Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 43 – Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree

Chapter 42 – St. Kaulin City

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Yang Fengs eyebrows creased as he gradually mused: “With Gria as a screen, it shouldnt be that easy to find me, right?

Divination spells were mysterious and strange, they werent something that ordinary people like Yang Feng could ward off. The only way to ward off divination spells was by means of secret treasures or promotion to a level-1 Warlock, only then might he be able to ward off the power of divination spells.

For the current him, the ancient gods treasure-trove wasnt too important. His current top priority lied in reaching the level-1 Warlock rank.

Every god rank expert possessed terrifying strength that surpassed that of a Great Warlock by far, and a treasure-trove left by such an expert would be extremely dangerous. Yang Feng didnt want to enter the ancient gods treasure-trove get cursed and die.

“Two secret treasures, pretty good!” Yang Feng looked at the two secret treasures beside him with a look of satisfaction in his eyes.

Secret treasure was a generic term for items with extraordinary power refined by Alchemists. According to the definition of the Warlock Dynasties, even if it was an god armament used by a god, it would still be classified as a secret treasure, albeit a high-level one.

Secret treasures were extremely rare, and most of them were in the hands of official Warlocks. After Yang Feng took down the Black Cottage, he also only obtained two level-1 secret treasures and five level-0 secret treasures. And after he disposed of the two level-2 Warlocks, he obtained one level-2 secret treasure.

Yang Feng picked up Grias blade, and soon after, a series of notifications appeared on his eyeglasses.

He touched the magic staff of the black-robed Warlock, and a series of notifications appeared once again.

His eyebrows creased slightly: “The secret treasure needs to be charged. With my current strength, Im basically unable to use it.”

To use secret treasures like the black magic staff, you had to charge them first, and in order to charge them, you had to comprehend and master the relevant spells. Level-1 spells were still too challenging for Yang Feng.

In addition to chargeable secret treasures, there were still permanent secret treasures that recovered automatically. These secret treasures could automatically recover a certain number of spells every they, and anyone could use them. Such secret treasures were more precious and rarer than the chargeable secret treasures.

“Even though this blood blade is good, but compared to a pistol, the attack range is too limited! For the current me, a pistol is much more useful than this blood blade.” Yang Feng picked up the blood blade and brandished it several times, and then mused regretfully.

No matter how high your martial attainment was, one bullet would take you out. Even if it was a Knight rank or a Great Knight rank expert, so long as they were hit by Yang Fengs 9 millimeter silver pistol, they would either die or be incapacitated. If Yang Feng used the blood blade to fight with people, then even a junior Warrior could get rid of him.

After by Yang Feng took care of the majority of powerful bandits, the Hunting Fangs Wildernesss bandits didnt dare to provoke the tyrannical caravan anymore.

After the caravan smoothly crossed the Hunting Fangs Wilderness, it passed through a few cities without any major incidents, and then finally arrived at the Warlock College Antalyas St. Kaulin City.

“This is the St. Kaulin City? How grand!” Standing in front of the St. Kaulin City, Yang Feng raised his head and looked at that majestic, gigantic city with eyes brimming with shock.

The St. Kaulin Citys city wall was 100 meters tall, it was entirely cast of steel rock.

Above the city wall, there was a Warlock tower every few kilometers. The Warlock towers formed St. Kaulin Citys impregnable line of defense.

Even if it were the modern day Earth, there werent many countries capable of building such a majestic and grand city like the St. Kaulin City.

Gars said proudly: “Its only natural. After all, the St. Kaulin City is one of the six miracle cities of the Turandot Subcontinent. The six miracle cities are said to be an inheritance from the 7th Warlock Dynasty. Even if they were placed on the continent, the six miracle cities wouldnt be considered to backward.”

A gleam flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, and he mused: “In other words, cities like the St. Kaulin City arent anything special on the continent! This worlds Warlocks are truly formidable!”

“Hold on, please show your passage certificate!” A soldiers guarding the gate stopped Yang Feng. He glanced at the 6-meter-tall bladed robot standing beside Yang Feng, and his face registered a slight change, his voice somewhat respectful.

With a 6-meter-tall mechanical golem acting as a guard, the soldier absolutely couldnt provoke such a bigwig. But when he saw the long caravan behind Yang Feng, he could only summon his courage and step forward to stop Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his hand, and his temporary manager Jim stepped forward and handed the passage certificate to the soldier.

“Please go in!” The passage certificate was issued by the level-2 Warlock Eudorax. After he inspected the passage certificate, the soldiers expression flickered once more, and he let them through.

Once he entered the St. Kaulin City, Yang Feng saw vast roads emerge before his eyes. On the modern roads, there were luxurious carriages as well as modern vehicles cast of steel rather similar to sports cars.

Yang Feng looked at the vehicles that looked just like Earths sports cars with astonishment in his eyes, and he cried out: “Those vehicles, how come theyre so different from carriages?”

Gars gave an introduction in a somewhat envious tone: “They are magic chariots, one of the 6th Warlock Dynastys alchemical products! These puppies are faster than carriages and are very safe. Not mentioning their price, just their propulsion requires the consumption of magic stones, one magic stone every 200 kilometers. Only official Warlocks or peak aristocrats can afford those magic chariots.”

A low grade magic stone was equivalent to 100 gold coins. The consumption of one magic stone every 200 kilometers, such a high cost wasnt something that ordinary aristocrats could afford.

Staring at a magic chariot, Yang Feng mused: “Magic chariots! Magic carpets! This world of Warlocks is really high-end!”

On either side of the vast road, there stood 5-meter-tall trees with a glass-like transparent shell emitting a fragrance.

Gars pointed at the trees on either side of the road and introduced them to Yang Feng and the lesser aristocratic youngsters: “These are sun light trees! They are trees the Warlocks of the 7th Warlock Dynasty brought from a plane with countless rare and strange species of trees. After the sun light trees absorb enough sunlight during the day, their fruits will release a beautiful light during the night and brightly illuminate the St. Kaulin City, just like a city that never sleeps!”

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