Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 425 – Kunna Pays a Visit

Chapter 424 – Naga Empress Stephania

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After Kalim and the naga warriors escaped from the Ghost Skeleton Island, the pirates that remained on the island immediately devolved into chaos.

When Yang Fengs forces landed on the Ghost Skeleton Island, the pirates on the island surrendered.

The Black Dragon Country also rescued more than 30,000 women and children from the Ghost Skeleton Island.

After turning over the entire island, Yang Feng found approximately 10 million gold coins worth of treasures. Evidently, the gold coins and all kinds of treasures collected by the Black Skeleton Pirates in recent years were all offered to the nagas in order to obtain their protection.

Arlet pointed at the naga temple and asked: “What should we do with this temple, Your Majesty?”

Yang Feng looked at the naga temple and couldt help frowning.

The naga temple was dedicated to the Goddess of Nagas Daphne, who was an intermediate divine force rank god, a frightening powerhouse at the same rank as the Fighting Demonic Sects four Great Elders.

If it wasnt for the planar tide, Yang Feng wouldt dare to easily offend such formidable goddess even with the treaty of the gods in place.

For the Goddess of Nagas, Yang Feng snatching the Ghost Skeleton Island away from the nagas was nothing. But if he dared to desecrate her idol, then that would definitely give rise to an irreconcilable enmity.

Yang Feng pondered for a while before saying: “Head my command, no one is allowed to desecrate the idol of the Goddess inside. Arlet, you are to personally oversee this matter. Kill anyone who violates this order.”

Her heart shook, and Arlet responded: “Yes! Your majesty!”

In the East Sea, 50,000 meters below the surface of the sea, there was a city full of artistic flair extending without end.

Within that city, there were huge spiral houses, coral mountains, and other constructions brimming with merfolk style.

The streets were filled with nagas, who had a human upper body and a snake tail; octopusmen, who had the head of an octopus and the body of a human; and other strange merfolk experts.

In the center of the city, there lied a magnificent and luxurious palace covering tens of thousands of hectares.

This palace was the the East Seas East Sea Palace. The East Sea Palace was enveloped by a formidable barrier, blocking the water from entering inside. The interior was filled with fresh air and life magic energy. Even humans could live freely and comfortably here.

The four seas – East, West, North, and South Sea, each had a magnificent sea palace. The four sea palaces was where the four Sea Monarchs resided.

In addition to the four sea palaces, there was still a sea imperial palace in the West Sea, which governed the four sea palaces. Unlike the humans, who lived by a separation of church and state, the merfolk governing model was basically a theocracy, where the Sea Emperor was not only the emperor of merfolk, but also the pope appointed by the merfolk gods of the Sea God Church. The four Sea Monarchs were the four cardinals of the Sea God Church.

However, with the passage of time, apart from the West Sea Palace, who was still firmly controlled by the sea imperial palace, the other three sea palaces only paid lip service to the sea imperial palace.

A fierce flash in her eyes, Kunna swam towards the East Sea Palace: “That wretched Black Dragon Countrys emperor!! This humiliation, I will repay you a hundredfold!”

In a luxurious palace of the East Sea Palace, a beautiful four-armed naga with the upper body of a sexy and tender woman with a crown on her head and the lower body of a snake sitting on a golden throne coldly looked at the kneeling Kunna.

This gorgeous four-armed naga was the Naga Empress Stephania. Under her leadership, the nagas grew into a strong race capable of contending against merpeople in the sea palace.

As a great cleric, Kunnas status among nagas was extremely high. Originally, she only had to kneel before the gods the nagas worshiped. Yet every time she met Stephania, she would respectfully kneel before her, and that was because the Goddess of Nagas Daphne had appointed her as one of the naga gods.

For gods of the Feisuo Plane, the planar tide was a great disaster, but also a great opportunity. Without the planar tide, Daphne would never dare to go against the strong divine force Sea God Hrehoriy. However, with the planar tide, if the nagas could take this opportunity to produce several new gods, then they could gain independence. Just like the Goddess Lolth established an independent dark elven divine system.

As she listened to Kunnas report, Stephania lightly tapped the golden throne with a finger, a sharp and cold look in her eyes.

