Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 406 – Planar Star River

Chapter 405 – Killing Sly Wolf

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As if it had stabbed a hornet nest, the starry sky rippers on the surface of the battlestar flew towards Sly Wolf.

“A bunch of rubbish golems, be gone!” Sly Wolf grinned fiercely, surged with demonic qi, and Starry Sky Warlock rank might rolled out from it. It turned into a beam of black light, which shuttled between the starry sky rippers.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The black light flickered next to the starry sky rippers, and they immediately disintegrated into parts.

After a dozen or so starry sky rippers were destroyed, the chest area of the starry sky rippers shone, and the level-3 shield was instantly activated, covering them completely.

The black light flashed, and Sly Wolf attacked the shield in front of a starry sky ripper, setting off ripples, yet the shield wasnt destroyed.

“This is a defensive spell! Unfortunately, its only a single target level-3 defensive spell at most. Its useless against me!” Sly Wolfs eyes flashed with surprise, then it sneered, gathered demonic qi on its hand, and slashed with its hand, instantly reaping the starry sky ripper apart.

The starry sky rippers rushed towards Sly Wolf. Sly Wolf moved about like a specter and destroyed them one by one

A few hours later, the hundreds of starry sky rippers outside the battlestar were destroyed.

“These mechanical golems are really troublesome, I spent so much strength on them! Im looking forward to this Golem Dynasty relic.” After it destroyed the last starry sky ripper, Sly Wolf heaved a sigh of relief. It took out magic crystals, stuffed them into its maw, and chewed, issuing cracking sounds.

Just then, a door of the battlestar opened, and starry sky rippers, type 1 space disruptors, type 1 gravity manipulators, type 1 wind manipulators, type 1 ice manipulators, and various other special robots gushed out in a mechanical flood and surged towards Sly Wolf.

Sly Wolf looked at the torrent of battle robots and inhaled a mouthful of cold air: “As expected of a Golem Dynasty relic, its not so easy to deal with! It seems that its due to these mechanical golems that no one has retrieved this Golem Dynasty relic without a barrier!!”

Although Sly Wolf destroyed hundreds of starry sky rippers, but it also expended a lot of demonic power. Naturally, it clearly knew how powerful these battle robots were.

The upgraded gunner robots equipped with a single six-barrel railgun locked on Sly Wolf and fired wildly, and railgun beams compared to single target level-4 offensive spells barreled towards Sly Wolf like shooting stars.

Even many Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses without a life force cover will be injured when hit by the railgun beams.

Sly Wolf silently recited an incantation, then demonic light surged, and spatial fluctuations enveloped it. It slashed with its hand, and a strange spatial fissure appeared in front of it.

The railgun beams slammed into the spatial fissure and immediately disappeared.

The type 1 space disruptor battle robots opened their umbrella-shaped space jammers, and spatial ripples spread with them as the center.

The spatial fissure in front of Sly Wolf distorted and collapsed, and the dense rain of railgun beams engulfed it.

Sly Wolfs face fell, and its demonic qi surged. Strengthened by demonic qi, it forcibly resisted the bombardment of the fearsome railgun beams with its fleshly body.

Countless lights flashed, and Sly Wolf was slammed away by the countless railgun beams. There were dozens of large wounds on its body, with blood gushing out.

The type 1 gravity manipulators equipped with gravity guns fired wildly at Sly Wolf.

A large number of gravity spheres formed a net of light that fully covered Sly Wolfs escape routes. Calculated by the level-2 optical computer, Sly Wolf could not avoided the net of light.

Sly Wolfs body distorted, and its speed suddenly climbed to the extreme, yet it was still hit by a gravity sphere, and then dropped towards the surface of the battlestar like a meteor.

The dense rain of gravity spheres Slammed into Sly Wolf, and it sprayed blood from its maw repeatedly, unable to move even a finger.

The starry sky reapers instantly erupted with terrific speed, rushed to in front of Sly Wolf, and slashed at it with their super high frequency oscillation blades.

Sly Wolf issued a miserable scream, and then was instantly dismembered and turned into countless pieces. Only the head was left intact.

“Interesting, this Sly Wolf seems to know a lot about the Astral Boundary.” On the bridge, Yang Feng browsed through the information retrieved from Sly Wolf, and the corners of his mouth rose.

