Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 42 – St. Kaulin City

Chapter 41 – Black Dragon Tower

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There were 500 carriages in Yang Fengs convoy. If all of them were loaded with terrifying battle robots such as level-7 bladed robots and level-7 gunner robots, that would be a terrifying force. Even if it was a level-3 Warlock, they also may not be a match for this mechanical legion.

Only Great Warlocks who completely exceeded the limitations of the human body might have the strength to destroy a mechanical legion composed of 500 carriages worth of level-7 golems.

Yang Feng answered like it wasnt a big deal: “Part of them!”

The eyes of the aristocratic youngsters exuded unspeakable envy and jealousy.

Even if only 20 of the 500 carriages had bladed robots and gunner robots, such weaponry would already be an terrifying force. If placed within any one principality, it would be a strategic force capable of deciding the fate of that state. For Yang Feng to be able to employ such a force at his whim, his power surpassed the aristocratic youngsters by far.

After the Hunting Fangs Wildernesss coalition of bandits was routed, the bladed robots began to sweep the battlefield and collected anything of value. The bandits weapons, equipment, and money were all gathered. The loot was sizable.

After the battlefield was swept clean, the huge caravan once again began to slowly proceed onward.

Nightfall, darkness shrouded the earth.

In a place a dozen kilometers behind Yang Fengs caravan, there was an expansive tent simply knocked together.

Inside the big tent, the severed heads of countless bandits formed a small hill. Above the hilltop floated a basin-sized mechanical sphere. From within the mechanical sphere, countless fine mechanical tentacles extended and pierced into the bandits severed heads, reading read the memories of the bandits.

The bandits in Hunting Fangs Wilderness came from all over, and their memories possessed a lot of useful information and knowledge. On Turandot Subcontinent, Warlocks controlled everything and monopolize all knowledge. As such, any knowledge was extremely valuable. Therefore, after Yang Feng killed his enemies, their memories would be read and recorded in the database, enriching the database.

The richer the database was, the more accurately could the various deductions be carried out. In addition, via the memories of the bandits coming from all over, Yang Feng could gain an understanding of the Turandot Subcontinents local customs and practices – taboo, distribution of power, and other intelligence.

“Dragon Blood Elixir! This guy was carrying such a treasure, how lucky!” Yang Feng fiddled with the crystal vial containing Dragon Blood Elixir, and excitement flashed his eyes.

The Dragon Blood Elixir was extremely precious, and the defensive strength of the crystal bottle containing the Dragon Blood Elixir was astonishing. Additionally, it was luckily preserved as it wasnt hit by the machine cannon bombardment.

Yang Feng handed the vial of Dragon Blood Elixir to the octopus-like robot with a lot of tentacles beside him and asked: “3796, can you synthesize this Dragon Blood Elixir?”

3796s consciousness could move to any robot equipped with a smart microchip.

An opening appeared on the robot octopuss head, from which a fine glass tube extended and sucked in a small portion of the Dragon Blood Elixir, and then retreated back. Shortly after, countless flows of data surged through its eyes.

Notifications appeared on Yang Fengs eyeglasses one after another.

His eyes flashed with a trace of delight: “Can be synthesized! Terrific!”

The Dragon Blood Elixir was very rare. Black Cottages master Bonney wished to obtain a vial, yet he was unable to buy it. Only the Six Great Forces or some formidable forces with Great Warlocks might be able to concoct such a precious elixir.

Once the Dragon Blood Elixir could be synthesized, Yang Feng could use it in large quantities to strengthen his body and promote his strength.

He quickly checked the origins of the black-robed Warlock: “Black Dragon Tower, I was under the impression that it was the Savage Claws doing! I didnt expect the assassin to be from Black Dragon Tower! Apparently, quite a lot of people want me dead, ah!”

Due to his avatar the Steel Lords recommendation, Yang Feng obtained the qualification to join the Warlock College Antalya. However, within the Turandot Subcontinent, there were a lot of forces that were unwilling to see Yang Feng join the Warlock College Antalya. After all, Yang Fengs avatar the Steel Lord broke the strength balance between the Six Great Forces.

Although he didnt want to make such a big stir. However, his cultivation aptitude was truly too lacking. If it wasnt for the recommendation of the Steel Citys City Master, he couldnt have entered the Warlock College Antalya, and in fact, he wouldnt be able to join any Warlock force.

When he was checking the bandit leader Grias relevant memories, Yang Feng suddenly frowned: “The treasure-trove of an ancient god! To have a connection with the Snow White Tower, this Gria really wasnt simple! This spells trouble!”

Gria, formerly known as Chinea, was a Sky Knight with battle prowess comparable to a level-1 Warlocks. Such an expert, no matter where he went, would receive offers of recruitment, and have great glory, splendor, wealth, and status to enjoy. Nevertheless, he chose to go to the Hunting Fangs Wilderness and became a bandit leader, and that was because he provoked the Snow White Tower. He got a secret regarding the treasure-trove of an ancient god from the Snow White Tower.

The Snow White Tower was a peak force within the Turandot Subcontinent, second only to the Six Great Forces. The Snow White Towers current Tower Mistress, Snow White Madam, was a Great Warlock rank expert.

After he provoked the Snow White Tower, Chinea could only flee. In order to conceal his identity, he hid in the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, where dragons and snakes mingle, became Gria, and established a sizable foundation.

Thanks to a secret treasure that could resist divination spells, Chinea concealed himself from the Snow White Tower. Now that the secret treasure was broken by bladed robots, there was no longer anything resisting the detection of the Snow White Towers divination spells. Yang Feng didnt know when hed be detected by the Snow White Towers divination spells and become the Snow White Towers target.

Gods possessed lifespans that surpassed that of other life forms by far. The lowest rank feeble divine force gods had a lifespan of upwards of 1 million years. In order to extend their life expectancy, there were lot of experts that chose to ascend to godhood.

However, due to the God Murdering Spear forged by the Time Lord, it was no longer possible to ascend to godhood in the world controlled by Warlocks.

Those who have ascended to godhood prior to the rise of the God Murdering Spear, they hid some treasure-troves outside their divine countries in order to quickly restore their strength when they got the chance to resurrect and rise again.

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