Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 403 – Astral Boundary

Chapter 402 – Six-winged Sun-devouring Centipede

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When thoughts of submission came from the egg, Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and spewed out a mouthful of blood essence that sprinkled on the egg.

The bizarre blood runes shone brilliantly and forcefully bore into the egg. This time, the egg absorbed the bizarre blood runes, and a sense of connection came from it.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered with joy, and he put some intermediate magic crystals inside the precious elixir concocted from numerous precious treasures gathered from the Turandot Subcontinent within the crystal pod.

The egg sucked in and absorbed the intermediate magic crystals and precious minerals from the elixir.

Crack! Along with crisp noise, the egg cracked open, and junior Moonlight Warlock rank aura escaped.

A terrific fire shot out of the egg, hit the ceiling of the bio-research laboratory, and instantly punched through the super-alloy armor on the ceiling of the laboratory that could even withstand attacks from Starry Sky Warlocks, burning a large hole extending towards the surface of the desert.

Blurring into motion, Yang Feng flew out of the hole and arrived at the desert. He looked up.

There was a centipede flying in the sky. It had a length of about two meters, was covered in golden flames, emitted scorching light, had three pairs of insect wings on its back, and was engraved with mysterious magic runes. The centipede exuded a junior Moonlight Warlock rank aura.

Yang Feng looked at the flying centipede in the sky with joy in his eyes, and exclaimed: “Six-winged sun-devouring centipede! Jackpot! Its such a treasure!!”

Six-winged sun-devouring centipedes were top royalty among devil insects. They were very rare, and at the same time, had amazing potential and great power. Once a six-winged sun-devouring centipede was born, it would possess Moonlight Warlock rank strength. After evolving into its mature form, it would possess Glorious Dawn Warlock rank strength. If it evolved into its ultimate form, it would possess Bright World Warlock rank strength, and if it evolved into its perfect form, it would possess Infinity Warlock rank strength.

Regarding its mature form, so long as the six-winged sun-devouring centipede was nurtured for hundreds of years and given enough resources, it could advance into its mature form without any bottleneck. As for the ultimate form and perfect form, it would require great opportunities. Even in the Savage Insect Plane, there were very few ultimate form and perfect form six-winged sun-devouring centipedes.

The six-winged sun-devouring centipede was very lively. Facing upwards, it issued a roar, and disseminated terrific might that engulfed the entire Turandot Subcontinent.

The Rose Garden, within a rear garden, Carolina and the other two women were having a tea party.

Clarissa had previously betrayed Carolina. But now that they were basically Yang Fengs women, and landed in his harem, the three women formed an alliance. However, there was a subtle distance between the three women, with Carolina and Cordelia sitting a bit closer to one another. The relationship between the two was fairly intimate, while there was more distance between them and Clarissa.

Carolina suddenly looked in the direction of the desert, a look of horror in her pretty eyes: “What a terrifying power!!”

Clarissas pretty face paled slightly, and she said: “Is this pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank power?”

Face unsightly, Carolina spoke while stressing each syllable: “No! This is far beyond Starry Sky Warlock rank power!! This is Moonlight Warlock rank power! A terrifying Moonlight Warlock rank existence came to the Turandot Subcontinent!!”

The faces of Cordelia and Clarissa fell, and their pretty eyes shimmered with anxiety.

Even in ancient times, Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses were brilliant figures. A Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse was enough to sweep the entire Turandot Subcontinent.

Before Yang Fengs mobile fortified stronghold was upgraded to a level-2 stronghold, although his mechanical legion was powerful, but if a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse shamelessly resorted to guerrilla tactics instead of facing the legion directly, then Yang Feng would be helpless. Locked by a Moonlight Warlock, no one on the Turandot Subcontinent would be able to withstand their attacks.

Inside the Black Dragon Tower.

Carol, who has already promoted to a Great Warlock with the support of Yang Fengs vast resources, looked towards the desert with anxiety in her beautiful eyes.

Inside the Warlock College Antalya.

Eunice, who has already promoted to a level-3 Warlock, was also alerted, and looked in the direction of the desert.

Apart from the underground world, level-3 Warlock rank experts and upwards throughout the Turandot Subcontinent clearly detected the fearsome Moonlight Warlock rank aura coming from the nameless desert, their hearts overcome with fear.

Yang Feng mused: “It looks like this base has to be relocated.”

