Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 399 – Spring Gem Mirror

Chapter 398 – Mutant Scorpion Dragon Devil Insect Lord

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Yang Feng looked at the bright like moons Zhang Zhiqiao and the other four beautiful women and exclaimed: “The Bright Moon Five Element Formation. This secret method of the Bright Moon School can link the life energy of five people and focus it on a person. No matter who of them is attacked, the damage can be shared among all of them. What a wonderful secret method!”

The Demonic Fighting Sect had information on most secret methods of the 10 major sects, which also included the Bright Moon School, who was an ally of Demonic Fighting Sect.

“Moon Wheel!” Zhang Zhiqiao pointed with her lily-white finger, and moonlight gathered on her fingertip, forming a sharp crescent moon. Crescent moons slashed towards a sickle devil beetle pressed against the ground by the super gravity gun.

The sharp crescent moons pierced into the sickle devil beetle and split open its carapace. Following the frenzied assault of hundreds of crescent moons, the head of the sickle devil beetle was chopped to fragments.

The crescent moons formed moon wheels that shifted between the heads of the sickle devil beetles. Before long, the sickle devil beetles were killed by the five women without any strength to resist.

Nailed to the ground by the super gravity gun, the sickle devil beetles were sitting ducks, posing no problem for Zhang Zhiqiao and them.

After killing the 10 sickle devil beetles, Zhang Zhiqiao and them flew back into the mobile fortified stronghold.

Sitting on the bridge, Yang Feng clapped his hands and exclaim in admiration: “Terrific, Senior Disciple Sister Zhang, youre truly terrific!”

The corners of Luo Luers mouth rose, revealing a complacent smile.

Zhang Zhiqiao responded with a faint smile: “This is nothing! They were fixed in place, unable to budge. If we couldnt take care of them, I would have practiced cultivation to the Starry Sky Warlock rank for nothing. Any Starry Sky Warlock would be able to take care of them.”

Yang Feng spoke with a smile: “But there arent many Starry Sky Warlocks in the Black ink War Zone capable of taking care of them so quickly.”

Zhang Zhiqiao revealed a prideful and self-confident smile and said: “Thats right! In the Black Ink War Zone, only the Lily Mercenary Group can take care of them so easily.”

Luo Luer and the other women also showed smiles of pride and self-confidence.

The defenses of the sickle devil beetles have evolved to a terrifying degree. Other Starry Sky Warlocks might be able to kill them, but they would not be as efficient as Zhang Zhiqiao and them. And on the battlefield, time was life. Zhang Zhiqiao and her team could earn hundreds of thousands of merit points in a month because they could kill enough targets before the freak forces could react, and then quickly retreat.

After the sickle devil beetles were killed, the dense swarms of devil locusts, devil cockroaches, demonic cockroaches, and other devil insects retreated into the darkness like a tide.

Hundreds of thousands of engineering robots rushed out of the expanding base to collect and recover the remains of the battle robots and devil insects.

After the remains of the battle robots were melted down, they were forged into new battle robots. The only expenditure was a large amount of energy.

In the Turandot Subcontinent, Yang Feng built all kinds of power stations everywhere, collecting nuclear energy, geothermal energy, eolic energy, hydroelectric energy, solar energy, and other kinds of energy to produce countless high energy crystals, which could fully support him in a protracted battle.

After the Turandot Subcontinent was completely unified by Yang Feng, he was able to mobilize the power of the entire subcontinent to produce more than 10 million level-8 battle robots. The number of battle robots moved to the Demonic Realm currently reached 6 million.

After defeating the devil insects, the huge mechanical legion moved in the direction of the devil insect nest.

Yang Fengs purpose was to destroy the devil insect nest and occupy the supposed ore vein rich in purple sage demonic gold.

Along the way, the mechanical legion steamrolled all freaks in its way.

The more sensible freaks stayed far away from the huge mechanical legion, not daring to fight it.

The low-level freaks without any intellect charged at the huge mechanical legion, only to be steamrolled and turned into research material.

In the place that supposedly contained a purple sage demonic gold vein lied a 100-meter-tall insect nest thousands of hectares in area filled with irregular caves, looking like a beehive.

