Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 426 – Defeating the Merfolk Vanguard

Chapter 425 – Kunna Pays a Visit

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Yang Feng continued faintly: “Ghost Ship!”

Faldinas eyes flashed with horror, and she exclaimed: “You even wiped out the Black Skeleton Pirates? Their backed by the nagas, the most powerful merfolk in the East Sea. Are you out of you mind? You offended the nagas? They control the route to the Golden Strait.”

Yang Feng said with a smile: “Now that we have three legendary warships, can we go to the Golden Strait?”

Faldinas eyes flickered for a while before she calmed down. She turned her pretty eyes, showed a smile, got up from the sofa, and came to Yang Fengs side: “Of course we can!”

Yang Feng took Faldina to a secret chamber in the Miracle City.

When she entered the secret chamber, Faldina saw a warp gate full of sci-fi style.

When Yang Feng operated it, a distorted space appeared inside the warp gate.

He smiled and made an inviting gesture, saying: “Ladies first!”

Her beautiful eyes were limpid, and Faldina smiled and directly stepped into the distorted space.

Yang Feng watched Faldinas back with an enigmatic gleam in his eyes. Faldinas courage and insight were beyond his expectation.

He also stepped into the warp gate, and then arrived on the other side.

Faldina silently followed Yang Feng through a dozen warp gates before finally arriving at a secret chamber in the Black Dragon Country.

The two left the secret chamber and went into the palace.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” When they saw Yang Fengs group of two, the beautiful dragonborn soldiers in the palace knelt down in salute, and worship glimmered in their eyes.

The destruction of the two pirate kings, this accomplishment was disseminated in the Black Dragon Country. The dragonborn experts with black dragon bloodline were full of awe towards Yang Feng.

Faldina looked curiously at the beautiful dragonborn women around her and said: “They are dragons? Is this the Country of Dragons?”

She raised her eyebrows and quickly analyzed: “No! The dragons of the Country of Dragons are loyal to the Dragon Emperor. Except for the Dragon Emperor, no one else would be calledYour Majesty. This isnt the Country of Dragons! Besides, they are dragonborn born from the union of dragons and humans. Ian, you subdued these dragonborn, how amazing. There are no traces of dragonborn around the Red Earth Wasteland. So this mustnt be the Red Earth Wasteland, but some secret place. The gates that we traveled through should be spatial gates similar to teleportation portals. Am I right, Ian?”

Yang Feng looked carefully at Faldina, then smiled and said in response: “You are! Youre really clever, Faldina!”

Faldina pretty much hit the nail on the head, showing how powerful her analytical faculties and wisdom were.

She uttered with a charming smile: “Now, can you tell me where we are?”

Yang Feng smiled and uttered in response: “Were in the Desolate Islands.”

Faldinas pretty eyes suddenly brightened, and she asked, shocked: “The Desolate Islands? You want to intercept the ships going to the Golden Strait?”

The Desolate Islands were fairly close to the Golden Strait. Based on this, it was entirely possible to organize a huge fleet to intercept the ships going to the Golden Strait.

His eyes flashed with a peculiar gleam, and he said: “Thats right!”

Faldina was startled, and her beautiful eyes flashed with endless shock, saying: “Are you crazy? Those who go to the Golden Strait are all favored by the gods! There will be divine chosen, gods darlings, divine descendants, clones of gods, and some true bodies of gods going to the Golden Strait. Youre going to offend all the gods!!”

The apple of wisdom was a treasure that even the gods coveted. For the sake of this treasure, some feeble divine force and weak divine force rank gods will personally venture to the Golden Strait.

He wanted to set up a defensive line to intercept the powerhouses who will go to the Golden Strait, this was lunacy. If his plan succeeded, then he would offend all the gods of the Feisuo Plane.

Yang Fengs eyes glimmered violently, and he spoke with a smile: “But its worth it, right?”

Faldinas beautiful eyes flickered several times, and then she showed a smile and said: “Thats right, its indeed worth it! As long as you get the apple of wisdom, then its worth becoming hostile with the gods!”

It took 30,000 years for an apple of wisdom to ripen. Besides, of the countless planes, only the Feisuo Plane could bear apples of wisdom. Every time an apple of wisdom appeared, it would lead to countless experts to fight over it.

Anyone who got their hands on an apple of wisdom and ate it would smoothly grow into a weak divine force rank god, or even an intermediate or strong divine force rank powerhouse.