The Turandot Subcontinent was now one of Yang Fengs bases. At present he only had a single level-2 mobile fortified stronghold. Before a second level-2 mobile fortified stronghold was built, he could not let this level-2 mobile fortified stronghold be destroyed, which was why he selected this nameless desert as a base. Now that the six-winged sun-devouring centipede was born, it alarmed the experts of the whole Turandot Subcontinent. This place could no longer be used as a secret base.

After it vented its feeling of joy for being born, the six-winged sun-devouring centipede restrained its heat and light, shrank to the the size of a palm, flew into Yang Fengs hand, and rubbed its head against his hand, full of intimacy.

When Yang Feng saw this, he showed a slight smile. When the six-winged sun-devouring centipede, who had strength comparable to gods and fiend lords, fell into his grasp, his fighting strength skyrocketed by a hundredfold.

The Turandot Subcontinents major forces were alarmed by the birth of the six-winged sun-devouring centipede. But seeing that there were no changes, they eventually regained their calm. They just chalked it up to a Moonlight Warlock releasing their aura while passing through the Turandot Subcontinent.

A month later, the Fighting Demonic Sects Astral Palace.

Despite being mysterious and dangerous, the Astral Boundary was a rich place containing countless opportunities. It connected to countless planes. In theory, you could open an astral gate and enter the Astral Boundary anywhere on the Cangzhi Plane.

In reality, however, no one could do that. Only an Infinity Warlock relying on a special secret treasure could accomplish this by themselves. Moreover, after opening the astral gate, the Infinity Warlock could not maintain it open for a long time, let alone ascertain the coordinates of return.

To travel and adventure in the Astral Boundary, you had to use a large number of astral stones as well as various precious materials to forge an astral gate, and fix the Cangzhi Planes coordinates. Like this, you could enter the Astral Boundary via an astral gate that could be maintained for a long time without the fear of being lost, and then return via the coordinates.

If they entered the Astral Boundary without fixing the coordinates, then even an Infinity Warlock would be lost in the Astral Boundary. If they wanted to return to their original plane, they could only rely on luck.

The Astral Palace was were the Fighting Demonic Sects astral gates were gathered. As long as enough contribution points and resources were paid to the sect, then inner sect disciples and above could enter an astral gate to adventure in and explore the Astral Boundary.

A young man dressed in black followed a passage and appeared before the Astral Palace. The young man was Yang Feng.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the Astral Palace, and then strode inside.

Inside the Astral Palace, a handsome young man sitting at a counter was carefully studying a book.

The young man looked up at Yang Feng with a smile and asked: “This is the Astral Palace, and I am Zhang Lei. Who are you, Senior Disciple Brother?”

Yang Feng handed his identity card to Zhang Lei and answered: “I am Yang Feng, a personal disciple Great Elder Huang Yihe. This is my identity card. I came here because I want to adventure in the Astral Boundary.”

“So its Senior Disciple Brother Yang!!” Zhang Leis countenance changed slightly, and he became more cordial: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, the Astral Boundary is very dangerous, and even Moonlight Warlock rank experts die frequently there. Have you thought this trough?”

There were many dangers in the Astral Boundary. Not to mention Moonlight Warlocks, even Glorious Dawn Warlocks and Infinity Warlocks might die if they make a misstep.

Yang Feng responded indifferently: “I have!”

“Sure enough, youre a personal disciple of a great elder!” While praising, Zhang Lei took out another jade card to verify Yang Fengs identity, and then pointed to a teleportation array and said: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, please go there.”

Yang Feng nodded and went to the teleportation array.

Immense pressure suddenly descended on the Astral Palace.

Detection spells fell on Yang Feng like raindrops, checking whether he was another race person or a strange existence impersonating him.

The Astral Palace was one of the most important places of the Fighting Demonic Sect. Once an astral gate inside the Astral Palace was destroyed, the powerhouses who ventured through said astral gate to explore and adventure in the Astral Boundary would lose their coordinates, and would become lost in the Astral Boundary, never to return.

After a series of magic inspections, light flashed, and Yang Feng disappeared from the teleportation array.

Spatial fluctuations flickered, and Yang Feng immediately appeared in a secret chamber. Inside the chamber was a merely 10-meter-tall, gloomy and bizarre astral gate.

“A one time use of a planar gate requires 500,000 contribution points to be paid. However, as a personal disciple of Great Elder Huang, you can use the a planar gate for free once a year. Although the contribution points can be exempted, but not the astral stones. Have you brought enough astral stones?” A somewhat old voice sounded in the secret chamber.

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