Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 420 – Attacking the Dragon Skeleton Pirates

roops and wait to be dispatched.”

Obin replied respectfully: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

A few days later, a huge naval army headed by the legendary warship Black Steel Warship assembled and traveled towards the deep sea.

Warships were anchored at the port of the Dragon Skeleton Pirates base, the Dragon Bones Island.

Dragon seagulls with dragon bloodline circled above the Dragon Bones Island.

A warship 80 plus meters long cruised around the Dragon Bones Island, with listless pirates on the deck basking in the sun and drinking alcohol.

On the observation deck, the lookout Gorm looked into the distance through a telescope for a while, and then cursed: “What darn luck, I have to be on patrol. No one would dare to challenge the Dragon Skeleton Pirates near the Dragon Bones Island. His Majesty is too cautious.”

All of a sudden, Gorm recalled a woman with whom he had fun a few days ago, and he swore: “The noble girl we captured the other day sure was fun. Her skin was delicate and her cries were really pleasing. Its a pity those guys toyed with her to death. Fuck, a bunch of idiots without restraint.”

As he recalled the aristocratic girl he had fun with, Gorm looked into the horizon, absent-minded. Suddenly, his expression changed, and he stood up and looked into the distance through the telescope at once.

In the horizon, there was a black line. It was the Black Dragon Countrys fleet headed by the Black Steel Warship.

Gorms face fell, and he let out a heartrending roar: “Enemy attack! Enemy attack!”

In the next moment, railgun beams shot out of the Black Steel Warship and crashed into the warship dispatched by the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King, blasting numerous holes into it.

Pirates were torn apart by the railgun beams.

After several volleys, the Dragon Skeleton Pirate Kings warship sank directly into the sea.

Astonishment flickered in the pretty eyes of the Black Dragon Countrys holy maiden Arlet, and raging waves were set off in her heart: “So strong! Is this the might of a legendary warship after being modified? How shocking!”

“How marvelous!! With this legendary warship, theres no way were going to lose!!”


When the Black Dragon Countrys naval troops saw the Dragon Skeleton Pirate Kings warship being destroyed from a dozen nautical miles away without the power to retaliate, their eyes filled with shock and excitement.

At first, the Black Dragon Countrys naval troops were very dissatisfied with the new emperor, but due to their fear of the tyrannical demigod black dragon Obin, they reluctantly complied with Yang Fengs order. But now that they saw how powerful the Black Dragon Steel Warship was after Yang Feng modified it, a trace of acknowledgement was born in their hearts.

The demigod black dragon Obin was also shocked: “What a frightening guy! To be able to remodel a legendary warship! His alchemy prowess is terrifying.”

The legendary warship Black Steel Warship was an alchemy treasure handed down from the time when the gods fought. No one has ever been able to modify and make it stronger. Yet Yang Feng clearly modified the Black Steel Warship to be far more powerful. Obin knew how difficult such an undertaking was, and so was even more afraid of Yang Feng

Yang Feng raised his eyebrows and evaluated: “The railguns penetrating might is formidable, but the beams cannot explode! In terms of efficiency alone, they cannot compare with live ammunition large caliber heavy artilleries!”

The Black Steel Battleship quickly adjusted, and a 897 millimeter heavy artillery extended. A liquid robot disguised as a crew member quickly stepped up, pretending to adjust the muzzle of the large caliber heavy artillery. The Black Steel Warship was equipped with a level-1 optical computer, which frantically performed calculations and adjusted the aim of the 897 millimeter heavy artillery.

Boom!! The super large caliber heavy artillery fired, and a 100-meters-long warship dozens of nautical miles away anchored at the port of the Dragon Bones Island was swallowed by a terrifying explosion. Flames soared high into the sky and countless wood shavings sprayed about, and the warship broke into two and slowly sank into the sea.

“Thats incredible!!”

“This, this gunner is too terrifying!! He can hit a target dozens of nautical miles away!”

“What fearsome power! It smashed a warship with one shot!! How terrifying!”

“Legendary warship!! Thats the strongest naval weapon for you, a legendary warship!! This might isnt something that humans can resist.”

“Invincible!! With this warship, were invincible!”


When the Black Dragon Country fleets dragonborn crew saw this, they were overcome with excitement.

The Feisuo Planes technology was rather backward, and the might of bronze cannons on warships was fairly low. Except for legendary warships like the Black Steel Warship, the cannons of the other warships were basically useless. As such, naval warfare was fundamentally carried out at close quarters. But now the Black Steel Warship destroyed another warship dozens of nautical miles away with a single shot, subverting the rules of this worlds naval warfare.

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