Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 41 – Black Dragon Tower

Chapter 40 – Assassins

Translator: Xaiomoge

“Kill him!” Yang Fengs eyebrows creased, and he pointed towards the black-robed man and said in a cold voice.

In a split second, 400 bladed robots raised the output of their engines to the highest level and, with a terrifying speed that exceeded that of speeding mounts, darted towards the black-robed man.

“Dark Fog!” The black-robed man took out a black magic staff, unleashed the spell imbued in the magic staff, and a cloud of black fog suddenly appeared and enveloped Yang Fengs location.

“Acceleration!” Magic light rose from the black-robed man. With a light tap of his feet, he instantly shot backwards and, with a speed that surpassed that of the bladed robots, escaped towards the distance.

The bladed robots quickly activated their scanning systems, and countless flows of data welled up within their electronic eyes.

The Sky Knight Gria broke out with his fastest speed in a split second and darted towards Yang Fengs location with a terrifying speed of 180 kilometers per hour, leaving afterimages behind.

Just like official level-1 Warlocks, Sky Knights have broken through human limits and begun to evolve in the direction of extraordinary life forms. Going all out, Gria could erupt with a speed of 180 kilometers per hour. However, he could maintain this terrifying speed for only one minute.

With that terrific eruption of speed, Gria only needed two seconds to cross a distance of 100 meters and appear before Yang Feng, and then he just had to slash out with his sword.

Accompanied by a loud sound, an enormous container beside Yang Feng suddenly burst open.

Amid the countless flying pieces of wood, a level-7 bladed robot suddenly darted towards Gria lightning-fast and fiercely slashed at Gria with its alloy blades from different directions.

“Fuck! What is this monster?!” Grias face suddenly fell, and he burst out with formidable life force in an instant. Brandishing the enchanted blade, he unleashed the martial skill Bloody Cross Cut he had painstakingly cultivated, and a bright and sharp Bloody Cross Cut ray carrying a tyrannical aura mercilessly chopped at the level-7 bladed robot.

The chest of the level-7 bladed robot flickered with light, a level-1 energy shield enveloped its body in a split second, and it allowed the Bloody Cross Cut chop at its energy shield, expressionless.

The Bloody Cross Cut cut open the level-7 bladed robots energy shield at once, and then chopped at the level-7 bladed robot, leaving a 3-centimeter-deep sword mark behind.

Practically at the same time, the level-7 bladed robot seized this chance to slash out with its alloy blades, and sliced Gria into eight fragments in a split second.

When the black-robed man saw Grias tragic death at the hands of the level-7 bladed robot, a coldness gripped his heart: “What sort of mechanical golem is that? Its able to instakill a Sky Knight! The Steel Lord actually sent such a treasure to protect his nephew? Fuck!!”

On the Turandot Subcontinent, mechanical golems capable of killing a Sky Knight were priceless. Even level-2 Warlocks wouldnt rashly lend such a treasure to others. Rather, they would treat it as a trump card.

Boom! Boom! Along with two loud sounds, two containers burst open and two Gundam-like gunner robots shot out from within the containers at once. They aimed their Vulcan cannons at the black-robed Warlock, and countless streams of data surged within their eyes.

“Shit! Warping Force Field!” The black-robed Warlock suddenly had an ominous premonition, and an formidable Warping Force Field enveloped him in an instant.

When the Vulcan cannon shells slammed into the Warping Force Field, their trajectories distorted, and they shot around the black-robed Warlock.

However, the shooting rate of each Vulcan cannon was 600 shells per second, and the two level-7 gunner robots were altogether equipped with eight Vulcan cannons, reaching a shooting rate of 4,800 shells per second. Coupled with the super computing chip that calculated the trajectory of the shells, the majority of the shells hit the black-robed Warlock.

After less than a second, the Warping Force Field crumbled, and the black-robed Warlock was torn to shreds by the terrifying Vulcan cannon shells.

When he saw the black-robed Warlock being turned into a bloody mist, incredulity glimmered in Garss eyes: “Instakilled! A level-1 Warlock was instakilled! Heavens, I havent seen wrong! This is the Steel Citys mechanical golem legion! How terrifying!!”

Incredulity also glimmered in the eyes of the other aristocratic youngsters, and they looked at the two Gundam-like level-7 gunner robots with envy and jealousy in their eyes.

The black-robed Warlock died and the bandit army collapsed and fell apart, with bandits scattering everywhere.

Yang Feng only had the level-4 bladed-robots kill the bandits.

Although the firepower of the level-7 gunner robots was terrifying, but their consumption of ammunition was also great. Despite bringing a lot of shells, but Yang Feng would only use them on Warlocks. As for ordinary humans, the melee level-4 bladed robots were enough.

With the xizu technology, he could also manufacture battle robots with unlimited ammunition. However, the technology involved was too high-end, and Yang Feng couldnt manufacture them at the moment. As such, when far away from the headquarters Black City, Yang Feng couldnt lightly use level-7 gunner robots, level-7 artillery robots, and other battle robots with formidable destructive power due to the pressure coming from the logistics. Relatively speaking, the bladed robots were his main troops.

A rather pretty aristocratic young lady called Bella with short blue hair and freckles on her face spoke enviously: “Eldest Brother Yang Feng, your uncle treats you so well!”

The rest of the aristocratic youngsters also revealed looks of envy.

To send a mechanical legion capable of exterminating official Warlocks in order to protect a kin, even many large Warlock families wouldnt do something this extravagant. The sons and daughters of patriarchs of many large Warlock families would have some level-3 Apprentice Warlock, or Great Knight and Earth Knight rank experts as guards at most. Only some formidable Level-3 Warlocks, or forces with Great Warlocks might have a level-1 Warlock act as a guard for their children.

Yang Feng smiled slightly and said: “Thats because Im the only relative of my uncle.”

Gars suddenly pointed towards a bladed robot and asked full of curiosity: “Eldest Brother Yang Feng, are the carriages loaded with such mechanical golems?”

The gazes of the aristocratic youngsters focused on Yang Feng, eyes brimming with curiosity and excitement.

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