Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 413 – Killing the Moonlight Warlock Rank Astral Beast

Chapter 412 – Steamroll

Translator: Xaiomoge

As if a hornet nest that was poked, the roots of the huge trees in the forest rose, and countless thick rattans swept towards the bladed robots like arrows.

Within a breaths time, the thick rattans wound around 20 bladed robots and exerted tremendous strength. The shields of the bladed robots burst and their frames deformed at once.

Unafraid, the bladed robots in the rear plunge into the forest like a torrent of steel and hacked at the trees with their super high frequency oscillation blades.

No matter how tricky the rattans of the huge trees were, they were still cut off by the bladed robots one after another, and a huge passage was forcibly cleared out in the dense forest.

The fearsome mechanical legion quickly cleared a path out in the forest in an unreasonable fashion.

If he came here alone, this forest alone would give Yang Feng a huge headache. Although these tree-type extraordinary plants werent strong, only comparable to level-2 extraordinary life forms, but their number was in the tens of thousands. This would constitute a small headache even for a Starry Sky Warlock.

These tree-type extraordinary plants possessed low intelligence. Only after tens of thousands of their companions were cut down by the mechanical legion, did they grew some fear, and many of them uprooted and fled to other places.

After passing through the forest, a grassland extending without end suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng.

A dozen bladed robots blurred into motion and rushed into the grassland.

Lush grass suddenly sprang up and shot towards the bladed robots like arrows.

The dozen bladed robots instantly activated their shields and resisted the grass.

The grass in the grassland seemed to get angry, and countless grass shot towards the bladed robots and struck their shields, issuing a sound similar to raindrops hitting banana leaves.

The gunner robots equipped with flamethrowers suddenly flew out, and sprayed long tongues of fire towards the grass in the grassland.

Under the torrents of fire, the grass-type extraordinary plants in the grassland were burnt to ashes. The fierce flames spread in all directions.

From the dense grass, all sorts of astral insects flew out and formed a dense insect cloud sweeping towards the battle robots.

The dark insect swarm rolled out and engulfed more than 30 bladed robots at the frontmost, instantly shattering their shields.

When the insect swarm took to flight again, only dark and rugged frames full of holes were left of the more than 30 bladed robots. They had become piles of scrap iron, and could no longer move.

Gunner robots equipped with flamethrowers rushed forward in a frenzy, and flames rolled towards the insect swarm in the sky, turning a large number of astral insects into fireballs that dropped to the ground.

Inside the sea of flames, large patches of astral insects dropped down, and the insect cloud shrank at a a speed visible to the naked eye. The mechanical legion continued to move forward while killing the astral insects.

The insect cloud kept shrinking until eventually the astral insects scattered and fled in all directions.

Hidden inside the huge mechanical legion, Yang Feng safely passed through the dangerous grassland capable of devouring Great Warlocks.

From the edge of the grassland, a huge mountain range with its peaks extending high into the sky could be seen, blocking Yang Fengs line of sight.

Bladed robots equipped with jet packs rose into the air and flied into the distance.

The sounds emitted by the flying bladed robots alarmed the extraordinary life forms hidden in the mountain before them.

A 100-meter-tall astral storm falcon shrouded in strong wind, an over-200-meter-long astral dragon-winged centipede with a pair of dragon wings on its back, and an astral thunder lion with a pair of wings, covered in lightning flew out of the mountain and rushed over.

The astral storm falcon had the innate power to manipulate wind elemental particles, and as an adult, it possessed quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank strength. As soon as it appeared, its eyes shimmered coldly. A mysterious innate wind magic rune on its forehead shone, and wind elemental particles revolved around its body. The next moment, violent wind blades slashed towards the bladed robots.

The violent wind blades cut through the shields of the bladed robots, and then cut the bladed robots into countless parts that dropped from the sky.

The astral dragon-winged centipede belched a black light beam that blasted into a bladed robot. The black light beam easily pierced through the bladed robots shield and struck the bladed robot, corroding it into a black poisonous liquid that scattered on the earth and made sizzling sounds.

The astral thunder lion glittered and shot lightning snakes barreling towards the bladed robots, blasting their shields apart and charring their bodies. The bladed robots dropped to the ground.

Starry sky rippers suddenly shot out from amid the battle robots and rushed towards the three quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank astral life forms.

The astral dragon-winged centipede suddenly belched dozens of black light beams that pierced the shields of dozens of starry sky rippers, and then smashed into the starry sky rippers themselves and corroded them into poisonous liquid.

But in the next moment, nearly 100 starry sky rippers, whose speed was fast to the extreme, appeared beside the astral dragon-winged centipede, and slashed down at it with their super high frequency oscillation blades. As it roared in pain, the astral dragon-winged centipede suffered hundreds of injuries. The dragon wings on its back were chopped to pieces. Before it could fully react, it was cut into countless pieces by the starry sky rippers and fell to the ground.

On the other side, the astral thunder lion erupted with countless lightning snakes that shot towards dozens of starry sky rippers, crushing then.

Railgun beams shot towards the astral thunder lion from below and blasted it to piece at once.

Seeing that things werent going well, the astral storm falcon ran away in a gust of wind.

A savage and tyrannical aura gushed out of the mountain range, and an astral beast more than 500 meters in length looking like a small mountain, with a pair of giant wings on its back, a snake-like head with sharp teeth, a tail as sharp as a sword, sharp spurs on the back, and a strange magic rune on its forehead, emitting Moonlight Warlock rank fluctuations of power flew out.

Eyes flashing with savage and tyrannical light, the enormous astral beast looked at the astral storm falcon.

The quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank astral storm falcon screeched, and bizarre pustules appeared all over its body. Then, it exploded and turned into a pus that scattered on the ground.

Yang Feng hiding in the mechanical legion frowned, and his scalp went numb: “Just my luck, I came across a most troublesome enemy! Its a Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms, and it possesses innate power of curse to boot.”

Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms with the innate power of curse were extremely terrifying. Some Moonlight Warlock rank curse extraordinary life forms could curse a Warlock family for generations with an extremely evil curse, inflicting unbearable pain upon them. Others could curse all the people in a Bloodline Warlock family with the same bloodline to death.

While adventuring other planes, human Warlocks disliked such freaks with innate power of curse the most.

When the astral beast appeared, all firepower of the huge mechanical legion immediately poured towards it in torrents.

Countless railgun beam barreled towards the astral beast and completely sealed its dodging space.

A look of derision in its eyes, the astral beast surged with spatial fluctuations.

The rain of railgun beams slammed into the astral beast, then twisted and barreled towards the mountain range behind it, blasting holes into the mountain range.

The astral beast opened its maw and breathed in, and a whirlpool suddenly appeared in front of it. A terrific suction force gripped hundreds of starry sky rippers and pulled them into the whirlpool, where they were crushed into broken parts.

The spatial disruptors launched, and spatial disruption ripples suddenly appeared and shrouded the astral beast.

The spatial ripples covering the astral beast disappeared at once, and the rain of railgun beams blasted into it and tore the scales covering its body. In a flash, it was covered by countless toothpick-sized bloody holes.

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