Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 401 – Level-2 Stronghold

Chapter 400 – Return

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Yang Feng replied with a smile: “I already acquired enough purple sage demonic gold, and thus achieved the purpose of my trip to the Demonic Realm. Next, I want to return and enter closed-door cultivation.”

Zhang Zhiqiao said faintly: “Well, Junior Disciple Brother Yang, youre making the right choice. For us cultivators, the most important thing lies within ourselves! Only your own strength is true strength. Your cultivation base is indeed a bit weak. Go back and practice cultivation to the Starry Sky Warlock rank, and then go out to gain experience again, thats the way to go.”

In the Great Cloud Dynasty, although Great Warlocks were considered to be experts and could become officers when joining the army, but in the ten major sects, Great Warlocks were nothing much. Only Starry Sky Warlocks were regarded as experts.

The pretty eyes of the several women flashed with regret, and they no longer persuaded Yang Feng.

After carefully searching the area, the huge mechanical legion found many rare minerals, and then began to retreat.

After the battle robots withdrew towards the mobile fortified stronghold, the mobile fortified stronghold rose into the air and slowly flew towards the Furious Lion Fortress.

The huge mechanical legion formed by more than six million battle robots formed a terrific mechanical flood underneath the mobile fortified stronghold.

In front of the Furious Lion Fortress.

The mobile fortified stronghold, accompanied by a sea of all kinds of battle robots, slowly moved towards the fortress.

“Its back! Yang Fengs mechanical golem legion is back!!”

“Wow, so many mechanical golems!”

“So, so many mechanical golems! Their numbers should exceed one million! No wonder he can get so many merit points!!!”


There were a lot of Warlocks gathered in front of the gate of the Furious Lion Fortress. Casting spells, they peered into the distance. Their eyes were filled with shock.

Under the astonished gazes of the countless Warlocks, the mobile fortified stronghold stopped in front of the Furious Lion Fortress, and its doors opened.

Following a fixed rhythm, the battle robots boarded the mobile fortified stronghold in streams.

“So many of them!”

“There are so many mechanical golems! Their numbers exceed 6 million!!”

“No wonder he can get so many merit points!”


The surrounding Warlocks watched in awe the endless sea of all kinds of battle robots enter the mobile fortified stronghold.

After the battle robots finished boarding, Yang Feng and his party exited the mobile fortified stronghold.

In a flash of light, the mobile fortified stronghold flew into a special dimensional badge in Yang Fengs hand.

Yang Feng and his party strode into the Furious Lion Fortress.

The Warlocks in front of the Furious Lion Fortress made way, and their gazes full of envy gathered on Yang Feng.

Luo Luer suddenly said: “Yang Feng, lets go to the Merit Stele to take a look. I want to see how many merit points you got!!”

The rest of the women showed looks of excitement and anticipation.

After contemplating for a short while, Yang Feng revealed a smile and said: “Fine!”

Shortly after, two magic chariots stopped in a parking lot in front of the Furious Lion Fortresss Merit Stele, and Yang Feng and his party alighted and walked towards the stele.

“Thats Yang Feng! Hes in the first place of the monthly list!!”

“Yang Feng is here!”

“What, he is Yang Feng? Next to him is Zhang Zhiqiao and her Lily Mercenary Group!”

“They really make a perfect couple, how enviable!”


When Yang Feng and them reached the vicinity of the Merit Stele, the eyes of the Warlocks around the stele lit up, and they quickly surrounded them. As if looking at a celebrity, they stared Yang Feng up and down and talked in hushed voices.

Luo Luers gaze fell on the number next to the top place of the monthly list, and she couldnt help but exclaim in praise: “436,233,675 merit points! Thats amazing!! Junior Disciple Brother Yang, ever since the Demonic Realm was established, no Great Warlock has ever obtained so many merit points within a month!”

Zhang Zhiqiaos beautiful eyes flickered with a complicated glint: “400 million merit points!!”

Previously, Zhang Zhiqiao had repeatedly dominated the monthly list of the Merit Stele, yet her merit points had never exceeded 1 million. Her previous first place on the monthly list and Yang Fengs current first place were worlds apart. Although she was quite broad-minded, but when she saw the gap between them, she couldnt help but have complicated feelings.

Yang Feng glanced at the merit points next to the first place and smiled in satisfactions. The more than 400 million merit points were enough for him to exchange for a lot of good stuff.

Zhang Zhiqiaos beautiful eyes shimmered with determination, and she uttered: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang, we still have to go gain more experience. Well take our leave first!”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “Okay!”

After Zhang Zhiqiao and her Lily Mercenary Group left, Yang Feng and Su Fangyan went to the Triumph City, the headquarters of the Black Ink War Zone.

