Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 414 – Killing Delican

Chapter 413 – Killing the Moonlight Warlock Rank Astral Beast

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The astral beast lit up with black light, and the numerous wounds covering its body quickly healed, as if the bombardment of the railgun beams had no effect.

The astral beast belched a black light beam sweeping towards the mechanical legion down below.

The battle robots shrouded by the black light beam were disintegrated, their shields unable mount any resistance.

After the black light beam disappeared, a huge circular ravine extending for a dozen kilometers appeared on the ground. In the ravine, countless corroded and melted battle robot remains were strewn everywhere.

More than 80,000 battle robots were destroyed in this strike.

Hiding at the back of the mechanical legion, Yang Fengs face fell. He slowed down and quietly hid in a secret corner in the rear of the mechanical legion.

After it destroyed 80,000 battle robots, the astral beast revealed a look of exhaustion, and then spatial fluctuations enveloped its body again.

In the next moment, the astral beast instantly appeared amid the mechanical legion, and it mercilessly extended its claw towards the captain robot.

After the surrounding space disruptors were destroyed, the astral beast could freely shuttle trough the void.

The commander robot activated its shield. At the same time, it fired at the astral beasts claw from its small positron gun.

A brilliant light shone, and a positron beam slammed into the claw and blasted a bloody hole into it.

Unflinching, the claw of the astral beast continued in its grasping motion. The claw seemed to be moving extremely slowly, though in reality it reached very quickly, grasped the commander robot, and squeeze hard, crushing it.

When Yang Feng, who was hiding in the distance, saw this, his heart shook. If he was hiding in the extremely eye-catching commander robot, he would have been crushed to death.

A rain of gravity spheres shot out of the mechanical legion and slammed into the astral beast, and the astral beast dropped to the ground.

The ice manipulators suddenly stepped forward and shot at the astral beasts wings from their ice guns.

When the ice rays hit the wings of the astral beast, giant chunks of ice encased the wings, and a terrifying cold spread to the rest of its body.

Starry sky rippers suddenly shot towards the tail of the astral beast, and frenziedly hacked with their super high frequency oscillation blades, badly mutilating it.

Resembling small batteries, artillery robots shot at the astral beasts eyes from their small positron guns.

A rain of positron beams slammed into the head of the astral beast and blasted open fist-sized bloody holes into it, and one of its eyes was directly crushed.

Suddenly, the tail of the astral beast moved, turned into countless after images, and crushed the starry sky rippers around it.

Next, the astral beast raised its wings and crushed the ice covering them.

Faint black mist covered the astral beast, and its smashed right eye and bruised body healed in a flash.

Yang Feng frowned: “It possess the ability of curses! And with its healing ability, it is nearly imperishable!! Thats some though opponent!!”

When the astral beast recovered, its eyes glimmered with a fierce light, and it belched a beam of lack light sweeping towards the huge mechanical legion.

In the way of the beam of black light, battle robots were crashed into bits and pieces that scattered on the ground.

Another huge circular ravine extending for a dozen kilometers appeared on the ground. 100,000 battle robots were destroyed by this strike.

Releasing such a formidable and wide-ranged attacks one after another, a look of exhaustion flashed past the astral beasts eyes.

Suddenly erupting with Mach 10 speed, starry sky rippers rushed towards the astral beast from different directions.

Another commander robot flew out from the mechanical legion and shot at the astral beasts head from its positron gun, and a fist-sized bloody hole was blasted open on the astral beasts head.

The astral beast was enraged at once. Its whole body glittered, and it crossed the void and appeared in front of the commander robot in an instant. It bit down at the commander robot, and then crushed it and swallowed it. A rain of gravity spheres hit the astral beast at once.

Once again, the astral beast sank and dropped to the ground.

Almost at the same time, Yang Feng released the ark-type battlestar.

Fully charged, the ark-type battlestars artilleries glittered brightly and fired light beams containing terrific destructive power barreling towards the astral beast, looking like a scene from Armageddon.

Under the terrifying bombardment, the astral beasts upper body was crushed. After its upper body was destroyed, the light beams continued towards the ground, where they blasted open a hole 100 meters in diameter whose depth could not be seen.

After the volley, the ark-type battlestars artilleries dimmed and started to recharge.

After its upper body was destroyed, the remaining lower body of the astral beast wriggled, and its flesh strangely began to grow quickly.

Resembling a swarm of locusts, countless starry sky rippers suddenly flew towards the remaining lower body of the astral beast and slashed wildly, slicing the remaining lower body into a myriad of fragments.

The engineering robots quickly flew over and collected the remains of the astral beast, placing them into transparent crystal pods.

The remaining lower body of the astral beast was quickly sliced to pieces, and a fist-sized magic core was uncovered. After the astral beasts magic core was taken away by an engineering robot, the remaining body immediately lost its vitality, and could no longer continue to regenerate.

Engineering robots quickly flew over to search the area before finally finding two other magic cores.

Yang Feng fiddled with the three magic cores of the astral beast for a while, and then threw them into the magical mechanical cloak. At the same time, he also threw the collected remains of the astral beast into the magical mechanical cloak.

When the three magic cores and astral beast remains fell into the magical mechanical cloak, magic light gushed out of the space and illuminated them, and super culture liquid composed from countless liquid metal nano robots as well as other ingredients was infused.

The three magic cores and astral beast remains absorbed the super culture liquid at once, and then strangely condensed into a throbbing heart.

Numerous mechanical tentacles extended from the space and stabbed into the heart, eroding and gaining control of the astral beast heart.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rouse: “This way, as long as I am strong enough, I can turn into a Moonlight Warlock rank astral beast.”

The Moonlight Warlock rank astral beast had tremendous strength. Only after sealing its spatial ability and movement ability, did Yang Feng use the battlestars artilleries to give it a big blow. This astral beasts strength was first-rate even among Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms. If he could transform into this astral beast, Yang Fengs strength would be greatly enhanced.

After killing the astral beast, there was no other astral beast in the surrounding mountain range willing to stand in the way.

The tremendous mechanical legion rose into the air and flew to the other side of the mountain range.

Somewhere on the continent, inside a forest.

A demon commander rank expert lit up with magic light, waved his claws wildly, and produced numerous after images, cutting countless vines apart.

Hundreds and thousands of tree-type extraordinary life forms surrounded the demon commander rank expert, and countless tendrils stabbed at him.

The demon commander rank expert struggled bitterly. Suddenly, a dark golden vine popped out from the earth and stabbed into the demon commander. The demon commander issued a shrill scream and struggled for a while before being sucked dry.

Somewhere else on the continent, in a mountain range.

Looking like a huge flying snake, an astral beast more than 200 meters in length, with wings growing from its ribs was flying in the sky. The astral beast had no eyes, it had beast-like sharp teeth.

The astral beast was surrounded by hundreds of different kinds of dragons who have resumed their original form. The dragons were belching dragon breath blasting towards the astral beast.

The space around the astral beast distorted, and the dragon breaths ricocheted. It flapped its wings and flew to in front of a dragon 50 meters in length. Next, it opened its maw that could open at an 270 degrees angle and closed its maw around the dragon in an instant, and a copious amount of blood spattered out.

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