Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 430 – White Royal Fleet

Chapter 429 – Collaboration

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Making use of the law of water, the Goddess of Nagas Daphne has fused with the sea water, and even the positron beams couldnt harm her. However, she wasnt Yang Fengs target to begin with. His target was the giant octopus with nearly endless power she commanded.

The giant octopus was a pinnacle Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life form. Even after the positron beams ran through its eyes, it still didnt die. Its shattered eyes regenerated at an incredible speed.

Taking advantage of the moment when the giant octopus was severely injured, a school of sea hunters following strange trajectories rushed towards the giant octopus, and then started devouring its hundreds of tentacles.

The sea hunters also swam towards the giant octopuss eyes and frantically gnawed at them, prompting the giant octopus to scream shrilly from the unbearable pain.

Although the giant octopus was far more powerful and talented than ordinary Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouses, but faced with the countless sea hunters, it stood no chance.

In fact, among the countless planes, human Warlocks were most apprehensive of running into intelligent other race experts of the same rank. As for extraordinary life forms who didnt possess much intellect, they werent that apprehensive of them. Some Great Warlock rank human Warlocks could even kill Moonlight Warlock rank extraordinary life forms with glaring weaknesses by relying on special means.

“Whirlpool Water Blade!” The Goddess of Nagas Daphne slashed with the god armament Spear of the East Sea. A fearsome whirlpool suddenly sprang up around the giant octopus, and countless water blades wildly slashed at the sea hunters around the giant octopus.

Under hers precise control, the sharp water blades frantically sliced and diced a large number of sea hunters around the giant octopus.

A large number of sea hunters dauntlessly rushed towards the fearsome whirlpool of water blades, opened their mouths, and devoured the divine force and energy contained inside the whirlpool.

In less than 30 seconds, the frightening whirlpool of water blades was devoured by the fearsome sea hunters.

“Sea God Divine Domain!” The face of the Goddess of Nagas Daphne registered a slight change, and tremendous divine might spread from her as the center.

The phantom of her divine domain rose behind the Goddess of Nagas Daphne, and a beam of azure divine force shot out and entered the goddess.

A boundless aura and azure light spread from the Goddess of Nagas.

Any place the azure light touched was integrated into the Sea God Divine Domain.

Within the scope of the Sea God Divine Domain, countless sharp water blades suddenly shot out and slashed at the sea hunters, slicing hundreds of thousands of sea hunters into numerous broken parts in a flash.

Yang Feng looked at this scene with a look of horror in his eyes, tightly gripping the button for the nuclear launcher: “So strong!! So this is the power of an intermediate divine force rank god. Even if its just a demigod rank clone, but backed by divine force, the power she can unleash is comparable to that of a Moonlight Warlock.”

The Black Steel Warship was equipped with dozens of nuclear warheads. If necessary, Yang Feng will launch the nuclear warheads without hesitation to attack the Goddess of Nagas Daphne.

When the fearsome azure divine domain extend to in front of the Black Steel Warship, Daphne suddenly trembled slightly, and golden blood oozed out of the corners of her mouth.

The phantom of the divine country behind her also trembled, and then collapsed and disappeared.

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose: “Well done! To use god rank power during the planar tide, how reckless!”

During the planar tide. The Feisuo Planes secular world could accommodate pinnacle demigod rank power at most. Once someone used power exceeding the pinnacle demigod rank, they would suffer a backlash.

The god armament Spear of the East Sea in hand, standing atop the huge octopus, the Goddess of Nagas Daphne spoke in an aloof tone of voice: “Ian, your golems have been eliminated! Surrender now!”

After the hundreds of thousands of sea hunters were destroyed by Daphne, the giant octopus healed at an incredible speed, its hundreds of tentacles included. Exuding terrifying aura, it stared fixedly at the three legendary warships.

“Is that right? Mighty Goddess of Nagas Daphne, I still have many more golems! Please go ahead and destroy them all!” Yang Fengs voice rang out in the sea, and countless sea hunters poured out of the Black Steel Warship again and formed a terrifying school of fish confronting Daphne.

When she saw this, Daphne inhaled a mouthful of cold water.

If it wasnt for the planar tide, the Goddess of Nagas Daphne could easily instakill Yang Feng together with the countless sea hunters. However, under the effect of the planar tide, even if her true body descended, she still could wield pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock rank power at most.

In the East Sea, her true body could even kill a Moonlight Warlock rank expert by drawing support from her divine force and comprehension of the law of water. However, she not only had many enemies, but still may not be able to defeat Yang Feng. A misstep could lead to her downfall. It was due to this possibility that she fundamentally wouldnt have her true body appear.

Yang Feng continued with a smile: “Great Goddess of Nagas Daphne, there is no deep hatred between us. Personally, I think its more beneficial for us to be friends than enemies.”

Daphne smiled lightly, and then retracted the terrifying divine might she exuded in an instant, and the Spear of the East Sea in her hand also vanished. She uttered indifferently: “Ian, you really have the qualifications to communicate with me on equal terms. Its more beneficial for us to be friends indeed!”

The giant octopus slashed with its hundreds of tentacles and raised countless currents rushing towards the Black Steel Warship.

Aboard the Black Steel Warship, the numerous dragonborn experts watched the giant octopus with fear in their eyes.

When the Goddess of Nagas Daphne arrived near the Black Steel Warship, her figure blurred, and she appeared on the deck of the Black Steel Warship.

A flash of light enveloped her and sent her directly inside the Black Steel Warship, into a vast, luxuriously decorated banquet hall.

Inside the hall, there were numerous good-looking dragonborn men and women.

“Im glad youre able to attend the banquet I threw for you, great Goddess of Nagas Daphne!” With a courteous smile on his face, Faldina wearing a black evening dress holding his right arm, Yang Feng came up to Daphne.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne spoke indifferently: “Have them take their leave.”

“Yes!” Yang Feng waved, and everyone left the hall.

The Goddess of Nagas looked at Faldina next to Yang Feng, and the latter very astutely took her leave. Now only Yang Feng and the Goddess of Nagas were left in the hall.

The two came to a sofa and sat down.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne stared at Yang Feng and said apathetically: “Ian, you arent from the Feisuo Plane. If I didnt guess wrong, you should be a human Warlock from the Cangzhi Plane, an Alchemist who inherited the secrets of the 6th Warlock Dynasty, the Golem Dynasty to boot.”

Yang Feng replied with a smile: “Thats right.”

The sea hunters were full of incredible mechanical components. If the Goddess of Nagas couldnt guess Yang Fengs identity after seeing those mechanical components, then she wouldnt have deserved to be a god who wants to establish her own divine system.

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne uttered indifferently: “Did you came to the Feisuo Plane for the apple of wisdom?”

Yang Feng responded without concealing the truth: “Yes, I want to get the apple of wisdom.”

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne spoke: “Very well, lets compete fairly! Mine divine chosen Grace will also go to the Golden Strait to seize the apple of wisdom. We can work together to blockade the Golden Strait. Once we reach the Golden Plain, well compete for the apple of wisdom according to our abilities. If you can get the apple of wisdom, then Im willing to ally with you and help you become a god.”

Yang Feng contemplated for a while before saying: “Okay!”

The Goddess of Nagas Daphne was an intermediate divine force rank god and the ruler of the East Sea. Even under the influence of the planar tide, she was still very powerful. Yang Feng naturally wouldnt refuse such an ally.

After they reached an agreement, the three legendary warships smoothly traveled towards the Golden Strait.

When they arrived at the Golden Strait, battleships, cruisers, and air carriers emerged from the Black Steel Warship.

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