Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 428 – Seriously Injuring the Goddesss Clone

Chapter 427 – Goddess of Nagas Daphne

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Stephania hesitated for a moment, then a peculiar light glimmered in her beautiful eyes, and she got up and walked towards the back of the palace.

Deep in the East Sea Palace, there was an exquisite temple.

When Stephania entered the temple, she prostrated herself on the floor, and, without looking up, said respectfully: “Mighty Goddess, we were defeated! Ian killed my troops using mystical golems. Im not sure if I can defeat him. Only if you go in person, Goddess, can he be stopped from going to the Golden Strait.”

In the center of the temple, on a golden throne, sat a dazzling and noble woman with six arms. This dazzling woman was the Goddess of Nagas Daphnes clone that descended into the secular world.

In the secular world, only the Goddess of Nagas Daphne was qualified to have the Naga Empress Stephania kneel.

Daphne slowly opened her eyes, which were golden, and golden light slowly shot out of her eyes. When she had her eyes closed, it seemed like she was fused with heaven and earth, just like a stone statue. But when she had her eyes opened, a boundless divine might pervaded the temple.

Under the fearsome pressure from the divine might, Stephanias pretty face changed, and her delicate body tremble.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne swept Stephania with her golden eyes and uttered apathetically: “I see! Take your leave!”

Stephania responded deferentially: “Yes, mighty Goddess!”

With a flash of brilliant azure light, the Goddess of Nagas Daphne disappeared.

The East Sea.

Yang Feng was sitting on the Black Steel Warships bridge, Arlet was kneel sitting in front of him, and two top dragonborn beauties were peeling fruits for him. There were still two other dragonborn beauties behind him carefully massaging his body.

All of a sudden, waves billowed and roiled, and the Goddess of Nagas Daphne with a peerless complexion and noble temperament suddenly emerged from the sea. Staring coldly at Yang Feng, she headed his way while treading on waves.

“A god!! Thats going too far!! How come a god came to take care of me? Thats too shameless! And its the Goddess of Nagas Daphne to boot! Shes an intermediate divine force rank god!” When he saw the Goddess of Nagas Daphne, Yang Fengs face suddenly fell. He had expected that the Naga Empress would lead a merfolk army to fight against him!

Even if the entire East Sea came to fight him, Yang Feng wouldnt be the least bit afraid. But the one who came was the Goddess of Nagas Daphne. Even though it was just a clone whose power was suppressed to the demigod rank, but he still didnt feel assured of his victory.

There was a flash of horror in Faldinas pretty eyes, and she exclaimed: “The Goddess of Nagas!”

“The Goddess of Nagas!” When these words were spoken, the faces of the surrounding dragonborn fell, and they looked at the Goddess of Nagas Daphne coming their way with fear in her eyes.

Gods were supreme, this was a fact that all intelligent life forms on the Feisuo Plane learned when they were young. When the dragonborn experts heard that a clone of a true god descended into the secular world and appeared right in front of them, they naturally were overcome with shock and fear.

Daphne appeared and disappeared above the sea. She seemed to be moving extremely slowly, though in reality was very quickly approaching the Black Steel Warship. A boundless and terrifying divine might spread with her as the core.

Under the pressure of the terrifying divine might, the dragonborn on the three legendary warships involuntarily knelt on the ground, trembling all over, their eyes filled with fear.

After receiving Yang Fengs nurture, Arlet made great progress in her cultivation. She was already a quasi-Starry Sky Warlock rank expert. Nevertheless, she still shivered and knelt on one knee, unable to budge.

“Well met, mighty Goddess of Nagas!” Despite the pressure of the divine might, Yang Feng got up and gave a salute to Daphne in the distance.

When she saw that Yang Feng was able to resist her divine might, Daphnes majestic golden eyes flickered with an enigmatic gleam, and she uttered aloofly: “Petty mortal, to be able to resist my divine might, you are a genius among mortals. Im very appreciative of you! Renounce your old faith and believe in me, and I will grant you endless power and glory. The whole East Sea shall be your domain. In the future, I will grant you power and let you become a true god!”

Yang Feng spread his hands and uttered, a pious expression on his face: “Mighty Goddess of Nagas! I am a most devout believer of the great Goddess of the Weave Gargarstave! I have already resolved myself to dedicate everything of mine to the mighty Goddess of the Weave Gargarstave. I can feel her gaze on me at all times!”

