Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 414 – Killing Delican

by the various magic attacks fired from the three dragon heads, and they fell from the sky.

At this time, a commander robot flew out, shot at Delican from its positron gun, and blasted open a bloody wound running through the Delicans dragon body the size of a water jar, and blood gushed out and scattered on the ground.

The face of a bald giant changed several times before he shouted: “I am Hart! Human Warlock, if you defeat me in a duel in an overboard fashion, then Ill give up on the semi-plane seed. Otherwise, well join the dragons to fight you!”

Accompanied by cold and cruel synthesized voices, starry sky rippers suddenly flew out of the mechanical legion and flew towards the five giants at Mach 10 speed.

At the same time, a hail of railgun beams, positron beams, and other frightening light beams shot towards the five giants.

Harts face fell, then he bellowed and launched the power of domain, and the violent power of an earth domain broke out. With him as the center, an earth domain enveloped the area 1,000 meters in radius.

100-meter-tall earth giants emerged from Harts earth domain and rushed towards the starry sky rippers.

The remaining four giants also roared and rushed towards the battle robots.

A male high elf looked at the tall female high elf leader and asked: “Lila, what should we do?”

Lilas countenance changed several times, then she pointed with her finger, and green lights surged and formed a huge eye in midair, looking into the distance. She immediately inhaled a mouthful of cold air.

She saw the huge mechanical legion sweeping towards them like an ocean. That terrific mechanical torrent wasnt something Great Warlock rank powerhouses could resist.

“Retreat!” Lila promptly blurred into motion and retreated to beyond of the foot of the mountain.

The eyes of the other two high elves shimmered with unwillingness, then they blurred into motion and retreated as well.

A male high elf turned his eyes, the silently recited an incantation, and his figure immediately turned indistinct. In the next moment, his figure strangely became clear again.

Suddenly, gunner robots and artillery robots soared into the sky and shot wildly at an area in the mountain range, and numerous railgun beams and positron beams intertwined.

In that area, a male high elf suddenly emerged. Eyes overcome with fear, he shouted: “Help…!”

Before the male high elf could finish speaking, he was enveloped by light beams and blown to shreds.

There was a flash of anger in Lilas eyes, and she barked: “We have already retreated, so why have you killed one of our people?! Do you want to become enemies with us high elves?”

Engines booming, starry sky rippers suddenly flew out from the rear and surrounded Lila and her companion.

In addition to the starry sky rippers, there were also many other battle robots flying over, frightening red light flashing in their eyes.

At the same time, the three-headed golden dragon Delican roared in midair. Dozens of starry sky rippers reached him in the wink of an eye and slashed at him, cutting him into numerous pieces falling from the sky.

Two of the five giants were also killed by the fearless starry sky rippers, while the remaining three giants hid in the earth domain.

When Lila and her companion saw this, their hearts shook.

The three-headed golden dragon Delican was a pinnacle extraordinary life form. Besides, this three-headed golden dragon possessed quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, and even many Starry Sky Warlock rank experts were not necessarily his match. Lila reckoned that her odds of wining against him were less than 10%. Seeing such a fearsome expert being easily cut into pieces by the starry sky rippers, Lila and other high elven expert were even less willing to act rashly.

Hart roared, and then urged his earth domain to form more rock giants. The rock giants frenziedly attacked the starry sky rippers, smashing one starry sky ripper after another.

Once the starry sky rippers, who possessed Mach 10 speed, entered the earth domain, as a mountain was placed on their backs, their speed suddenly dropped to Mach 1, and they were crushed by the rock giants.

Once Great Warlock rank expert entered Harts earth domain, they would get bound by gravity, and he could also draw support from the power of the earth of the earth domain. He had no weak points. By relying on the earth domain, even many Starry Sky Warlock experts may not be his match.

Even so, the never ending starry sky rippers left Hart frightened, and he admitted defeat: “You win!! Let us go!”

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