Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 397 – Sickle Devil Beetles

Chapter 396 – Six-armed Devil Mantises

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After their attack went smoothly, 10 demonic light devil scorpions quickly retreated behind the sickle devil beetles. For them, the demonic light that could pierce more than 10 meters into the mobile fortified strongholds external armor forged from divine blood steel was taxing to not a small degree.

The cyan shadows flickered, and the protective covers of the bladed robots and gunner robots at the very front immediately collapsed, and the robots fell apart in an instant and fell to the ground.

When the 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises plunged into the battlefield, they destroyed countless battle robots and opened paths in the sea of steel.

Wherever they passed through, the cyan shadows crushed battle robots. The speed of the 10 six-armed devil mantises was so fearsome that the battle robots could not touch them.

Yang Feng watched the 10 six-armed devil mantises destroying his battle robots, musing: “The speed-type bladed robots cant touch them? The difference in speed between both parties is just too great!!”

The dense crowd of devil locusts and devil cockroaches swarmed along the paths opened by the 10 six-armed devil mantises and fought madly against the surrounding battle robots.

Due to the 10 six-armed devil mantises tearing open holes in Yang Fengs mechanical legion and letting the devil insect small fry devil insects rush in, the losses of the mechanical legion rose rapidly.

Zhang Zhiqiao looked silently for a while before saying: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang, let us out. Well take care of those 10 six-armed devil mantises! A single six-armed devil mantis can still be easily handled. So long as they dont come near to us, we human Warlocks can easily take care of them.”

The advantages and disadvantages of the six-armed devil mantis were equally obvious. Their speed was terrific and offensive power was extraordinary. But once they lost their speed advantage, a Great Warlock could kill them by casting Fire Dragon.

Many other plane freaks had all kinds of weaknesses, which could be exploited by human Warlocks who basically had no shortcomings. For human Warlocks, the most troublesome opponents were gods, fiends, ancient devils, dragons, giants, and other life forms without obvious weaknesses.

Yang Feng spoke with a faint smile: “Dont worry. The high-speed movement of the 10 six-armed devil mantises cannot be sustained for too long. At most, they can destroy 300,000 battle robots before running out of power. For me, the loss of 300,000 battle robots doesnt count for much.”

With the high-speed movement of the 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises, the level-8 bladed robots could not catch them. Such high-speed movement involved a tremendous consumption of energy. After analyzing the fluctuations of power of the six-armed devil mantis, the optical computer quickly calculated the amount of time they could maintain such formidable movement speed and other various parameters.

Zhang Zhiqiao raised her eyebrows and said no more.

Luo Luer muttered, her pretty eyes filled with envy: “Saying that you dont care about 300,000 level-2 Warlock rank mechanical golems is really rich and overbearing.”

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, level-2 Warlock rank mechanical golems didnt count for much. Luo Luer and them could easily buy a dozen units. But tens of thousands of units was a different matter. For Luo Luer and them to be able to buy 300,000 level-2 mechanical golems, they would have to work hard for several decades at least.

Sitting on the bridge, Yang Feng silently watched the 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises destroy his battle robots, not issuing any orders.

Battle robots still poured out of the various doors of the mobile fortified stronghold, and then threw themselves into battle.

At the same time, the munitions factories near the mobile fortified stronghold began to operate, methodically extracting bio-alloy from within the devil insects, and began to make components.

After the damaged battle robots were repaired, they quickly plunged back into the battlefield.

No matter how many battle robots the 10 six-armed devil mantises destroyed, there would be new battle robots to take their place, with no end in sight.

Laser beams, railgun beams, and other kinds of beams shot into the insect swarms from the batteries, killing the devil insects by the thousands and tens of thousands with each volley.

The demonic light devil scorpions no longer attacked the huge mobile fortified stronghold. Instead, they attacked the various batteries around the stronghold.

Looking like hedgehogs, countless bladed robots extended blades and operated defensive covers, and the swarmed along the trajectories of the six-armed devil mantises.

The Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises had to expend a large amount of energy to chop the bladed robots to pieces.

After he received the analysis of the optical computer, Yang Feng said with a smile: “Theyre expending a tremendous amount of energy. In two more hours, if they dont retreat, they will be killed.”

Zhang Zhiqiao and the other beautiful Warlocks of the Lily Mercenary Group were deeply shocked by this scene.

The 10 six-armed devil mantises were incredibly powerful. However, no matter how they charged and how many battle robots they destroyed, there was a never-ending flood of steel surging towards them.

The originally endless swarms of devil locust and devil cockroaches were rapidly decreasing at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Meanwhile, the battle robots were still pouring out of the mobile fortified stronghold in an endless stream. The battle robots were everywhere, forming a horrifying robot sea.

Looking at the dense robot sea, Luo Luer suddenly uttered: “How terrible!”

At the moment, the number of battle robots exceeded 4 million. Faced with so many battle robots, even a Moonlight Warlock wont be able to destroy them in a short period of time.

Even in the surface world, faced with such a terrifying mechanical legion, a Moonlight Warlock would be forced to gradually nibble away at it, not daring to fight it head-on.

Su Fangyan sighed: “What a fearsome number!”

A single battle robot was nothing much, but countless battle robots congregating and forming a terrific mechanical legion could evoke a feeling of helplessness even in Moonlight Warlocks.

The 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises were fearsome. Going all out, they destroyed more than 10,000 battle robots. But their efforts seemed to be futile.

Zhang Zhiqiao took a deep look at Yang Feng and mused: “To defeat him, you must destroy this mobile fortified stronghold before the huge mechanical legion is fully unleashed.”

Luo Luer suddenly cried out: “Theyre coming here!”

After going on a rampage, the 10 six-armed devil mantises finally turned around and rushed toward the mobile fortified stronghold. They were powerhouses with bountiful fighting experience. At a glance, they could tell that by destroying the mobile fortified stronghold, a nest-like base that continuously released all kinds of battle robots, they could win.

Zhang Zhiqiao raised her eyebrows and cast her glance toward Yang Feng.

Yang Feng smiled and said: “Senior Disciple Sister Zhang, dont worry! Theyre just rushing to their deaths!”

Yang Fengs words had yet to fall, when hundreds of thousands of battle robots around the 10 six-armed devil mantises exploded in a flash. The terrifying explosions enveloped the space, and countless shrapnel splashed around.

The 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises, whose speed had reached a limit, were drawn into the fearsome explosions in an instant. Due to their speed, they each were enveloped by the detonation of at least three battle robots in a flash.

Numerous alloy shrapnel sent by the explosions pierced the 10 six-armed devil mantises and inflicted heavy injuries, and a copious amount of mucus sprayed about.

The six-armed devil mantises were devil insects whose speed evolved to an extreme degree, yet their defenses were fairly low. Although the detonation of the battle robots would have no effect on the Starry Sky Warlock rank demonic light devil scorpions, but it heavily injured the six-armed devil mantises.

The six-armed devil mantises slowed down at once, and laser beams and railgun beams forming a rain of light enveloped them in a flash.

The 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises were immediately punched full of holes by the various light beams, oozing a copious amount of mucus, and they dropped on the ground.

The engineering robots quickly moved forward and dragged the 10 six-armed devil mantises into a research laboratory, and began to study and analyze their body structure and blood as well as went to transform them into more powerful battle robots.

“The 10 Starry Sky Warlock rank six-armed devil mantises were killed!” On the bridge, Zhang Zhiqiao and the other beautiful Warlocks of the Lily Mercenary Group watched the six-armed devil mantises being dragged into the research laboratory like dead dogs, their hearts overcome with shock.

In the Demonic Realm, the six-armed devil mantises mixed with countless lower devil insects serving as decoys were the most terrible assassins on the battlefield. Distracted by lower devil insects, there were several cases of human Moonlight Warlocks being heavily injured and even killed by them.

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