Weak divine force rank gods were existences equivalent to Glorious Dawn Warlocks. For an apple of wisdom to enable a person to possess such strong potential, it would naturally cause countless people to vie over it. For this apple of wisdom, Yang Feng didnt hesitate to turn hostile against the gods of the Feisuo Plane.

Arlet strode over, looked deeply at Faldina next to Yang Feng with hostility in her eyes, and uttered solemnly: “Your Majesty, the naga great cleric Kunna asks for an audience!”

When she heard this, there was a flash of enigmatic light in Faldinas beautiful eyes, and she took a deep look at Yang Feng.

He raised his eyebrows and said: “The great cleric Kunna? Bring her to see me!”

Arlet replied: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

In a rear garden, Yang Feng reclined comfortably on a soft sofa and enjoyed the beautiful flowers in the garden.

Beautiful dragonborn court dancers performed in the garden, their movements filled with temptation and charm.

Sitting unceremoniously next to Yang Feng, Faldina enjoyed the beautiful dance of the dragonborn dancers and ate various fruits.

When Kunna arrived at the rear garden, she took a deep look at Yang Feng, and then said with a charming smile: “Your Majesty, Im here as a messenger of the nagas. Its my honor to meet you.”

A flash of killing intent and biting coldness in his eyes, Yang Feng spoke with a frigid smile: “Did you came to bring me the declaration of war of the merfolk?”

Kunnas beautiful eyes flickered with ridicule, yet her pretty face adopted a gentle smile: “No. Her Majesty the Empress wishes to rule the East Sea together with you. However, in the near future, there will be many outsiders traveling to the Golden Strait. Her Majesty the Empress requests that you join hands with us and wipe all those outsiders out. In exchange, the East Sea Palace will recognize the Black Dragon Countrys rule over the sea routes of the East Sea.

Kunna mused with a sneer: “Humph! After you have offended all the gods of the Feisuo Plane, there will be no need for the nagas to act. This trifling Black Dragon Country of yours will vanish in a puff of smoke.”

It wasnt impossible for the nagas to intercept all the ships going to the Golden Strait, but they needed a scapegoat. Even the nagas didnt want to offend all the gods of the Feisuo Plane.

Yang Feng shot Kunna a cold look and answered indifferently: “You want to join hands with me? That can be done, but the Naga Empress has to come in person to carry out talks! You arent qualified! By the way, my fleet is going to leave for the Golden Strait today and set up a defensive perimeter there. Anyone who gets 300 nautical miles of the defensive perimeter without permission will be regarded as an enemy and killed directly! Now, go back!”

Kunnas countenance changed dramatically, and then turned ashen at once. She said stiffly: “Your Majesty, youll regret this! Youll surely regret todays words! The East Sea belongs to us nagas!! Without our permission, you wont be able to move a single step in the East Sea. Youll see that soon enough!”

After she finished speaking, Kunna turned around and strode away.

Faldina asked curiously: “Ian, why did you refuse their offer?”

Yang Feng answered with a cold smile: “Its simple, they dont want to cooperate in good faith! They just want to find a scapegoat! If they dont want to cooperate in good faith, then why should I let them enter the Golden Strait?”

Faldinas beautiful eyes flashed with worry: “But the merfolk are really powerful!! They are the true masters of the East Sea. Even with the three legendary warships, youre still not a match for them.”

Yang Feng revealed a mysterious smile, stood up, and said indifferently: “Lets go!”

Faldina got up and followed next to Yang Feng.

Before long, the three legendary warships – Black Steel Ship, Dragon Bones Warship, and Ghost Ship, anchored at the Black Dragon Countrys port formed a fleet and sailed towards the deep sea.

In the vicinity of the Black Dragon Countrys port, Kunna emerged from the sea, looked at Yang Fengs three legendary warships, fished out a communications crystal, and said: “Your Majesty, the Black Dragon Countrys Emperor refused to carry out talks with me. He said that only you are qualified.”

From the communications crystal came the cold and cruel voice of the Naga Empress: “In this case, lets have him sober up! Ill have him understand that the East Sea belongs to us nagas!”

The three legendary warships had just sailed for about three hundred nautical miles, when on the Black Steel Warship, the corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose, and he said with a cold smile: “They came really fast!”

More than 100 meters below the surface of the sea, octopusmen with the head of an octopus, dozen-meter-tall whalemen with the head of a whale, tall and majestic tiger-sharkmen, and various other merfolk powerhouses silently swam underneath the three legendary warships.

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