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Chapter 395 – Starry Sky Warlock Rank Devil Insects

Chapter 394 – Grand Merit Stele

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“10 million!! His merits points exceeded 10 million!! Thats incredible!”

Within the Triumph City, Luo Hongyi looked at the number in front of Yang Fengs name on the Merit Stele, and a sense of powerlessness surged in her beautiful eyes. Within a day, his merit points increased by 10 million. This monster wasnt someone she could compare to. It should be noted that not long ago, Zhang Zhiqiao, who had the highest amount of merit points on the Black Ink War Zones monthly list, only had about 500,000 merits points.

Luo Hongyi was confident that she could challenge Zhang Zhiqiao in the future, but she had no confidence to challenge Yang Feng.

“10 million merit points, 12 million merit points! This is crazy! Is this Yang Feng a Moonlight Warlock?”

“Are you stupid or something? Yang Feng is definitely a Glorious Dawn Warlock. How could a Moonlight Warlock gain so many merit points in such a short time, unless they killed a Moonlight Warlock rank freak and got 500 million merit points at one stroke. This should be a Glorious Dawn Warlock disposing of small fries!!”

“Yes, this is definitely a Glorious Dawn Warlock disposing of small fry freaks. And he should be an expert among Glorious Dawn Warlocks!”

“A Glorious Dawn Warlock was mobilized. It seems that something big is going on in the Black Ink War Zone!”


Around the Merit Stele, there were many Warlocks staring at Yang Fengs name on the stele, discussing and speculating nonstop.

When she heard the discussions, Luo Hongyis spirits rose slightly, and she mused: “Thats right, he should be a Glorious Dawn Warlock who hides his strength. This is the only way to explain his accomplishments.”

“When a Glorious Dawn Warlock acts, they sure make a scene!”

“Its a Glorious Dawn Warlock taking action! Such accomplishments were only witnessed a few times when Major General Yuan Yi cleaned up devil insect nests!”

“Amazing! A Glorious Dawn Warlock appeared in the Black ink War Zone, does it mean that something big is taking place?”


Crowds of people surrounded the Merit Steles of the nine fortresses. Everyone stared at the merit points in front of a particular name on the monthly list, commenting spiritedly. Many Warlocks looked at Yang Fengs name with eyes full of worship.

Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses could establish a sect on the Cangzhi Plane. They were experts who commanded respect wherever they went. As for Glorious Dawn Warlocks, they were even more powerful and rare. Even in the Great Cloud Dynasty, they had a very high standing, and would be conferred the title of major general.

Although Yuan Yi guarded the Black Ink War Zone, but he also had to practice cultivation. As such, the number of times he truly acted was very small. It was a very rare sight to see a Glorious Dawn Warlock rank expert in action, which was why this caused such a stir among ordinary Warlocks. After all, for them, Glorious Dawn Warlocks were as powerful as gods. Glorious Dawn Warlocks were idols worshiped by many Warlocks.

Lu Xiongsheng looked at Yang Fengs name, eyes spraying fierce flames of jealousy. He gritted his teeth and said: “He definitely isnt a Glorious Dawn Warlock. Hes just an ordinary Great Warlock! If he hadnt been lucky enough to join the Fighting Demonic Sect, how could he have acquired such a treasure! I wish I would have joined one of the ten major sects at the time!!”

The Black Ink War Zones headquarters, within Yuan Yis study, the intellectual beauty Wei Luzhen suddenly raised her head, picked up a shaking communications crystal, and silently listened to the voice coming from the communications crystal, her pretty eyes flickering with shock. After a while, she calmed down and uttered: “Major General, your youngest disciple brother has already acquired 18 million merit points.”

Mind adrift, Yuan Yi was practicing cultivation. Suddenly, he came back to his senses and said indifferently: “If he acquired 18 million merit points, then he acquired 18 million merit points. Dont disturb my cultivation with such trifles.”

When Yuan Yi completely regained his senses, his eyes flashed with shock, the lazy look on his face completely disappeared, and he asked: “Eh, what? 18 million? You said 18 million? Yang Feng, acquired 18 million merit points?”

The corners of Wei Luzhens mouth rose slightly. She seldom saw Yuan Yis expression of astonishment. Now that she did, her heart was overcome with delight, yet her pretty face looked serene. She uttered: “Thats right. To be precise, he had broken through 18 million merit points. By the way, that number is no longer accurate. His merit points have already exceeded 20 million!”

Yuan Yi smiled lightly and sighed: “20 million merit points. Within a day, he broke through 20 million. Youngest Disciple Brothers performance puts me, his senior disciple brother, to shame. When I was a Great Warlock, I wasnt as fierce as him.”

Wei Luzhen said: “Should his achievements be connected to the Demonic Realms Grand Merit Stele?”

The Demonic Realms Grand Merit Stele was located in the center of the 2nd floor of the underground world, and it was linked to Merit Steles of the war zones suppressing the Demonic Realm on the 3rd floor of the underground world. As long as the war zones agreed to connect with the Demonic Realms Grand Merit Stele, they would be able to enter the name of the person taking first place on their Merit Steles on the Grand Merit Stele, and all Warlocks of the Great Cloud Dynasty suppressing the Demonic Realm would take not of that persons name.

