrouding the devil locusts.

Sprayed by the flames, the devil locusts turned into balls of fire and dropped from the sky.

Tens of thousands of gunner robots formed a wall of fire, spraying flames and setting the devil locusts on fire.

It looked like there was a meteor shower as countless devil locusts fell to the ground, struggling frantically.

The devil cockroaches flying at a low altitude were also stopped by the gunner robots equipped with flamethrowers. Swept by the flames, their wings were set on fire, and they dropped down like fireballs.

The devil locusts and devil cockroaches advanced dauntlessly toward the gunner robots, acting as shields for the devil insects in the rear.

The gunner robots were forced to operate their protective covers to withstand the mad assault of the two kinds of devil insects. At the same time, they quickly retreated.

Prompted by the optical computer, the reserve gunner robots quickly stepped forward and engaged the two kinds of devil insects.

The laser cannon and railgun batteries on the ground shot light beams into the nearly endless devil insect crowd alternately, wiping out tens of thousands of devil insects with each volley.

Also equipped with jet packs, the bladed robots flew into the air and engaged the devil cockroaches and devil locust in close combat.

In the fierce battle between the mechanical flood and the sea of devil insects, the protective covers of the battle robots made great contributions. With their protection, even if the battle robots were besieged, they could calmly retreat before their protective cover was broken through and return to the base to replenish their energy, and then continue fighting.

Every moment, untold numbers of devil insects fell from the sky and became fragments. As for the battle robots, not many were being destroyed.

Zhang Zhiqiao exclaimed: “Terrific! Younger Disciple Brother Yang, the defensive spells of your mechanical golems are terrific, equivalent to level-3 defensive spells.”

The eyes of the other Lily Mercenary Group beautiful Warlocks flashed with shock. For them, a single mechanical golem wasnt worth paying attention. But now there were more than 1 million of these mechanical golems. So many mechanical golems were a terrifying force.

Yang Feng smiled, and his gaze fell on a holographic projection, which showed the demonic cockroaches moving underground toward the mobile fortified stronghold.

The laser cannons and all kinds of other heavy artillery could not attack the demonic cockroaches which were 500 meters deep underground.

Yang Feng suddenly spoke: “Senior Disciple Sister Zhang, can those demonic cockroaches dig through the floor?”

Zhang Zhiqiao answered: “No! The underground world is formed by a very powerful world rank secret treasure, and it was enchanted by numerous powerful beings of other races. Only an Infinity Warlock rank powerhouse using a secret treasure would be able to pierce through a floor and open a passage between two floors of the underground world.”

Yang Feng relaxed slightly and gave a short order: “Dig!”

The engineering robots began to dig quickly, digging big holes 10 meters in diameter and 500 meters in depth around Yang Fengs position.

Countless demonic cockroaches had just burrowed out of their tunnels, when the bladed robots waiting for them killed them, and then discarded their bodies.

A steady stream of gunner robots, bladed robots, artillery robots, and other types of battle robots poured out from the mobile fortified stronghold.

The numbers of the enormous mechanical legion increased steadily on the battlefield, step by step breaking through the 1 million mark. Then the 1.5 million mark and the 2 million mark. With Turandot Subcontinent as a logistics base, Yang Feng was able to create such a huge mechanical legion.

Luo Luer looked at the dense crowd of battle robots still pouring out and couldnt help saying: “So many mechanical golems!”

Zhang Zhiqiao and the other beautiful Warlocks of he Lily Mercenary Group watched numbly as the various battle robots continuously poured out. They were shocked to see the fist million battle robots, but now they were already numb.

After its numbers exceeded 2 million, the mechanical legion launched an offensive. Countless bladed robots equipped with jet packs rose into the air and engaged in close combat with the demonic cockroaches flying at a low altitude.

As if meat grinders, the bladed robots hacked the demonic cockroaches before them that could not withstand a single strike to fragments, which scattered on the ground.

Faced with a dense devil insect crowd, gunner robots equipped with flame throwers and jet packs rose into the air and sprayed flames at the countless devil insects, turning them into fireballs.

The terrifying mechanical legion steadily advanced forward, forcing the devil insect crowd back step by step. At every moment, countless devil insects were transformed into fragments.

The ground was littered with charred devil insect bodies oozing mucus.

Watching a holographic projection, Zhang Zhiqiao clearly saw the devil insect army being nibbled away by the terrifying mechanical legion, being pushed back.

Suddenly, Zhang Zhiqiaos communications crystal shook, and she picked it up. A charming voice full of excitement came from the communications crystal: “Zhiqiao, 8 million!! His merit points exceeded 8 million!! Heavens, how did he do it? In one day, in less than one day, his merit points broke through 8 million!! Even the generals of the nine fortresses may not be able to achieve such a fearsome result! Zhiqiao, how did he do it?”

The corners of Zhang Zhiqiaos mouth rose slightly, and she responded: “He didnt do anything other than have more than 2 million mechanical golems kill about. By the way, we are now being besieged by more than 100 million devil insects. And we still hold the advantage.”


From the communications crystal came a sigh: “More than 2 million mechanical golems, besieged by 100 million devil insects, what a spectacular scene. Besieged by 100 million devil insects, even the nine generals would have to retreat. I really would like to see it for myself!”

The voice from the communications crystal went on to say: “Zhiqiao, when you come back, you must introduce me to Yang Feng.”

Zhang Zhiqiao replied indifferently: “Fine! I get it!”

Zhang Zhiqiao has just put the communications crystal down, when she saw Wang Bing, Luo Luer, and them, who had their communications crystals in their hands, communicate with their friends far away.

Luo Luer and them plastered proud smiles on their beautiful faces. Even in the Demonic Realm, few people could see more than 100 million devil locusts fighting. Except for Moonlight Warlocks, anyone else to witness such a scene would not live to tell the tale.

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