Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 412 – Steamroll

Chapter 411 – Planar Celestial Sphere

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The space above a continent extending without end twisted, and the White Jade Dragon Bone Warship shakily flew out from the void and dropped to the ground.

When he flew out from the White Jade Dragon Bone Warship, Delican cast the spell Dragons Eyes and pointed to the sky.

A golden dragon eye with a vertical pupil suddenly appeared in the sky and looked around.

There was a flash of excitement in Delicans eyes, and he burst out laughing and said: “Its that place! Ha-ha, it seems that my luck is really good!”

In another place of the same continent, the space distorted, and a 300-meter-tall glistening green tree suddenly flew out and landed on the ground.

A peerlessly beautiful high elven girl with sharp ears dressed in a green leaf armor, exuding the aura of nature flew out of the giant tree and looked at a huge semi-spherical mountain range in the distance. Her pretty eyes glimmered with excitement: “Is it here? How lucky! The past 10 years werent in vain!”

In another place of the continent, the space twisted, and a huge meteorite 1,000 meters in diameter shot out and dropped to the ground.

A 100-meter-tall bald giant covered in a layer of armor, holding a huge beast bone walked out of the huge meteorite.

In yet another place of the continent, the space twisted, and a magic ship surrounded by demonic qi flew out and landed on the ground.

Such scenes repeated throughout this endless continent.

The space twisted, and a bruised mid grade star magic vessel flew out of the void and tottered to the ground.

When the mid grade star magic vessel was falling to the ground, Yang Feng suddenly flew out, operated his dimensional badge, and collected the star magic vessel.

“Where is this?” Yang Feng looked around, and saw that there were various kinds of rare plants around him. At the same time, the whole continent was filled with life magic energy.

Yang Feng operated the dimensional badge once more, and countless drones suddenly flew out and scattered across the continent.

He took out a cellphone-looking holographic projector and pressed it.

Light rays shot out from the holographic projector and formed a holographic projection in midair, depicting increasingly more of the continents terrain.

A drone flew over an emerald-green lake, when water arrows suddenly burst out of the lake, instantly pierced through the drone, and pulled it back into the lake.

A drone passed by a thousands of meters tall tree, when a giant blue flower suddenly opened, and blue light enveloped the drone, which immediately fell and disappeared into the huge trees mouth.

The drones flying in the unfamiliar continent collecting terrain data were being destroyed by terrifying extraordinary life forms all over the continent.

Yang Feng looked at the images of the destroyed drones with a grave look in his eyes: “This place is really dangerous! This should be a very rare life star in the Astral Boundary! And it still should be a high grade life star capable of breeding powerful extraordinary life forms.”

Life stars were very rare in the Astral Boundary. They could be divided into four basic groups – low grade life stars, mid grade life stars, high grade life stars, and top grade life stars.

Low grade life stars could breed level-3 Warlock rank experts at most, mid grade life stars could breed Starry Sky Warlock rank experts, high grade life stars could breed Glorious Dawn Warlock rank experts, and top grade life stars could breed paragon experts comparable to the seven Warlock Emperors.

Of course, top grade life stars were rare even among life stars in the Astral Boundary. Only the Warlock Emperors as well as their strongest subordinates may chance upon them when traveling the Astral Boundary.

“What? Could this be the planar celestial sphere of legends? The place where semi-plane seeds are bred!” Yang Fengs complexion suddenly changed, and he willed. The holographic projection of the continent zoomed in on a place in an instant.

In the middle of the vast continent, there was a huge semi-spherical mountain range, which exuded a desolate and ancient aura from its center. In the center of the huge semi-spherical mountain range, there was dazzling dot spreading light in all directions.

According to legend, in the core region of planar star rivers, there were some life stars that could breed semi-planes. These life stars were called planar celestial spheres. They were one of the few places in the Astral Boundary where semi-plane seeds could be obtained.

The central part of the huge semi-spherical mountain range was where semi-plane seeds were produced.

Yang Feng willed, and dozens of drones flew to the center of the huge semi-spherical mountain range.

The dozens of drones have just flown next to a dense forest, when a 100-meter-tall purple astral life form looking a bit like a dragon, with a crocodile head, a pair of meaty wings on its back, and a long tail dragging behind it suddenly flew up and inhaled.

A whirlpool appeared in the maw of the terrifying astral life form, and the drones were sucked inside.

Yang Fengs countenance changed, and he wiled again. Drones immediately flew to the huge semi-spherical mountain range from different directions.

Seemingly alarmed by something, 100-meter-long astral thunder birds surrounded by lightning suddenly flew out of their nests and shot towards the drones.

Following flashes of lightning, drones immediately dropped to the ground.

In a desert, a yellow storm suddenly took shape and swept towards the sky.

Drones were instantly swallowed by the fearsome storm and disappeared.

Such scene occurred all around the celestial body. Due to various extraordinary life forms, the drones were destroyed before they could reach the huge semi-spherical mountain range.

When he saw this, Yang Fengs face turned slightly gloomy.

He took a deep look in the direction of the semi-spherical mountain range, and his eyes shimmered with fierce light: “The place where the planar celestial sphere is located should be a high grade life star, and the strongest expert the high grade life star is able to breed should be a Glorious Dawn Warlock rank existence! However, these astral life forms have low intelligence, and lack fear! Watch me steamroll my way over!”

Compared to an intact semi-plane, it was 100 times harder to get hold of a semi-plane seed. Only the unparalleled seven Warlock Emperors as well as powerful existences at their level could freely enter planar star rivers and easily obtain semi-plane seeds. As for other people, even for Infinity Warlock rank experts and strong divine power rank gods, getting hold of a semi-plane seed was a matter of chance.

Since he had the chance to get a semi-plane seed, Yang Feng definitely wouldnt let it slip by his fingers.

He pressed the dimensional badge on his chest, and a level-1 mobile fortified stronghold immediately appeared in front of him. Next, he quickly entered the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold, walked up to a top grade warp gate, and immediately activated it.

The doors of the level-1 mobile fortified stronghold opened at once, and a steady stream of bladed robots, gunner robots, artillery robots, starry sky rippers, and other battle robots poured out.

Before long, a huge mechanical legion poured out of the mobile fortified stronghold.

Ever since the level-2 mobile fortified stronghold was manufactured not long ago, most of the level-8 battle robots became obsolete. But after being modified, after having their weapons exchanged, they were directly transported from the Turandot Subcontinent to be used as cannon fodder.

After the bladed robots and other battle robots changed their weapons and equipment, although their performance was still far inferior to that of the new models, but their destructive power has still been greatly enhanced.

Watching the densely-packed mechanical legion, Yang Feng mused for a while and entered an ordinary shielded robot, and then kept far away from a special commander robot!

The commander robot was red in color, 12 meters in height, completely forged form divine blood steel, equipped with a small positron gun. Even Moonlight Warlock rank experts would be gravely injured when hit by the small positron gun.

Although the performance of the commander robot was far greater than that of ordinary models, but the risk it entailed was also much greater. It was too eye-catching.

After more than 1 million battle robots poured out of the mobile fortified stronghold, the battle robots launched their engines and rushed towards the direction of the semi-spherical mountain range in a flood of steel.

Before long, a dense forest formed from 100-meter-tall trees, where no light could penetrate, appeared in front of the mechanical legion.

Engines rumbling, the bladed robots charged towards the huge trees and slashed with their super high frequency oscillation blades.

The giant trees were directly cut into two by the bladed robots, and blood-like sap suddenly effused from the severed places.

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