Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 419 – Shocking the Fighting Demonic Sect

n their eyes.

When the Great Warlock Yang Feng became Huang Yihes personal disciple, it gave rise to many unspoken criticisms. After all, many extraordinary and assiduous geniuses had to climb the sect ladder up step by step, to go from disciples in name to outer sect disciples, inner sect disciples, and true disciples before they got a chance to be accepted as personal disciples of the four Great Elders.

Now that Yang Feng, with his Great Warlock realm cultivation base, defeated Zhong Sunan with absolute strength, the disciples no longer questioned his qualifications as a personal disciple of a Great Elder.

With a bitter look on his face, Zhong Sunan left the great arena. Clearly, the defeat he suffered at Yang Fengs hands was a great blow to him. If he was defeated by a Starry Sky Warlock, then he would feel disappointment at most. However, now that he was defeated by a Great Warlock, his ego suffered a great blow.

The second and third place inner sect disciples challenged Zhuo Yifan and Zhou Feng respectively, and then were easily defeated.

After the contest concluded, the Great Sect Competition officially ended, and the disciples dispersed slowly.

“Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, please wait!” Yang Feng just wanted to go back to his dwelling, to do preparations for his next course of action, when Zhang Hanshans coquettish voice came from behind.

Zhang Hanshan smiled sweetly and said: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang Feng, I am Zhang Hanshan, a disciple of Great Elder Yue Wuxian, this is Zhuo Yifan, a disciple of Great Elder He Liannu, and this is Zhou Feng, a disciple of Great Elder Yu Jingang. How about we go to the Jade Immortal Abode and have a small gathering? Its my treat.”

Yang Feng stopped in his steps, then hesitated for a moment, and swept Wang Zhilan next to him with his gaze.

Zhang Hanshan glanced at Wang Zhilan and uttered with a smile: “Of course, if Junior Disciple Sister Wang would like to join us, then shes more than welcome.”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “Okay!”

Zhang Hanshan, Zhuo Yifan, and Zhou Feng were personal disciples of the other three Great Elders. They were elite talents of the Fighting Demonic Sect. If they didnt die prematurely, they were very likely to promote to the Moonlight Warlock realm, and even had a trace of hope to advance to Glorious Dawn Warlock realm in the future. Since they wished to make friends, Yang Feng naturally couldnt refuse the other sides good intentions.

The Jade Immortal Abode was located within the Fighting Demonic Sect, it was a restaurant managed by the Heavenly Food Branch.

The Warlocks of the Heavenly Food Branch were all gourmets who specialized in how to prepare all kinds of extraordinary life forms and plants and give full play to their delicious taste and power in order to enjoy delicious food and gain strength.

The Heavenly Food Branch was small and weak, with their leader only possessing pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base. However, this branch possessed many estates within The Fighting Demonic Sect. At the same time, it was shielded by a sect big shots, which was how the branch managed to preserve itself.

The Jade Immortal Abode was the top restaurant managed by the Heavenly Food Branch.

The Jade Immortal Abode, on the ninth floor.

On a table, there was dragon liver, phoenix marrow, and other precious food. Each dish was extremely precious. A level-1 warlock would have their physical aptitude greatly strengthened and their spirit force skyrocket if they ate one mouthful of any dish.

Yang Feng and the other four people were sitting at that table, drinking and chatting merrily. As both sides were willing to make friends, so they quickly became close.

After three rounds of wine, cheeks flushed, Zhang Hanshan drained her glass of spirit wine and said with a charming smile: “In three years, the Time Heavenly City Competition Assembly will be held. When the time comes, we will work together to seize the keys of time and strive to enter the Time Heavenly City.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “What is the time Time Heavenly City Competition Assembly?”

“The Time Heavenly City is a former residence of the 1st Warlock Emperor Time Lord. It is one of the most precious legacies he left to us human Warlocks on the Cangzhi Plane. Every 100 years, it will appear in the world. Only human Warlocks with a key of time, and whose cultivation base doesnt exceed the Starry Sky Warlock rank can enter the Time Heavenly City.”

“There are many treasures in the Time Heavenly City left by the Time Lord, and there is still the time heavenly pillar, which has the Warlock Emperor rank Time Text the Time Lord created recorded.”

“The successive generations of Warlock Emperors had once gone to the Time Heavenly City in their youth, where they comprehended the Time Text recorded on the time heavenly pillar.”

“Every time before the Time Heavenly City appears, a secret realm will appear in the holy City of Time. The secret realm contains keys of time. The Time Heavenly City Competition Assembly is a grand gathering where countless human Warlocks of the Cangzhi Plane compete for 108 keys of time. At that time, even the experts of the Western Worlds Three Major Dynasties – the Brest Dynasty, Bajur Dynasty, and Kadred Dynasty, will come to vie over the 108 keys of time.” Wang Zhilan explained.

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