Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 404 – Demon Monarch Sly Wolf

Chapter 403 – Astral Boundary

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Yang Feng said: “Yes, this young one brought enough astral stones!”

Once the astral gate was opened, it will continuously consume astral stones to display its coordinates in the Astral World. And once the astral stones were depleted, the astral gate will lose power and shut down, no longer displaying its coordinates in the Astral Boundary.

Without coordinates, even an Infinity Warlock would get lost in the endless Astral Boundary, unable to return. Therefore, before opening an astral gate, everyone had to prepare enough astral stones.

Yang Feng had first-rate warp gates at his disposal. Despite that, he didnt know if the the first-rate warp gates could allow him to cross the Astral Boundary and freely travel between the Astral Boundary and the Cangzhi Plane. However, the more than 400 million merit points he obtained in the Demonic Realm, he converted them into astral stones to support the expenditure of the astral gate. The 400 million plus merit points worth of astral stones were enough for Yang Feng to adventure in the Astral Boundary for one years.

The aged voice fell silent.

Yang Feng came before an opening on the astral gate, and tossed silver astral stones inside.

After absorbing a large number of astral stones, the astral gate suddenly burst out with dim light, and a distorting, strange hole immediately appeared in the middle of the astral gate.

Yang Feng looked at the distorting, strange hole with graveness in his eyes. He took a deep breath, picked up an astral card next to the astral gate, and operated secret methods. After enchanting himself with quite a few level-4 defensive spells, he strode into the center of the astral gate.

A strange light flashed, and Yang Feng disappeared from the hole. Only the astral gate remained within the chamber radiating a bizarre light.

A bizarre light flickered, and Yang Feng appeared in a bizarre place suffused with gray. He lost all sense of direction. There was a dense fog, impairing his vision to the extreme. In fact, he felt like all his senses were enveloped by a fog.

Yang Feng opened his eyes and looked around. He only saw gray. Strange twisting scenes flickered in his eyes, making him dizzy, and he nearly vomited.

Yang Fengs face fell and his heart shook: “So this is the Astral Boundary! What an awful place!!”

Unlike astral life forms unique to the Astral Boundary, life forms of other planes below the Great Warlock rank would go mad and become crazed existence once they entered the Astral Boundary.

Unless they had special secret methods or secret treasures, even Great Warlock rank experts who stayed in the Astral Boundary for a long time would go mad, get eroded, and turn into bizarre astral life forms.

Yang Feng took out a dimensional badge and pressed it, and an ark-type battlestar radiating a silver, metal luster appeared before him. It was more than 3,000 meters long.

A ray of light shot out from the ark-type battlestar and enveloped Yang Feng, and he disappeared in the light. The next moment, he appeared on the battlestars bridge.


Messages rang in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge. On the bridge, the level-2 optical computer shone as it frenziedly carried out calculations and analyzed the surrounding environment.

In the bizarre Astral Boundary, only some astral life forms with unique extraordinary abilities were able to see through the weird fog and peer into the distance.

Without unique abilities or algorithms, even Bright World Warlock and Infinity Warlock rank existences would eventually go crazy and turn into strange astral life forms in this boundless fog.

Many weird astral life forms were formed from other plane existences who were eroded by the Astral Boundary.

However, after the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks captured countless astral life forms and studied them, they finally developed a variety of algorithms to deal with the astral fog. Only in this way could human Warlocks use the Astral Boundary to search and occupy planes, draw knowledge and resources from said planes, and strengthen themselves.

The level-2 optical computers computing power was terrific. After imputing the algorithm of the astral fog, about an hour later, a holographic projection of the surroundings appeared in the center of the bridge.

In that holographic projection was clearly depicted the area 100 kilometers in radius around the ark-type battlestar, which was completely empty.

Thanks to the level-2 optical computers super computing power, the surrounding environment was reconstructed and recreated. With his Great Warlock rank cultivation base and under the premise that he had no special secret treasures to rely on, Yang Feng would be able to reconstruct an area 10 meters in diameter at most, which would be virtually of no use.

