Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 424 – Naga Empress Stephania

Chapter 423 – Routing the Black Skeleton Pirates

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“Not bad, the three pirate kings are really rich!” Yang Feng smiled faintly. His eyes scanned the treasury before finally showing a look of delight, and he went to in front of a pile of ore and grabbed a handful of ore.

His eyes flashed with joy: “These are top grade inert atlam stone! Ha-ha, thats great!! These are enough to make half a top grade warp gate.”

At present, with the level-2 mobile fortified stronghold, he could only synthesize low grade inert atlam stone to produce low grade warp gates.

With the top grade inert atlam stone he got from the treasury, Yang Feng had enough to produce a fifth top grade warp gate.

Each additional top grade warp gate meant that he could control an additional plane, obtain more resources, and have more choices.

At present, his four top grade warp gates were respectively placed on the Feisuo Planes Desolate Islands, inside the Turandot Subcontinents underground base, and the Astral Boundarys planar star river. He carried the last top grade warp gate on his person. Once the fifth top grade warp gate was manufactured, Yang Feng could freely travel between more planes.

He looked at the inert atlam stone and revealed a smile: “The Feisuo Plane is indeed one of the 36 primary material planes, theres so much top inert atlam stone here. I just need to secure a few more treasuries, and the number of top grade warp gates in my grasp might increase to a dozen. It would be great if I could place a top grade warp gate in each of the 36 primary material planes.”

For him to be able to find so much top grade inert atlam stone in this treasury, it meant that the Feisuo Plane must be fairly rich in terms of top grade inert atlam stone. As such, it wasnt impossible for him to get his hands on top grade inert atlam stone here.

The Ghost Skeleton Island, within the Black Skeleton Pirate Kings castle.

The Black Skeleton Pirate King Kalim spoke, a gloomy expression on his face: “Lionel was killed!! Are you sure?”

In front of Kalim sat a naga great cleric with the upper body of a strikingly beautiful woman and the lower body of a snake: “This is a divine decree of the mighty Goddess of Nagas. Are you questioning the veracity of the Goddess of Nagas divine decree, Kalim?”

Kalims heart shook, and he hastily responded: “I wouldnt dare, I believe in the great Goddess of Nagas with all my heart and am willing to sacrifice everything for the great Goddess. I would never question a divine decree of the mighty Goddess! I will do as you ordered, great cleric. Ill have everyone be more vigilant.”

Boom! Boom!! Kalims words have hardly fallen, when the sound of mountain-shaking explosions reverberated on the Ghost Skeleton Island, and the castle shook.

Kalim was alarmed: “Whats going on?”

Cutting a sorry figure, the first mate rushed towards Kalims side and shouted: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, its bad!! Were under attack! The Dragon Skeleton Pirates are here!! Those scumbags Dragon Skeleton Pirates are here!”

Kalim grabbed the collar of the first mate, lifted him up, and snarled ferociously: “The Dragon Skeleton Pirates?! Fool, calm down and speak clearly!! Why do you say that the Dragon Skeleton Pirates are attacking us?”

The first mate screamed: “Dragon Bones Warship! The fleet attacking us contains the Dragon Bones Warship!”

The three legendary warships were the symbols of the three pirate kings in the East Sea. When the first mate saw the Dragon Bones Warship, it was normal for him to think that the Dragon Skeleton Pirates were attacking them.

Kalim shouted, a gloomy expression on his face: “Has the fleet the Dragon Skeleton Pirates flag raised?”

The first mate quickly replied: “No, they have a black dragon flag raised!”

Face gloomy, eyes flickering with a glint of wisdom, Kalim uttered: “Its just as you said, great cleric, the Dragon Skeleton Pirates were subdued. Even the legendary warship Dragon Bones Warship fell into their hands. The strength of the Dragon Skeleton Pirates is not much different from that of our pirate group. The Black Skeleton Pirates wont be able to resist a fleet capable of subduing the Dragon Skeleton Pirates. Please help us, great cleric! Otherwise, I can only order my brothers to scatter and escape!”

Although Kalim looked like a bear-like muscle-head. But in fact, he was very cunning. According to the intelligence at his disposal, he concluded that he wasnt a match for Yang Fengs fleet. He decided that letting his men escape separately was the best course of action. As for the treasure hidden in the Ghost Skeleton Island, it wasnt important under the current circumstances.

The naga great cleric responded calmly: “Okay! Well help you! On the sea, no one dares to disregard us nagas!”