“Youngest Disciple Brother, are you leaving the Black Ink War Zone?” In the study, Yuan Yi leaning against a sofa asked languidly.

Yang Feng smiled and handed a bag to Yuan Yi: “Yes! Eldest Disciple Brother, I was lucky and got enough purple sage demonic gold in the insect nest, and there was still some surplus. Here are ten kilograms of purple sage demonic gold, please accept it.

Yuan Yis eyebrow wrinkled slightly, and he uttered: “Youngest Disciple Brother, as I said, the purple sage demonic gold is a gift. Do you look down on your eldest disciple brother?”

Yang Feng smiled and withdrew the bag, saying: “Those are some harsh words, Eldest Disciple Brother. In that case, Ill accept your gift.”

Yuan Yi showed a smile, clearly feeling carefree, and uttered: “Dont be in a hurry to leave! Tonight, Ill introduce you to two friends. They are very interested in you. First place on the monthly list of the Great Merit Stele. This time, you have greatly contributed to the prestige of the Fighting Demonic Sect. Teacher will be happy when he learns of this. Ha-ha, 436,233,675 merit points. Before this number, the Tai Yi Sects holy son and Saint Lotus Sects holy daughter are but dregs!”

The Tai Yi Sect and Saint Lotus Sect were at the top of the ten major sects, with their strength being far superior to that of the other eight sects. The Tai Yi Sect and Saint Lotus Sect had the greatest number of geniuses among the ten major sects.

When they had to resist foreign forces, the ten major sects would join hands. Otherwise, they were locked in an endless struggle, competing in all respects.

At a stroke, Yang Feng surpassed the the Tai Yi Sects holy son and Saint Lotus Sects holy daughter and greatly contributed to the prestige of the Fighting Demonic Sect, which made the stoic Yuan Yi very happy.

At night, although the sunlight faded away, but the Triumph City was still brightly lit, like a city that never slept.

The Golden Narcissus Hotel was the most luxurious eight-star hotel in the Triumph City. On the eighth floor of the Golden Narcissus Hotel, there stood beautiful female Warlocks dressed gorgeously as well as beautiful other race women branded with strange seals on their foreheads dressed seductively.

The numerous beautiful women shuttled back and forth on the eighth floor of the hotel. The beautiful women were clearly divided into two groups, the human Warlock group and other race group.

The beautiful human Warlocks looked at the other race beautiful women with disdain and contempt in their eyes.

There was a strange transparent space between the eight and ninth floors of the hotel. The interior of that strange transparent space was luxuriously decorated, and exotic fragrances permeated the space.

There were four people sitting inside that space. Yuan Yi and Yang Feng were there. Of the two remaining people, one was a fiendish- and fierce-looking man, and the other one was a foolish-looking man with mediocre looks.

Yuan Yi introduced with a smile: “Youngest Disciple Brother, let me introduce you. These two are my good brothers. This is General Jiang Tie of the Furious Lion Fortress, and this is General Wei Ming of the Black Lion Fortress. Jiang Tie, Wei Ming, this is my Youngest Disciple Brother Yang Feng.”

Jiang Tie laughed straightforwardly and said crudely: “Ha-ha! Well done, Yang Feng. 436,233,675 merit points! Even if I went out myself, unless I managed to kill a Moonlight Warlock rank freak, I would never be able to replicate your accomplishment!”

Wei Ming uttered: “Good job!”

Yang Feng responded with a modest smile: “I was just lucky! It was all thanks to the mechanical legion under my control.”

Jiang Tie said with a grin; “Weapons and equipment are also part of your strength! Otherwise, why would we apply to the court for so many weapons and equipment each year? Without all kinds of secret treasures, we human Warlocks are no match for the freaks.”

Lacking the demeanor of a Moonlight Warlock, Jiang Tie came up to Yang Feng, grabbed him by the shoulder, pointed down, and said with a lascivious smile: “Young fellow, which of the girls below do you like? Just say a word, and shell be yours for the night!”

Yuan Yi frowned slightly and said: “Old Jiang, dont lead astray Youngest Disciple Brother!”

Jiang Tie responded with a vulgar smile “Gee, Old Yuan, you hypocrite, arent you hiding an intellectual beauty in the study? Dont pretend to be a saint. Yang Feng, dont listen to your eldest disciple brother. Men are lustful. Ordinary kings of lower planes have 3 queens, 6 consorts, and 72 concubines. For a Moonlight Warlock comparable to gods and fiend lords like myself, who can easily kill them, playing with a few women doesnt count for much. Even an honest-looking person like Old Wei keeps more than 20 concubines.”

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