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne frowned. A strong divine force god wasnt someone she would easily offend. If it was in normal times, she would fully abide by the rules of the game of the gods and let the Naga Empress lead countless merfolk experts to besiege Yang Feng. But for the sake of the apple of wisdom, she resolved herself to send her clone.

Daphne pondered for a while, then her majestic golden eyes sparked with golden light, and she looked directly at Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs heart shook, and he operated a secret method to securely conceal the Warlock life force inside him and simulate the path of magic and martial dual cultivation.

The golden light inside the Goddess of Nagas Daphnes eyes extinguished, and she said coldly: “Mortal, I command you not to go to the Golden Strait! Return to your Black Dragon Country!”

Yang Feng responded politely yet decisively: “Im very sorry, but I must get the apple of wisdom! Even someone as great as you cant make me change my will!”

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne frowned and uttered coldly: “The East Sea contains countless natural disasters! You would do well to take care!”

A wave rolled over, and Daphne disappeared.

Yang Feng secretly loosened a breath.

Just then, roiling dark clouds covered the entire sky and plunged the world into darkness. The originally calm sea erupted with billowing wind and waves. Accompanied by rumbling thunder, silver lightning danced in the dark clouds. A dense hail dropped down from the sky.

The dragonborn experts aboard the three legendary warships hid inside.

When the hail hit the three legendary warships, it gave off a sound similar to when rain hit banana leaves.

The temperature instantly dropped to below zero, and everyone was forced to urge their power to resist the biting cold.

Amid the billowing wind and falling hail, a violent tornado formed in the distance, getting bigger and bigger.

A copious amount of seawater was drawn in by the tornado, forming a huge whirlpool.

The horrifying tornado capable of devouring the three legendary warships swept their way at an amazing speed. This natural disaster was even more powerful and terrifying than a level-5 divine spell.

Once the three legendary warships were drawn into this horrifying tornado, even if they werent destroyed, they would be carried away, and might even be blown out of the East Sea all together.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne exploited the unique geography and climate of the East Sea and unleashed divine force. Combining divine force with the force of nature, she formed this exceedingly terrifying tornado.

“Dispel! Advanced Dispel!” Faldinas countenance changed, then she silently recited an incantation and pointed at the tornado, and magic light entered tornado.

When Dispel and Advanced Dispel capable of dispelling sustained spells entered the huge tornado, they disappeared without any effect.

The giant tornado formed from the combination of divine force and the force of nature was not something that ordinary Dispel could dispel.

Yang Feng spoke with a cold smile: “Sure enough, before large enough benefits, any agreement is null and void! Dive!”

Armor extended from the Black Steel Warship, and, as if a Transformer, the warship quickly transformed into a huge submarine.

The Ghost Ship and Dragon Bones Warship immediately arrived next to the Black Steel Warship. Armor extended from the Black Steel Warship and formed two huge ships hold that wrapped around the two legendary warships, and then they quickly dived towards the bottom of the sea.

Despite the billows in the sky, the interior of the sea was tranquil.

The terrifying tornado was approaching with increasingly greater speed.

Inside the sea, a fearsome whirlpool was quickly approaching.

When the three warships were 400 meters away from the bottom of the seabed, the fearsome whirlpool formed by the tornado enveloped the tail of the Black Steel Warship, and a terrifying suction force suddenly shrouded the tail of the warship, dragging it slowly towards the whirlpool.

Yang Feng ordered coldly: “Drop the tail armor!”

As if a lizard shading its tail, the Black Steel Warships tail broke off, and then was swallowed by the frightening whirlpool, carried up, and tossed into the sky.

The one-third of the Black Steel Warship that wasnt swallowed by the tornado continued towards the Golden Strait.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne strangely appeared behind the Black Steel Warship. Her golden eyes shimmering gloomily, she pointed with the blue spear in her hand at the Black Steel Warship, and a terrific divine force fluctuation suddenly formed on the blue spear.

In a split second, a fearsome whirlpool suddenly formed, swept towards the Black Steel Warship, and enveloped the warship. Winding around the Black Steel Warship, the whirlpool dragged the warship towards the whirlpool formed by the tornado.

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