When Kalim and the naga great cleric walked out of the castle, they saw the legendary warship Black Steel Warship in the distance fire countless light beams barreling towards the warships of the Black Skeleton Pirates and sink one warship after another.

Flapping its wings, the Dragon Bones Warship swooped down into the midst of the Black Skeleton Pirates warships, and its huge dragon heard frantically bit at a warship, biting off a chunk of it, and the warship sank to the bottom of the sea.

Looking like it had transformed into a dragon, the Dragon Bones Warship continuously swooped down and pounced on the warships. Every time it attacked, a warship would sink to the bottom of the sea.

The Black Skeleton Pirates pirates frantically rushed towards the warships at the port. Some had just boarder the warship, when the warship was destroyed. The pirates had no hope to fight back.

Kalims expression turned extremely ugly as he watched the Black Steel Warship with fear in his eyes. He knew how strong the Black Steel Warship previously was. But after it was refitted by Yang Feng, the warship was 100 times stronger. Whether it was in terms of firepower, range, or accuracy, the current Black Steel Warship exceeded the original by far.

The Black Steel Warship refitted by Yang Feng could easily defeat 10 original Black Steel Warships, which illustrated the huge gap in technology.

The great cleric naga silently recited an incantation and pointed with her finger, and a blue divine light gathered in the middle of the sky and formed a 20 meter tall projection of her made from water elemental particles.

The projection of the naga great cleric floating in midair spoke solemnly: “I am the Ghost Skeleton Islands naga great cleric Kunna! Your Majesty of the Black Dragon Country, may I have a talk with you?”

Sitting on the Black Steel Warship, Yang Feng watched the projection of the naga great cleric in midair with scorn in his eyes, then smiled coldly and waved his hand.

Arlet stepped forward and said: “I am the Black Dragon Countrys holy maiden Arlet. If you have anything to say, please tell it to me, great cleric Kunna!”

Kunnas gaze brushed over Arlet, and her beautiful eyes flashed with anger. As a naga great cleric, her status was sublime, and even human coastal states would give her face. Whenever she went to a human state, the ruler of said state would always be respectful towards her. Now, however, Yang Feng was clearly sitting on the Black Steel Warship, yet only Arlet talked to her, making her feel humiliated.

Aloof, Kunna spoke full of pride and menace: “The Ghost Skeleton Island is the territory of the nagas! Please stop attacking the Ghost Skeleton Island immediately. Otherwise, youll be enemies with the nagas as well as the myriad merfolk of the East Sea! If you leave now and compensate us for our losses, then todays event can be swept under the rug.”

Arlet frowned and turned to look at Yang Feng.

In the East Sea, the most powerful force was not the three human pirate groups, but the myriad of merfolk living in the East Sea.

In order to sail the sea, human ships had to give the merfolk offerings.

If the merfolk gods werent somewhat fearful of the human gods, it would be impossible for human ships to sail the sea at all. Although the dragonborn of the Desolate Islands were very strong, but there was no way they could contend against merfolk in the East Sea.

The dragonborn looked at Yang Feng with gazes filled with worship and expectation. These days, Yang Feng had led them to crush the forces of the Dragon Skeleton Pirate King, and now they were about to destroy the forces of the Black Skeleton Pirate King, about to dominate the whole East Sea. To the dragonborn feeling adoration for him, every order of his was like a divine decree.

“Im full of respect for the merfolk gods, and I dont mean to be hostile with the merfolk.” Yang Feng glanced at Kunna with killing intent and biting coldness shimmering in his eyes, and he continued overbearingly: “But I want the East Sea! Anyone standing in my way is my enemy! Nagas, immediately leave the Ghost Skeleton Island, and todays event can be swept under the rug! Otherwise, you nagas as well as the rest of the merfolk in the East Sea will be my enemy! I will wipe you out one by one!”

Kunnas face fell, and she looked deeply at Yang Feng with eyes full of cold killing intent: “You!! Very well! Your Majesty Emperor of the Black Dragon Country, I will deliver your words to the Naga Empress!! I await the day when your Black Dragon Country is no more!”

“Were leaving!” A livid expression on her face, Kunna ordered coldly.

The naga warriors inside the temple of the Ghost Skeleton Island immediately followed Kunna and jumped into the sea.

Leaving the legendary warship Ghost Sheep behind, the cunning Kalim took only a few dozen trusted aids and escaped the Ghost Skeleton Island along with Kunna.

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