Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 423 – Routing the Black Skeleton Pirates

Chapter 422 – Defeating the Dragon Skeleton Pirates

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Yang Feng smiled and said in response: “Youre right! I do indeed fancy the wealth of the East Sea! As such, you pirate kings are an eyesore! You must die!”

Lionels eyes flashed, and he said: “You want to wipe us out? Are you sure about that? Your Majesty, we three pirate kings, no, we two pirate kings have powerful forces backing us. The Dragon Skeleton Pirates are backed by the Country of Dragons!! If you destroy us, you will become enemies with the Country of Dragons! The power of the Country of Dragons isnt something that you can imagine. Leave now, its not too late!”

Yang Feng spoke with a sneer: “Too much nonsense! Lionel, come at me! Let me see how strong the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King who runs amuck in the East Sea is!

“Are you sure you dont want to reconsider? My father is the ancient golden dragon Robertan! He possesses strength that rivals that of gods…”

A legendary enchanted air cleaver surrounded by a copious amount of dragon qi, which seemed to form a roaring dragon coiling around the air cleaver, slashed at Yang Feng with fearsome power capable of cutting open Starry Sky Warlock rank dragon scales.

The Dragon Slash was the crystallization of Lionels decades of cultivation. Within 10 meters, even a Legend Wizard could be instakilled.

In the face of that fearsome strike, Yang Feng extended his index finger and, while seemingly moving extremely slowly, though in reality moving very quickly, touched the air cleaver.

Ding!! With a clear sound, under everyones astonished gazes, the air cleaver bounced back from Yang Fengs finger. Lionel was sent tumbling backwards. He spat out a mouthful of blood and briskly retreated by a dozen meters, eyes filled with shock.

Yang Feng lowered his head and looked at his index finger. There was only a white mark on his forefinger.

The corners of his mouth rose: “The strongest Warlock path, its indeed worthy of the name strongest! The power of the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body matched with a semi-plane sure is impressive!”

“Lionel, since I received your strike, its only fair that you receive a strike of mine!” Yang Feng murmured, then blurred into motion, appeared in front of Lionel, and punched that the other sides abdomen before he could react.

With a loud sound, a terrifying force rushed into Lionel and reverberated throughout his body, and he exploded into a mist of blood that scattered all over the Dragon Bones Warship.

When the pirates saw this, terror gripped their hearts.

Yang Feng slashed with his hand and a spatial gate suddenly appeared.

A spatial gate also suddenly appeared on the Black Steel Warship.

Arlet and the dragonborn soldiers, who were already prepared for battle, quickly passed through the spatial gate and reached the Dragon Bones Warship.

Arlet pointed at the pirates with the Legend grade silver dragon spear and shouted: “For His Majesty, kill them!”

“For His Majesty!”

The dragonborn roared and followed Arlet towards the pirates.

Yang Feng walked towards a seat on a dais specially set up on the Dragon Bones Warship.

“Kill him!!”

“Lets go together and kill him. Thats our only chance to come out from this alive!”


The eyes of the pirates flickered ferociously, and they pounced at Yang Feng, dauntless.

After being cornered, the pirates showed their ferocious nature.

Yang Feng didnt seem to see those fierce pirates. As more than 100 pirates were rushing towards him, strange distortions suddenly appeared in the space.

The more than 100 pirates were instantly cut by the strange distortions in space.

In the next moment, as if flowers blooming, copious amounts of blood burst out from the pirates.

Seeing this, fear shimmered in the eyes of the remaining pirates. They didnt dare to approach him.

Yang Feng walked to the seat on the dais and sat down. Reclining in the seat, a large caliber gun in hand, he looked down at the pirates like a god overlooking the secular world.

Bang! A pirate with excellent martial prowess had just sent the greatsword of a dragonborn soldier tumbling and was about to kill him, when a gunshot rang, and the pirates head exploded, and blood splattered about.

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” The dragonborn soldier looked at Yang Feng sitting on the dais with excitement in his eyes and shouted, and then picked up his greatsword and continued to attack the pirates.

Every time a dragon born soldier faced a critical moment, there would a gunshot would rung and a pirates head would explode.