Sly Wolf was a winged wolf demon, which was a branch of beast demons, which it turn was a branch of demons. It was a winged wolf demon demon monarch.

According to their ranks, demos were divided into junior demons, intermediate demons, advanced demons, junior demon generals, intermediate demon generals, advanced demon generals, demon commanders, demon monarchs, and demon emperors.

Demon commander rank experts were comparable to human Great Warlocks, demon monarch rank experts were comparable to human Starry Sky Warlocks, and demon emperor rank experts were comparable to human Moonlight Warlocks. Above the demon emperors were demon god rank experts.

Sly Wolf has set off from a beast demon base in the Astral Boundary, heading for a demon base next to a planar star river. It wanted to see if it could buy a semi-plane in the demon base.

The planar star river was a mysterious place that gave birth to semi-planes. Shortly after they were born, the semi-planes would disappear from the planar star river, and then strangely appear in secret places in the Astral Boundary due to the astral law.

In many legends, planar star rivers were well-springs from which the countless planes originated.

There were more than one planar star rivers in the Astral Boundary, but it was not so simple to get the specific location of a planar star river.

Alongside with human Warlocks, demons were known as one of the most powerful races. Its no surprise that they found the location of a planar star river.

At their peak, the Cangzhi Planes humans controlled more than 10,000 planar star rivers. However, after the decline of the human Warlocks, the planar star rivers were wrested away by other powerful races, leaving the humans with very few.

In planar star rivers, semi-planes were continuously born, and it was even possible to get a semi-plane seed in a state of primal chaos. Tempted by the semi-planes, many powerful races flocked to the planar star rivers.

Planar star rivers were filled with bizarre astral law. Only Great Warlock realm experts and below were allowed to enter the planar star rivers. Once experts above the Great Warlock realm entered a planar star river, they would be strangled by the astral law.

In addition to Great Warlock rank experts, only some exceptional ancient gods, ancient demons, or powerhouses at the level of Warlock Emperors of the 8 Warlock Dynasties proficient in the astral law were able to ignore the astral law and enter planar star rivers.

A celestial body was quietly suspended in the Astral Boundary. This celestial body was the Azure Demon Star, one of the demon bases in the Astral Boundary. As if a meteor, a beam of black demonic light entered the Azure Demon Star and landed on the edge of a huge city.

The beam of black demonic light disappeared, revealing a winged wolf demon expert with the head of a wolf, the body of a human, and a pair of wings on the back. This was Yang Feng using the magical mechanical cloak.

The Azure Demon Star was the size of a moon and was bare in terms of resources. Besides, it wasnt a life celestial body capable of accommodating life, which were very rare in the Astral Boundary. As such, there was merely a single city on the Azure Demon Star.

The Azure Demon City was enveloped by a strong barrier, which enabled the city to be filled with demonic qi. At the same time, it blocked the gray fog that pervaded the Astral Boundary.

“Who are you?” Outside an entrance of the Azure Demon City, an advanced demon general with the head of a tiger and the body of a human, with bizarre demonic runes engraved all over, exuding level-3 Warlock rank fluctuations of power scanned Yang Feng with a glance and asked vigilantly.

Yang Fengs eyes widened, and he burst out with fierce demonic qi at once. He barked: “I am winged wolf demon Kui Wolf, the son of Demon Monarch Sly Wolf! Open the gate, I want to get in! Open the gate if you want to keep your dog life!”

The hierarchy of demons was strict. Besides, demons were ferocious in nature. It was common for a higher ranked demon to kill a lower ranked demon. The more ferocious and powerful they were, the more they were feared. Those who were low-key would be spotted by others and become prey to be bullied.

The advanced demon general with the head of a tiger and the body of a human immediately replied deferentially: “So its Sir Demon Commander! Please come in!”

The gate slowly opened, and then Yang Feng strode inside.

As soon as he entered the city, he saw all kinds of strange and bizarre demons covered in demonic qi.

Within the Azure Demon City, most demons were of the demon general rank. With the powerful barrier present, even demon general rank experts could live in this city.

Once the demon general rank demons left the city, they would be eroded by the astral law and turned into crazed and bizarre astral life forms.

Although there were many strange and bizarre demon experts, but there were also a lot of human-form demon experts covered in demonic runes, and a horn on their head. These human-form demons were known as human demons, they were an extremely strong branch of the demon race.

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