The area more than 30 kilometers in radius around the giant insect nest was covered in some gray mucus exuding a nauseating odor.

White worms moved about in the gray mucus, looking extremely creepy.

From the information he gathered in the Fighting Demonic Sect, Yang Feng knew that the gray mucus was called the brood mother liquid. There were countless kinds of parasites in the brood mother liquid. Once those parasites came into contact with people, they would directly bore into them and parasitize them. Only Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses could kill those parasites with their strong immunity.

Fighting in this place full of brood mother liquid was extremely detrimental to other race experts as they had to pay attention to the parasites in the brood mother liquid. A misstep could lead to even Starry Sky Warlock powerhouses being infected.

The brood mother liquid was food for low-level devil insects like devil locusts, devil cockroaches, and demonic cockroaches. With their digestive power, they could kill all the parasites and turn them into energy. And even if they were not able to digest them, the parasitized devil insects would have their strength enhanced.

Some devil insects who formed strange symbiotic relationships with parasites from the brood mother liquid underwent fantastic evolution and became more powerful.

When they reached the edge of the insect nest filled with the brood mother liquid, the gunner robots stepped forward and sprayed long tongues of flame from flamethrowers, incinerating the brood mother liquid along with the parasites.

Numerous devil locusts, devil cockroaches, demonic cockroaches poured out of the insect nest and rushed towards the mechanical legion.

When the dense swarm of insects collided with the mechanical legion, it looked as if they had hit a steel plate. Countless charred corpses and body fragments fell to the ground.

Hundreds of thousands of artillery robots fired all kinds of artillery fire slamming into the insect nest. With every explosion, a part of the insect nest was blown apart and mucus splashed about.

Rumbling sounds lingered in the air as the insect nest was gradually blown apart by the artillery fire. The sea of low-level devil insects could not stop the ocean-like mechanical legion.

The destruction of the insect nest seemed to be a matter of time.

Suddenly, the space about 500 meters away from the mobile fortified stronghold twisted, and a devil insect with 6 compound eyes, a mouth with sharp beast-like teeth, a bizarre head that looked like a mesh of an insect and a dragon heads covered with sharp barbs, a black carapace, a scorpion tail, and a pair of insect wings flapping continuously exuding Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power stepped out of the twisted space.

Zhang Zhiqiaos face fell and she exclaimed: “Mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord! Moonlight Warlock rank devil insect lord! It can innately manipulate spatial force! This is really the worst enemy!!”

Su Fangyan looked at the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord and revealed a bitter smile, saying: “Thats terrible! Yang Feng, you did it this time!! You even disturbed such a monster!”

Yang Fengs eyebrows wrinkled, and he muttered: “If you hit the young ones, the old one will come out! The Demonic Realm isnt a good place to have fun.”

The artilleries of the mobile fortified stronghold fired madly at the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord.

The compound eyes of the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord flashed with red light, and a black spatial crack suddenly appeared before it.

The rain of artillery fire sank into the black spatial crack.

At the same time, another black spatial crack appeared beside the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord, and countless beams flew out of the black spatial crack and slammed into the mobile fortified stronghold.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The countless beams broke the protective cover of the mobile fortified stronghold and destroyed a large number of turrets on the surface of the stronghold. The outer armor made of divine blood steel was also blasted apart.

“Ranged attacks are ineffective! What a terrible enemy!”

Seeing that long-range attacks were ineffective, the dense crowd of bladed robots frantically flew towards the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord.

The mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord blurred, and then appeared on the outer armor of the mobile fortified stronghold virtually in an instant.

The bladed robots blocking in front of the mutant scorpion dragon devil insect lord were disintegrated in a split second, and countless fragments dropped from the sky.

Yang Fengs thoughts revolved lightning fast and his eyes flickered with resolve: “Things look really grim, it seems like I have to use my final trump card! The freaks in the Demonic Realm have no integrity, they even sent a Moonlight Warlock rank freak to bully a mere Great Warlock! It seems like Ill incur a big loss this time!!”

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