Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 4 – Battle Robots

Chapter 3 – Solar Umbrellas

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The Black Rock Town was located next to the Autumn Leaf Town, and it had several large mines in its surroundings. The Black Rock Town was the wealthiest town of the 38 towns under the Giant Stone Citys administration.

A tall, blue-haired and blue-eyed and hook-nosed man with a cold glimmer in his eyes was sitting in a luxurious room. The man sneered: “With the the Autumn Leaf Town as collateral, that trash Zhao Jiang wants to borrow 5,000 gold coins from me to redeem Ms. Sissi? Ha-ha, for the sake of a woman, hell even sell the estate of his ancestors, what a good-for-nothing!”

The tall westerner was Baron Kirov, the master of the Black Rock Town. He ruled the Black Rock Town with an iron fist. Upon hearing his name, people in the Black Rock Town would shudder in fear.

“If Id known that hes such a waste, then I wouldnt have taken the risk and invited the Black Scorpion to assassinate him. I wasted 500 gold coins.” Baron Kirov frowned and muttered doubtfully: “The Black Scorpion reported that they murdered Zhao Jiang, whats going on? Did they cheat me?”

After musing for a good while, Baron Kirov raised his head, looked at the man wearing a butler uniform standing beside him, and said: “Gerry, go tell Zhao Jiang that Ill only lend him 2,500 gold coins at a monthly interest of 4%. The Autumn Leaf Town is only worth 2,500 gold coins. Furthermore, in 2 months time, he is to repay the loan, principal and interest included.”

Gerry responded respectfully and withdrew himself: “Yes! Master!”

Kirov revealed a complacent smile: “In another 2 months, the Autumn Leaf Town will be in my bag! If this valuable piece of land falls into my hands, itll net me at least 2,000 gold coins per year.”

The Autumn Leaf Town possessed a lot of land suitable for farming in its surroundings. Suppressed by Giant Stone City and Baron Kirov, the Zhao Family was so poverty-stricken that it couldnt even take out 1,000 gold coins.

If Kirov were in control of the Autumn Leaf Town, the as long as he managed it a bit and moved a large number of people from other places to reclaim the land, he would be able to gain huge profits.

The Autumn Leaf Town.

“Living as a lesser aristocrat in this alien, backwards world isnt as comfortable as living as an ordinary citizen in modern society!” Yang Feng sighed gloomily as he walked the Autumn Leaf Towns streets.

In this alien world, there was no television, internet, or beverages. This world was extremely lacking in terms of entertainment.

Breakfast was white bread with potato soup, lunch was also white bread with potato soup, and dinner was white bread with meat broth. Yang Feng had eaten this kind of food for several days now, he felt that his digestive system was getting sick of it.

However, after seeing the black bread and water that the Autumn Leaf Towns residents had to constantly ingested over the years, he felt that his food was already quite good.

In the Autumn Leaf Town, Yang Feng possessed great authority. He could even abduct women as he pleased. However, there were only a few dozen young girls in the town, and they had pretty mediocre looks. Apart from youthful and lively, it was difficult to find any girl that could be regarded as good-looking.

In fact, with his terrifying influence, he only had to beckon with his finger for any single girl in the town to voluntarily go into his bed. However, he wasnt interested in any of them.

Zhao Jiang had been single because he couldnt find any girl in the Autumn Leaf Town he fancied.

In summary, Yang Feng, who was the head of the Autumn Leaf Town as well as a baron, couldnt enjoy life as much as an ordinary citizen of modern Earth.

After crossing the Autumn Leaf Town, Yang Feng entered a small house in the badlands to the north.

He entered a room and said loudly: “3796, lets begin! I cant wait any longer!”

Lights erupted from 3796s hand, and images of various modern-looking buildings and equipment appeared in midair.

Yang Feng quickly made his choice: “Energy needs to be put first! Lets start with 100 solar umbrellas!”

3796 could synthesize any matter, but this required the consumption of a lot of energy. Energy was its life, so to speak. At present, the situation was fairly peaceful, so Yang Feng chose to build energy absorption units.

At the moment, solar umbrellas were the most suitable energy absorption units.

3796 quickly went outside, extended his hands, and released blue light, illuminating a pile of iron ore.

The pile of iron ore quickly decomposed into steel lumps and other substances under the blue light.

Then the steel lumps mixed together with some other materials and formed numerous components, which automatically assembled into an umbrella-like solar umbrella under the blue light.

Once the solar umbrella was formed, a thread extended out of 3796 and pierced into the bottom of the solar umbrella, absorbing the solar umbrellas energy.

Every half an hour, an additional solar umbrella would appear in the badlands.

A day later, 48 solar umbrellas were scattered over the badlands.

Two days later, 96 solar umbrellas appeared in the badlands.

On the third day, there was an additional engineering robot beside 3796. The robot was 3 meters tall, had a cylindrical shape, and had 16 mechanical arms. Each mechanical arm was equipped with different broaches – drill bits, hammer, pliers, electric welder, and other.

On the fourth day, the number of engineering robots increased to 3, and the number of solar umbrellas increased to 200.

On the fifth day, the number of engineering robots increased to 9, and the number of solar umbrellas increased to 300.

On the sixth day, the number of engineering robots increased to 27, and the number of solar umbrellas increased to 400.

On the seventh day, the number of engineering robots increased to 81, and the number of solar umbrellas increased to 500.

On the eighth day, the number of engineering robots increased to 243, and the number of solar umbrellas increased to 600.

On the ninth day, the badlands underwent an earth-shaking change – factories appeared almost out of thin air, bringing along a continuous string of rumbling noises.

On the tenth day, as if flowers sprouting on the badlands, there were 2,000 solar umbrellas frantically absorbing energy.

The once covered with stones and impossible to be cultivated badlands, had become an enormous factory complex. The factories littering the enormous factory complex emitted waves of mechanical rumbling noises.

When Yang Feng approached the enormous factory complex, two guards with blades on their back standing in front of the gate of the factory complex knelt on the ground and said with cold, mechanical voices.

Yang Feng swept the two guards, who looked almost identical to humans, with a glance and, without saying a word, proceeded towards a factory in the factory complex.

After he entered the factory complex, the two guards stood up virtually at the same time, their movements exactly the same.

Yang Feng went straight towards the largest factory and entered it.

Inside, there was a huge metal sphere suspended in the air. A number of mechanical tentacles, serving as different tools, extended from the huge metal sphere and assembled one robots after another from the parts moving atop assembly lines.

After stepping out of the assembly line, the robots immediately left the factory and entered other factories to act as workers, refining various metals and producing components.

3796 came up to Yang Feng and asked:

Yang Feng responded: “I came to have a look at the factorys production status. Report!”

3796 said:

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