Yuan Yi showed a smile of excitement and said: “His name should be kept hidden. However, the Fighting Demonic Sect has been still for too long. Besides, I want to know what heights Youngest Disciple Brother can reach. Let me be willful for once! Connect! Remember to tag him as a person from the Fighting Demonic Sects!”

Wei Luzhen responded: “Yes!”

The Great Cloud Dynasty, the 2nd floor of the underground world, there was a sun made from magic suspended in the sky.

The sun made by magic scattered light on the ground, making the 2nd floor of the underground world look no different from the surface world. The only difference was that the sky of the 2nd floor of the underground world was a rough rock wall. The entire 2nd floor has been almost completely transformed into an area suitable for human habitation.

In the center of the 2nd floor of the Great Cloud Dynastys underground world lied a magnificent, astonishing, and awe-inspiring city called the Demonic Realm City.

The Demonic Realm City was the nerve center of the war zones on the 3rd floor of the underground world. Many vital commands were issued from here.

In the center of the Demonic Realm City stood the 100-meter-tall, pitch-black Grand Merit Stele.

This Grand Merit Stele was set up by the founding emperor of the Great Warlock Dynasty, Chu Yun [1], after the 2nd floor of the underground world was recaptured. It was the backbone of the 2nd floor of the Eastern Worlds underground world.

Just as human Warlocks would be greatly weakened when they went to the Demonic Realm, unable to use large area of effect meteorological spells, the different creatures of the Demonic Realm would be greatly weakened once they went to the 2nd floor of the underground world.

In the Demonic Realm, faced with 100 million devil locusts, who were cannon fodder with terrifying fecundity, even Moonlight Warlocks would have to retreat. On the 2nd floor of the underground world, however, 20 Starry Sky Warlocks casting large area of effect meteorological spells could easily wipe them out. Meteorological spells had great restraining effect against existences that were large in numbers yet had weak individual strength.

Abyssal fiends, demons, hellions, and devil insects, powerhouses of these races could exhibit 120% of their strength in the Demonic Realm. On the 2nd floor of the underground world, however, they could exhibit 100% of their strength at best. But when restrained, it was not unusual for them to exhibit 20% to 30% of their strength.

Only Yang Fengs mechanical legion could exhibit 100% of their fighting strength virtually in any environment, neither receiving too great of an environmental boost nor too great of an environmental restrain.

The Grand Merit Stele in the center of the 2nd floor of the underground world not only suppressed the whole 2nd floor, but it could also transmit power. When connected to the 3rd floor of the underground world, it could strengthen the war zones.

The freaks desired the most to destroy the backbone of the 2nd floor of the underground world, the Grand Merit Stele, so that the underground world would be reduced to be their camp. Then, with the underground world as a base, they could carry out a large scale invasion of the Cangzhi Plane.

The area with the Great Merit Stele was enveloped by a very strong barrier, and no one was allowed to come close within 100 meters of it.

The area 100 meters away from the Grand Merit Stele was surrounded by countless people, whose eyes were focused on the stele, staring at the names on it.

Every name on the stele belonged to a person who took first place on the Merit Steles of war zones like the Black Ink War Zone. These people were fighting geniuses in the Great Cloud Dynasty. So long as they didnt die prematurely, their future was bound to be bright.

“Amazing! The Beast God Schools genius Hu Yanba in the Mad Beast War Zone is really amazing. In less than a month, he obtained 1.5 million merit points. What a terrific fellow.”

“Hu Yanba, what does he count for? The Golem Gates Li Cheng is the strongest genius. In less than a month, he acquired 1.7 million merit points.”

“Li Cheng? He relies completely on golems to fight! Without his golems, Li Cheng would be taken out by Hu Yanba in a single move. As Warlocks, we should temper ourselves, and not bank on external things, so that we can climb to the top.”

“Ha-ha, are you stupid? Are you all muscles and no brains? If you take away the blood of the Beast God within Hu Yanba, what will he be left with? Not bank on external things? We are humans, human Warlocks who know how to use secret treasures, unlike trash like those barbaric fiends, devil insects, and other creatures that only know how to use their bodies.”


Around the Grand Merit Stele, numerous people discussed spiritedly and argued over who was the number one genius. Many people were flushed red from anger.

“Look! The Saint Lotus Sects Holy Daughter Bai Yilian has 3 million merit points!”

“3 million merit points, awesome! As expected, the holy daughter of the Saint Lotus Sect, the number two sect of the 10 major sects, is indeed a monstrous genius!!”

“Of course! Bai Yilian is a once in a century genius of the Saint Lotus Sect. She wont have any trouble reaching the Moonlight Warlock rank. She has hope of reaching the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank, and even a glimmer of hope of reaching the Bright World Warlock rank!!”


When the people around the Grand Merit Stele looked at the first name on the monthly list, their eyes filled with admiration.


[1] – The Yun character in Chu Yun (楚云) means cloud and is the same character as the character in the Great Cloud Dynasty (大云王朝)

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