Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 408 – Astral Spatial Silkworms

Chapter 407 – Ore Celestial Bodies

Translator: Xaiomoge

“In this boundless star river, the celestial bodies are too far apart. Only by exploiting the astral law and by traversing astral passageways, can we travel between the celestial bodies.” Tycon took out a fist-sized astral stone and placed it in a groove of the black flying vessel, silently recited an incantation, and pointed at the black flying vessel, and a black ray of light entered the black flying vessel.

The black flying vessel rocked and glittered with black light, and a twisting track appeared before it.

With a flash of light, the black flying vessel entered the twisting track and disappeared.

After a few breaths of time, a twisting fissure suddenly appeared before a celestial body, and the black flying vessel speedily flew out.

“Amazing!” Standing on the black flying vessel, Yang Feng looked back. The silver membrane was already light years away. He couldnt help but exclaim.

Tycon swept the flying vessel below his feet with his gaze and sighed slightly: “The grade of this star magic vessel is too low. It can only travel through astral passageways once a day. If only we had an advanced star magic vessel!!”

The star magic vessel was a very precious treasure of the demons. In order to obtain this star magic vessel, Tycon and the others accepted Sly Wolfs employment.

Even Sly Wolf, who was a demon monarch rank expert, could only afford an inferior star magic vessel that could only travel through astral passageways once a day. Even with enough astral stones, you still would have to wait one day before proceeding for the second celestial body.

Yang Feng looked at the celestial body and uttered: “Tycon, have you ever been to this celestial body before?”

Tycon responded carelessly: “This is a worthless, abandoned celestial body. Theres no life, no astral stones, no astral gold, nor any other precious resources specific to the Astral Boundary on this celestial body. Theres only some iron, copper and other ordinary metal ores. its a really barren place.”

Yang Fengs eyes suddenly lit up a little.

Iron, copper, and other metal ores were of little use to demon powerhouses like Tycon. Demons werent inclined to spend precious star stones to go to the planar star river to mine low-grade ores such as these.

But Yang Feng was different. He had many ways to obtain energy – nuclear energy, eolic energy, solar energy, just to name a few. But to manufacture robots, he was fairly restricted in terms of metal ores. The metal ore resources on the Turandot Subcontinent were not enough to support his needs.

Yang Feng said: “Tycon, I want to go to this celestial body and take a look!”

Tycon responded indifferently: “Suit yourself. But keep this in mind, you have to come back before this time tomorrow.”

“Okay!” After he said so, Yang Feng circled and carefully observed the star magic vessel. At the same time, he recalled the method for making star magic vessels.

In the Fighting Demonic Sect, there was also a method for making this type of secret treasure. But to successfully refine a star magic vessel, an astral secret treasure, Alchemists had to have an understanding of the astral law. Such Alchemists were rare in the Fighting Demonic Sect, there were less than five people.

Additionally, a lot of astral stones, astral gold, and other precious astral ores were required to refine a star magic vessel. Even Moonlight Warlocks would find it difficult to get hold of a star magic vessel.

Most of the star magic vessels used by demon commander rank experts in the Azure Demon City were given to them by demon emperors and demon gods. On their own, demon commander rank experts could never get hold of a star magic vessel.

It was only by chance that Sly Wolf got a star magic vessel. After which, it used the star magic vessel to rope in Tycon and the other three demon commander rank experts and have them look for a semi-plane for it.

Tycon and the other three remained on the star star magic vessel.

After ascertaining that this star magic vessel could travel trough astral passageways only once a day, Yang Feng raised his hand and scattered nano robots all over the star magic vessel.

After doing this, his eyes flashed with satisfaction, and he turned into a streak of light flying towards the celestial body.

The celestial body had a thin atmosphere. As soon as Yang Feng flew into its atmosphere, he felt his body sink slightly, attracted by the celestial planets gravity.

After he landed, he looked around. What met his gaze was earthen-yellow color and empty space, giving off a sense of stillness and desolation.

