Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 416 – Refining the Semi-plane Seed

Chapter 415 – Killing the Void Devil

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Hair-raising voices came from amid the starry sky rippers.

200,000 gunner robots and artillery robots equipped with jet packs rose into the sky and formed a mechanical cloud.

In the next moment, a hail of railgun beams and positron beams barreled towards the area where Hart and the other two giant experts were located.

Harts face fell, and he urged his giants power, and 100-meter-tall giants appeared inside the earth domain and formed a wall in front of him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The numerous light beams slammed into the rock giants and crushed them to pieces, and boundless light immediately swallowed the three giants.

When the light disappeared, only pieces of meat as well as holes remained on the ground.

Lila and the other high elf expert shivered in their hearts.

Hart, who had comprehended a domain, was a peerless genius even among giants. Lila had no confidence in defeating him. Such an expert was instantly obliterated under the bombardment of countless robots, leading to Lila not daring to do anything suspicious.

Lila spoke somewhat respectfully to a starry sky ripper: “Excuse me, Sir, can we leave now?”

A bladed robot flew over from the rear, handed two vials of the Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir to the two high elves, and spoke frigidly: “Its already to late for the! Inject this elixir and you can live! Otherwise, you will die here!”

The semi-plane seed was very important for Yang Fengs practice of cultivation, so there could be no sleep-ups. He didnt want to take chances and be attacked by an arrow while absorbing the semi-plane seed.

Lilas face changed a few times, and she looked around. She could clearly feel that the surrounding space was in chaos. Even if she wanted, she could not use spatial spells to escape from here.

After hesitating for a moment, Lila clenched her teeth, grabbed a vial of Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir, and injected the elixir into her right arm.

The face of the other high elf also changed a few times, then he smiled bitterly and also injected the elixir.

After he sensed that the two high elves were completely controlled by the liquid metal nano robots, he had the huge mechanical legion proceeded towards the mountain range.

When he reached top of the semi-circular mountain range, Yang Feng saw a little sphere appear out of thin air in the middle of a huge cave. Light filled with the aura of life gushed out of the huge cave and entered the little sphere.

He looked at the little sphere with a scorching look in his eyes. The little sphere was a semi-plane seed.

Once the semi-plane seed was ripe, it would be taken away by the astral law, and then drift in the Astral Boundary while absorbing various materials. Eventually, it would transform into a semi-plane.

The semi-plane would also drift in the Astral Boundary. If it was lucky and got all kinds of opportunities, it would evolve into a complete plane, which would then break away from the Astral Boundary. However, if it was unlucky, it would evolve into an abandoned, dead celestial body.

Yang Feng first deployed a magic array covered in mid grade magic crystals around him, then silently recited an incantation and cast the spell Mage Hand. He grabbed the semi-plane seed, and then pulled it towards himself.

When he pulled the semi-plane seed out of the cave, he silently recited an incantation and pointed at the semi-plane seed.

Primal chaos magic light gushed out of his finger and entered the semi-plane seed. The semi-plane slowly inched forwards, and then strangely entered his forehead.

The semi-plane seed slowly plunged into his sea of knowledge.

Operating a secret method recorded in the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, Yang Feng had the soul seed fly out of the center of the spirit sea. The soul seed split into two halves, then one half merged into the semi-plane seed, while the other half fell back into the center of the spirit sea.

The magic array around him lit up, and the mid grade magic crystals released powerful life magic energy. Thanks to the magic array, the life magic energy was turned into white mist that entered him through his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose.

Under the effect of the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, as soon as the life magic energy entered his body, it changed into primal chaos force and poured into the semi-plane seed.

Spatial law immediately bubbled up inside the semi-plane seed merged with half of his soul, and it suddenly expanded and evolved into a desolate space with only some rocks inside of about 100 meters in diameter floating in the sea of knowledge.

With the help of the mysterious space law and the bizarre world law, the space born inside the semi-plane seed didnt blow up Yang Fengs head.

A copious amount of pure life magic energy poured into Yang Feng from the magic array, turned into primal chaos force, and poured into the semi-plane.

As if detecting something, golden light shot out from the cave, entered Yang Feng, and poured into the semi-plane seed.

Under the nourishment of the golden light, the semi-plane expanded little by little. At the same time, faint world force brewed inside the semi-plane.

At the foot of the mountain, the space suddenly rippled, and a two-meter-tall devil with a pair of horns on its head, a sinister and terrifying face, a bizarre rune engraved on its forehead, black wings on its back, and countless bizarre runes covering its body suddenly appeared from the void.

When she saw the devil, Lilas countenance changed, and she exclaimed: “Void devil!”

Void devils were a branch of devils born proficient in spatial force. Adult void devils were Great Warlock rank great devils, or even a Starry Sky baron devils.

Reportedly, void devils could freely travel in the void, and many defensive spells and barriers could not guard against them. Even many Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses who havent learned specific spells to ward against them would get soundlessly killed.

The void devil swept Lila and the other high elf with a glance, and then revealed a malevolent smile: “Two Great Warlock rank high elves! Stay obediently by my side. Otherwise, I dont mind having a taste of high elven brain. Kh-kh!”

Following the expansion of human Warlocks throughout the countless planes, the experts of many planes began to adopt human Warlock terminologies.

Lilas pretty face changed, a flash of fear in her beautiful eyes, yet her body moved involuntarily. She silently recited an incantation, took out a dark green high elven bow, and condensed an Arrow of Nature from the aura of nature pervading her body.

When the Arrow of Nature was formed, it turned into a streak of light shooting at the void devil.

The high elf Werther standing next to Lila also involuntarily unleashed a brilliant Sun Arrow shooting towards the void devil.

The face of the void devil suddenly fell, and the mysterious and profound rune on his forehead shone, and fearsome spatial force emerged. His figure blurred, and he entered the void.

The Arrow of Nature and Sun Arrow also entered the void and shot towards the void devil.

The Arrow of Nature and Sun Arrow were secret archery techniques of the high elves with infinite might and the terrific power to pierce through space.

The countenance of the void devil changed dramatically, and the mysterious runes covering his body lit up, and he wildly jumped through layers in space, for a total of nine times.

When the Sun Arrow crossed the sixth layer, its power was exhausted, and it strangely disappeared in the sixth layer.

The power of the Arrow of Nature exhausted in the eighth layer, and it disappeared.

In the ninth layer of space, his figure vague and indistinct, the void devil smiled malevolently: “Humph! Unfortunately, your limit is the eighth layer of space! If you want to shoot me, theres still a layer of space to go! Time to die!”

The faces of the two high elven experts fell, a flash of fear in their eyes. The void devil was proficient in spatial force. With their secret archery techniques, they couldnt hit it. They were virtually defenseless against it.

Just then, there were ripples and chaotic fluctuations in space.

The void devils face fell, and he trembled. He was forced out of the void.

In the next moment, dozens of starry sky rippers swooped at the void devil, and blade rays flickered. The void devil was cut into countless pieces in an instant, with only his head remaining intact.

Although void devils were proficient in spatial force, but in terms of resilience of the body, they were far from comparable to the three-headed golden dragons and giants. Since the three-headed golden dragon and giants died to the siege of the starry sky rippers, the void devil naturally wouldnt be different.

When Lila and her companion saw the void devil die, their eyes showed a queer look, and they looked at the starry sky rippers with fear in their eyes.

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