Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 417 – Great Sect Competition

Chapter 416 – Refining the Semi-plane Seed

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Time passed, and soon it was seven days later.

During that time, several groups of Great Warlock rank experts from different planes were wiped out by the mechanical legion when they came close to the mountain range.

Seven days later, in Yang Fengs sea of knowledge, the semi-plane seed expanded into a micro semi-plane 1,000 meters in diameter and 100 meters in thickness looking like a circular island.

The golden light from the cave also slowly faded and retracted into the cave.

Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and then felt that his body was covered in a layer of greasy impurities exuding a foul stench.

When the semi-plane seed inside his sea of knowledge formed a micro semi-plane, the world force bred from the semi-plane cleansed his fleshly body, greatly strengthening it. At this moment, his fleshly body was even sturdier than that of a Starry Sky Warlock rank dragon, it was filled with vitality and strength.

Three mechanical baths with hot water and various precious elixirs were arranged next to him.

He smiled and directly stepped into a mechanical bath. He took a comfortable hot bath and quietly sensed the changes in power inside him.

Yang Feng felt the inexhaustible power inside him, and the corners of his mouth rose slightly: “After integrating the semi-plane seed, my Primal Chaos Imperishable Body secret method finally stepped through the threshold. The previously incomprehensible things could only be unraveled after a semi-plane was integrated, and the secret methods true potential could be displayed.”

The Primal Chaos Imperishable Body was an outstanding secret treasure the 2nd Warlock Dynastys Taboo Lord created in his later years. When Yang Fengs true body first practiced this secret method, he was able to fight against some puny Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks while in the Great Warlock rank realm. However, only after he integrated the semi-plane seed, did he really cultivated the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body past the threshold.

In the bath, Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and spatial force poured out of him and formed a formidable spatial domain around him.

When the semi-plane seed expanded into a real semi-plane, he inadvertently comprehended the mysteries of the spatial law and formed a spatial domain.

Looking at the fluctuating space inside the spatial domain, he showed a smile of satisfaction.

After he took his bath, Yang Feng walked down the mountain and reached the foot of the mountain.

When Lila saw Yang Feng, surprise flashed past her eyes: “Human Warlock!”

Of the thirty-six primary material planes, only the Cangzhi Planes 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Golem Dynasty, employed mechanical golems.

The civilizations of the other 36 primary material planes fundamentally didnt develop in the direction of a mechanical civilizations.

The Feisuo Plane was dominated by gods, the Plane of Dragons was dominated by dragons, and the rest of the 36 primary material planes also possessed formidable existences comparable to gods and fiend lords with the strength to dominate everything. There was no room for a mechanical civilization to develop.

The essence of a mechanical civilization was to let weak people rely on mechanical power and unleash heaven-defying strength. Even an ordinary person who was not even a Knight could presses the launch button of a nuclear warhead, and possibly wipe out a Moonlight Warlock. Once such a dangerous civilization showed signs of development, it would be destroyed by the formidable existences comparable to gods and fiend lords ruling the 36 primary material planes.

Yang Feng walked up to Lila and looked at her carefully. There was a look of satisfaction in her eyes, and he said with a faint smile: “Not bad! Elves are indeed all beauties! I am Yang Feng. From now on, you are my maid. As for him, hell be my bodyguard.”

Although Lila wasnt as beautiful as the Great Elven Monarch Esramia, but she was still a first-class elven beauty. She was qualified to serve as his maid.

Lila was both ashamed and angry, yet her cherry lips parted involuntarily and she responded respectfully: “Yes, Master!”

Werther wanted to step forwards and say something, yet his body was beyond his control, and he could only glare at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng looked up at the sky and revealed a smile: “Since my goal has been achieved, its time to go back!”

Time went by, and it was soon a month later.

The Fighting Demonic Sect, the astral gate inside a secret chamber lit up, and Yang Feng walked out with Lila and Werther in tow.

They just walked out, when a tremendous spatial force immediately enveloped and teleported them away in an instant.

With a gleam of light, Yang Fengs group of three appeared in the Astral Palace. The one sitting at the counter was still Zhang Lei

When he saw Yang Fengs party, Zhang Lei immediately showed a smile, and went up to greet them: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, youre back. These two are?”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “These two are my servants from the Astral World!”

The two high elves Lila and Werther looked dazed.

Zhang Lei looked Lila up and down, a look of envy in his eyes, and uttered: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, to capture two high elves in the Astral World and have them become your servants, youre really lucky.”

As a daughter of nature among high elves, although Lila wasnt as beautiful as Esramia, but she still was a first-rate beauty. She had an extraordinary temperament and an exotic charm to her. Within the Fighting Demonic Sect, there were only 20 plus beauties who could compare to her in terms of looks and temperament.