He firmly held the astral card and returned to the location of the astral gate, from where he could return to the Fighting Demonic Sect. Without the astral card, even if he passed through the location of the astral gate, he would not be able to return to the Fighting Demonic Sect via the astral gate.

Yang Feng willed, and a ray of light enveloped him. He instantly disappeared. In the next moment, he appeared in a secret chamber inside the battlestar.

Within the secret chamber, there was a first-rate warp gate.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the first-rate warp gate and uttered indifferently: “Launch the S2 Warp Gate!”

Yang Fengs eyebrows jumped up. He didnt think that opening a warp gate in the Astral Boundary would consume so much energy. It should be noted that opening a warp gate leading to the Turandot Subcontinent from the Feisuo Plane, which spanned two planes, would consume up to 5% of the ark-type battlestars energy.

Yang Feng ordered decisively: “Open it!”

Even though the energy consumption was a bit excessive, but Yang Feng still wanted to perform this test. The result of this test will be taken into account when deciding whether to fight or not when he comes across enemies in the future.

As the messages sounded in his sea of knowledge, the first-rate warp gate shone brightly and opened slowly.

Yang Feng stepped into the warp gate, and then appeared in a secret underground base on the Turandot Subcontinent.

In the secret underground base, in addition to the first-rate warp gate, there were countless dimensional personnel carriers. The carriers were filled with the most advance battle robots, various war goods, and massive amounts of high energy crystals.

Yang Feng looked at this scene, and the corners of his mouth rose.

The first-rate warp gate enabled Yang Feng to freely cross the barriers between the Astral Boundary and the Cangzhi Plane, which meant that he could establish a bridgehead in the Astral Boundary. With the bridgehead as the starting point, he could go to numerous planes.

In the era of the Cangzhi Planes seven Warlock Dynasties, human Warlocks had built countless bridgeheads in the Astral Boundary, and with the bridgeheads as the starting point, they set out for countless planes.

In the current era, the strength of the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks has greatly declined. And due to internal strife, the Cangzhi Plane was even split into two Warlock forces, the Eastern World and the Western World. Under such circumstances, the bridgeheads in the Astral Boundary naturally could not be defended, and were destroyed one after another by astral life forms. At present, only major forces like the Fighting Demonic Sect might possess a base in the Astral Boundary.

It hasnt been long since Yang Feng joined the Fighting Demonic Sect and has became a personal disciple of Huang Yihe. As such, there were my secrets to which he wasnt privy. He didnt know where the Fighting Demonic Sects base in the Astral Boundary was located. Otherwise, it would be safer to enter the Astral Boundary from there.

In fact, he didnt even know if the Fighting Demonic Sect had a base in the Astral Boundary. This was one of the core secrets of the sect.

After replenishing on a large number of high energy crystals and nuclear power materials, Yang Feng returned to the ark-type battlestar.

“Set off!” The ark-type battlestar flashed with light and ejected flames from its stern, and its speed climbed rapidly, flying towards the depths of the endless Astral Boundary.

A few days passed in the blink of an eyes. The battlestar flew in the Astral Boundary for several days without discovering anything, as if the Astral World was an endless dead void.

Suddenly, warnings reverberated inside the ark-type battlestar, and the holographic projectors on the bridge suddenly showed a dense rain of rocks flying towards the battlestar.

Yang Fengs face fell, and he ordered at once: “Fuck! Shield to maximum power!!”

A transparent shield suddenly appeared and completely enveloped the battlestar.

Virtually in the next moment, the meteorites hit the shield of the ark-type battlestar.

The impact force of the meteorites was terrific, comparable to all out attacks of Starry Sky Warlocks. When they hit the shield of the battlestar, they set off ripples, and collapsed.


Under the impact of countless meteorites, the energy consumption of the battlestars shield increased steadily.

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