Yang Feng pointed at the rocky ground and cast the spell Transmute Rock to Mud, and earthen-yellow magic light enveloped the rocks, turning them into soil.

An invisible mage hand grabbed the soil and tossed it aside.

Soil splashed about, and a huge hole soon emerged, forming an expansive underground base.

After taking out and installing a first-rate warp gate, Yang Feng immediately operated it.

Yang Feng ordered decisively: “Proceed!”

Messages sounded in his sea of consciousness, and the first-rate warp gate shone brightly and slowly opened.

Yang Feng stepped into the warp gate and returned to the secret base on the Turandot Subcontinent.

Not long after, Yang Feng returned via the warp gate. After having engineering robots quickly dig out a huge space underground, he released a level-1 mobile fortified stronghold.

The second level-2 mobile fortified stronghold was still under construction. At present, he only had level-1 mobile fortified stronghold at his disposal.

Engineering robots were released from the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold to dig for ores and build nuclear power plants and collect energy, and develop the celestial body methodically.

Yang Feng showed a satisfied smile, then his body blurred, and he fly towards the star magic vessel.

A month flew by.

Thanks to the star demon vessel, Yang Feng and his party crossed 30 celestial bodies in succession. These celestial bodies were all bare, having no life. At the same time, they had no astral stones, astral gold, nor other precious resources. Tycon and the other three demon experts didnt even bother to check them, they have seen such celestial bodies many times already.

Yang Feng, on the other hand, went to check each celestial body, and left a transmitter behind, so that he could easily locate the celestial bodies.

Although the celestial bodies had no astral stones, astral god, or other such treasures on the surface, but on the inside, they were rich in resources.

From the celestial body inside which he had left a mobile fortified stronghold, he had already excavated some astral stones, astral gold, and other precious ore.

On this day, unlike how they usually lazied about, Tycon and the other three demon commanders were fully armed, and looked dignified.

“Kui Wolf, the region we passed through previously was a safe channel in the outer zone of the planar star river explored by countless people. In the outer zone, there are mostly bare celestial bodies with no value. The probability of semi-planes appearing there is not much higher than that of other parts of the Astral Boundary.

“Next, were going to an inner zone of the planar star river. In the inner zone, its fairly easy to come across semi-planes. But at the same time, the inner zone is 10 times more dangerous than the outer zone. Be ready.” Tycon spoke solemnly

Yang Feng nodded.

Tycon silently chanted an incantation and pointed at the star magic vessel. Black light shone, a twisting astral passageway appeared, and the star magic vessel flew in.

Light shone, and the star magic vessel passed through the twisting astral passageway and appeared next to a celestial body.

Pohana looked at the meteorites that surrounded the celestial body, and her pretty eyes flashed with delight: “Astral stones!”

“Astral stones!” The eyes of Cell and Azal lit up and glimmered with delight, as they stared at the meteorites surrounding the celestial body.

To make planar passageways, astral gates, star magic vessels, and other secret treasures related to the Astral Boundary, large quantities of astral stones were required. Whether demons or humans, all treated astral stones as a hard currency that it could be used to trade for many precious treasures and cultivation resources.

On the Cangzhi Plane, astral stone was a precious ore slightly less precious than purple sage demonic gold, and it was also calculated in grams.

Pohana, Cell, and Azal urged their demonic qi and turned into streaks of light flying towards the meteorite belt, collecting the meteorites containing the astral stones one by one.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered a few times, then his body blurred, and he flew towards the meteorite belt. With a wave of his hand, fist-sized level-2 extraordinary life form giant strength bees flew out of a honeycomb in his hand and spread about.

More than 100,000 giant strength bees pounced at the meteorites containing astral stones and grabbed them, and flew back to Yang Feng.

Huge patches of meteorites containing astral stones disappeared in front of Yang Feng, and were stored in his storage ring.

When Pohana, Cell, and Azal saw this scene, their complexions changed, and they looked at each other. They surged with demonic qi, turned into three streaks of light, and flew to other places, away from Yang Feng. They unleashed their secret methods to collect the astral stones.

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