Stephania showed a beautiful smile, yet her pretty eyes flashed coldly: “Interesting. The sea is the domain of us merfolk. Even dragons dont act presumptuously in the sea, yet that little ruler of barbarians dares to provoke us merfolk. I want to see what trump cards he has up his sleeves!”

An 8-meter-tall whaleman expert stepped forward and said loudly: “Your Majesty! I wish to lead troops to wipe out those barbarians.”

Stephania glanced at the whaleman powerhouse and responded coldly: “Adam! The wisdom apple is about to ripen! Our primary objective now is to have Agatha and them go retrieve the wisdom apple, and not to entangle with the barbarians.

Adams heart shook, and he stepped back: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

There was a flash of wisdom in her pretty eyes, and Stephania uttered indifferently: “Kunna, go make a trip to the Black Dragon Country. Tell the ruler of the barbarians that for the next three years, we can temporarily recognize his dominion over the East Sea. But he has to cooperate with us and sink all ships heading for the Golden Strait.”

Kunnas eyes brightened, and she replied excitedly: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

The Red Earth Wasteland, the Miracle City, in a secret chamber in the city masters mansion, the door suddenly opened, and Yang Feng walked out and headed towards his study.

In the study, there were two seats – one for Yang Fengs use and the other for the manager of the Miracle City Linas use.

When he entered the study, Yang Feng saw Lina dressed beautifully reading documents and dealing with all kinds of affairs.

It was due to Lina and some other people that Yang Feng was able to travel around and practice cultivation in seclusion, all the while the Miracle City was still thriving.

“Sir Duke, youre back!” Startled, Lina looked up when the door opened and saw Yang Feng. There was a flash of excitement in her beautiful eyes, and she rose to greet him.

“Im back! Its been hard on you!” Yang Feng looked at the enchanting Lina. Suddenly, he felt a little moved, and drew her into his embrace.

Lina blushed at once, and her tender body shuddered like a timid little rabbit. She hugged him tightly and closed her eyes, looking adorable.

Yang Fengs heart was moved, and he lowered his head and plastered a kiss on her lips.

After a moment of passion, Lina softly lied in his arms, a look of bliss on her face. There were a few bright red stains on the soft sofa.

“Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying. Breaking rosebuds is such a wonderful feeling!” He looked at Lina with a sweet smile on her face in his arms, and then the corners of his mouth raised, and he plastered a kiss on her face.

For the next two days, Yang Feng stayed with Lina and listened to her report regarding the development of the Miracle City, all the while having fun in the city.

Three days later, within the study.

Wearing a black Warlock robe, looking gorgeous and sexy, Faldina entered the study. Shortly after, her delicate nose twitched and her eyebrows wrinkled. “This room has a strange smell.”

The manager of the Miracle City Lina blushed at once and lowered her head, and her heart jumped into her throat, feeling bashful.

Faldinas eyebrows raised, and she elegantly sat opposite Yang Feng and said: “Right, Ian, its almost time!! If you dont go now, then itll be too late!”

Yang Feng got up and responded: “Im ready! Lets go!”

Faldinas beautiful eyes flashed gravely, and she uttered solemnly: “Youre ready? Have you prepared a warship and sailors? You need a huge ship to go to the Golden Strait. Once inside the Golden Strait, its impossible to rise into the air! Even gods will lose all divine force and become mortals! Inside the Golden Strait, naval warfare is key! Without a strong enough ship, its impossible to reach the center of the strait!”

Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth and replied lightly: “Dont worry, Im ready! Are legendary warships good enough?”

Faldinas heart surged with shock, her beautiful eyes flashed with incredulity, and she hurriedly asked: “Legendary warship! Which one is it?”

Every legendary warship required countless resources to be built. On the Feisuo Plane, every legendary warship was famous and belonged to a different major force.

It hadnt occurred to Faldina that Yang Feng, who seemed to be lying low, had got his hands on a legendary warship.

Yang Feng answered with a smile: “Black Steel Warship!”

Faldinas eyes flashed with an extraordinary splendor, and she said with a sweet smile: “The legendary warship of the East Seas Sword and Skeleton Pirate King! To be able to get this warship, youre amazing!”

Yang Feng continued: “Dragon Bones Warship!”

Faldinas countenance changed, and she uttered: “You wiped out the Dragon Skeleton Pirates? They are backed by the Country of Dragons! Arent you afraid that dragons of the Country of Dragons will come to you for trouble?”

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