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “It was just a fluke!”

Zhang Lei hesitated for a while, and then spoke: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, I want to remind you that these other race people can only stay in your residence. They cannot move about freely in the Fighting Demonic Sect.”

The Fighting Demonic Sect powerhouses who adventured in the Astral Boundary often brought back some strange life forms of the Astral Boundary and even intelligent life forms from other planes, many of whom were dangerous, and thus couldnt move about freely in the Fighting Demonic Sect.

The two high elves Yang Feng brought back might be spies sent by the high elves. As such, they could not move freely in the Fighting Demonic Sect. But it was completely fine for them to stay in his residence or laboratory.

Yang Feng replied with a faint smile: “I understand!”

Zhang Lei then smiled and said: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, the Great Sect Competition is approaching. Im looking forward to your exploits!”

“Great Sect Competition?” Yang Feng was slightly startled. It took him a while to react.

As one of the Ten Great Sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the struggles within the Fighting Demonic Sect were fierce. And in order to guaranty fairness and choose the most outstanding disciples, there were many competitions and examinations, big and small, within the sect.

The Great Sect Competition was the most important competition within the Fighting Demonic Sect. Apart from those who have already promoted to the Moonlight Warlock rank, the remaining disciples of the Fighting Demonic Sect would participate in and give their all to scale new heights in the Great Sect Competition.

The Great Sect Competition was the best way for disciples in name to promote to outer sect disciples, outer sect disciples to promote to inner sect disciples, and inner sect disciples to promote to true disciples.

If he hadnt be accepted by Huang Yihe as a personal disciple, Yang Feng should have climbed the sect ladder step by step. Although he was now Huang Yihes personal disciple, but he still had to attend the Great Sect Competition. However, he wasnt in the position of a challenger, but in the position of a challenged.

Yang Feng had just returned to the Immortal Huang Palace with the two high elves in tow, when Wang Zhilan went to greet him: “Senior Disciple Brother Yang, Teacher asked for you.”

Yang Feng pointed to Lila and Werther and asked: “What about them?”

Wang Zhilan glanced at Lila, a look of jealousy in the abyss of her eyes. She smiled sweetly, and then fished out a golden bell and jiggled it.

Two lifelike human-shaped golems flew out of the golden bell and landed on the ground.

Wang Zhilan spoke with a smile: “They will take them to your dwelling, Senior Disciple Brother.”

Yang Feng nodded and followed Wang Zhilan inside the Huang Immortal Palace.

When he entered the main hall, Yang Feng immediately sat down on the seventh praying mat in the front most row.

Light flashed, and golden rays formed Huang Yihes figure atop the dais.

Huang Yihe said lightly: “Yang Feng, the Fighting Demonic Sects Great Sect Competition is in seven days! Your cultivation base has yet to reach the Moonlight Warlock realm. According to the sects rules, you must accept the challenge from the top three inner sect disciples. But as you just joined my palace, and havent practiced cultivation for long, if you arent sure of yourself, you can refuse to participate in the great competition.”

Yang Feng asked: “Teacher, can disciples use pets in the great competition?”

Huang Yihe answered: “Of course they can! Pets, secret treasures, spells, and even luck are all part of your strength. So of course they can be used in the great competition.”

Yang Feng spoke: “Then disciple would like to accept the challenge of the inner sect disciples!”

In the Great Sect Competition, once you got good results, you would get great rewards and a tremendous amount of cultivation resources. Many of the cultivation resources could even move Yang Feng.

Huang Yihe asked, slightly surprised: “Are you sure? The Fighting Demonic Sects top three inner sect disciples are fundamentally Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouses, they are battle geniuses who comprehended a domain to boot. They are different from the Starry Sky Warlock rank freaks outside!”

As one of the Ten Great Sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty, the Fighting Demonic Sects fostering system was quite perfect. At the same time, there were countless precious secret methods in the sect, and there was even no lack of secret methods that could be cultivated until Infinity Warlock rank. Besides, the Fighting Demonic Sect grasped places like the Demonic Realm capable of nurturing the fighting ability of disciples.

The top three inner sect disciples of the Fighting Demonic Sect could become true disciples, and even reach the Moonlight Warlock rank in the future. Each of them could defeat five or even ten Star Sky Warlocks from outside the Ten Great Sects.

Yang Feng replied full of confidence: “Disciple wont disappoint you, Teacher.”

Huang Yihe gave Yang Feng a deep look and revealed a faint smile, saying: “Then Im looking forward to your performance. If you do well, Ill give you a nice present.”

After exchanging a few words, Huang Yihe had Yang Feng take his leave.

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