Under these circumstances, the morale of the pirates dropped to the extreme.

Arlet was also a particularly important factor in the demoralization of the pirates. Wherever her silver dragon spear passed through, pirates would be easily ran through and cut apart. No one could withstand a single strike from her.


“I surrender!”


After just a short desperate battle, the pirates fell to their knees and surrendered, while the most rebellious pirates jumped into the sea.

Shortly after the Dragon Bones Warship was taken over, it turned around, aimed at a warship at the Dragon Bones Island, and shot from its dragon breath cannon, and a beam of light blasted into the warship.

Boom!! With a loud blare, the warship was ran through by the beam of light, and then sank to the bottom of the sea.

Seeing that the Dragon Bones Warship turned against them, the pirates on the Dragon Bones Island showed a look of despair, and fled in disarray and hid on the island.

In the sky, completely suppressed by Obin, the silver dragon Royk was covered in injuries.

When the silver dragon Royk saw the Dragon Bones Warship defect, he felt that things were going south, and silently recited an incantation, and a spatial fluctuation enveloped him. He was trying to escape via a spatial spell.

“You want to use spatial spells in front of me, how presumptuous!” The spatial fluctuation has just enveloped the silver dragon Royk, when it strangely disappeared, and Yang Fengs voice sounded from beside Royk.

Royk turned his head and saw that Yang Feng has appeared in front of him.

Yang Feng smiled and punched at Royks neck, and a horrifying force broke out in an instant. With this blow, Royks neck was pulverized, and his dragon head and dragon body fell down separately.

The black dragon Obin was dumbfounded by this scene, his eyes overcome with fear: “So strong! Hes just a Great Warlock, so how come hes so terrifyingly strong?!”

The black dragon Obin was a demigod rank dragon. Even if he punched Royk in the neck with all his strength, he still wouldnt be able to pulverize his neck. The terrifying strength Yang Feng has displayed greatly exceeded Obins imagination.

Yang Feng glanced at Obin and said indifferently: “Obin, you and Arlet go capture the pirate scum and carry out a trial. Kill those with serious crimes, and spare the rest.”

Obin became more respectful, and responded: “Yes, Your Majesty!”

Obin immediately blurred and turned back into his human form, and then flew towards the Dragon Bones Island.

The Black Dragon Countrys warships also landed on the Dragon Bones Island, and numerous dragonborn soldiers rushed out.

Before the demigod rank black dragon Obin and the Legend rank dragonborn Arlet, the pirates of the Dragon Bones Island couldnt withstand a single blow. When they were found in their hiding spots, they either died or surrendered.

Yang Feng rescued 20,000 women and children from the Dragon Bones Island.

The three pirate kings not only attacked merchant ships in the sea, but also landed on land from time to time, where they would capture women and children from coastal cities to give vent to their desires. They were scum, and Yang Feng had no qualms to kill them.

After a simple trial, of the pirates who surrendered, 10,000 pirates were directly hung, while 5,000 pirates, whose crimes werent as serious, were disorganized and temporarily relegated to slavery.

The next day, at a secret chamber on the Dragon Bones Island.

Yang Feng pushed open the door to the secret chamber, and saw piles of gold coins and gems shine brilliantly.

Solely the gold coins and gems in the secret chamber were worth tens of millions of gold coins.

He swept the secret chamber with an indifferent gaze, and then went to the deepest part of the secret chamber. He silently recited an incantation and pressed his hand on an ordinary unadorned wall.

The wall distorted and ultimately split open, revealing a dark passage.

He walked directly into the dark passage. When he reached the end of the passage, he saw a huge bronze gate in front of him.

He flipped his hand, and a Legend rank greatsword suddenly shot out, and a sword ray flashed, and the bronze gate fell apart.

When the bronze gate fell apart, brilliant light poured out of behind the bronze gate and illuminated the dark passage.

When he entered the cave, Yang Feng saw mountains of gold, silver, and gems as well as trunks of precious ore, magic stones, magic ore, precious plants, and all kinds of other treasures. If all the treasures inside the cave were sold, they would net him about 10 billion gold coins.

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