Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 432 – Killing an Ancient Devil

Chapter 431 – Destroying the White Royal Fleet

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When Bandas saw the numerous steel warships, his eyes nearly popped out of his eye-sockets, and he cried out: “Steel warship!! There are so many steel warships! Are these all legendary warships?”

On the Feisuo Plane, only a few legendary warships were made from steel, while the remaining warships were all made from wood.

The modern frigates, destroyers, and air carrier exceeded the level of the Feisuo Planes warships by god knows how many times, they were beyond the Anlu Kingdoms general Bandas imagination.

The steel fleet had just appeared before his eyes, when numerous rumblings reverberated and countless beams shot out of the steel fleet.

Boom!! With a blare, a 100-meter-long warship of the White Royal Fleet was hit by a volley of shells that exploded and ripped the warship in twine, slowly sinking towards the seabed.

Stunned, Bandas exclaimed: “How could this be possible! How can there be such powerful shells!”

When the White Royal Fleets naval troops watched the sinking warship, a feeling of terror unwittingly gripped their hearts.

On the Feisuo Plane, in naval warfare, it was common sense for a 100-meter-long warship to be able to continue to do battle after being hit by hundred of shells.

Yet now, a warship of the White Royal Fleet had been sunk by a volley of shells. This fact left the naval elite soldiers who have been sailing the sea for over 10 years feel cold in their hearts.

Before the confused Bandas could give an order, the sea-draining firepower immediately enveloped the White Royal Fleet, sinking one wooden warship after another.

In the sky, engines rumbled as supersonic fighters flew this way like a flock of birds.

When the supersonic fighters flew over the White Royal Fleet, they released air-to-surface laser guided missiles shooting towards the legendary White Steel Warship like raindrops.

The mission of the supersonic fighters was to destroy the White Royal Fleets sole legendary warship. As for the wooden warships, any destroyer could easily destroy them.

“Sky Flower Water Curtain!!” Lance looked at the laser guided missiles shooting down, and he immediately drew the god armament Sword of the Sea that the Goddess of the Sea Erronia gave him and pointed to the sky.

A copious amount of sea water rose from the sea and turned into a huge azure water screen a dozen meters thick blocking above the legendary warship.

When the numerous laser guided missiles flew into the azure water curtain, they were immediately entangled by the water curtain, unable to budge nor explode.

Circling above the White Steel Warship, the supersonic fighters continuously fired at Lance.

No matter how much the supersonic fighters fired, they could not shoot through the azure water screen.

On the sea, the concentration of water elemental particles was the greatest, son the might of water spells cast here was most formidable.

Although Lance conjured the Sky Flower Water Curtain to resist the supersonic fighters, but the rest of the White Royal Warships turned into dazzling fireballs and sank into the sea.

“Fucking beasts!” Eyes filled with bitterness, Bandas looked as the more than 100 warships sink before he could give full play to his commanding ability.

Aboard the Black Steel Warship, Faldina sighed lightly: “Awesome!! The White Royal Fleet is a most formidable fleet of the West Sea. Such a fleet ceased to exist just like this, how shocking!!”

As she watched the White Royal Fleet being smashed to pieces under the bombardment of Yang Fengs steel fleet, shock inundated Graces heart: “What an astounding fleet! Amazing.”

Even the naga Valkyrie Grace who has experienced countless battle on another plane has never seen such a lopsided beating before. In her eyes, the White Royal Fleet was a powerful fleet. If they wanted to annihilate such a well equipped and well manned fleet, the merfolk would need to pay a high price. Yet before the White Royal Fleet even got the chance to fight back, it was already annihilated by Yang Fengs fleet. This fight left Grace shudder with fear.

After his steel fleet annihilated the rest of the White Royal Fleet, a copious amount of artillery fire barreled towards the White Steel Warship, and a sky-shattering hail of shells engulfed the White Steel Warship.

As Lance desperately sustained the level-4 spell Sky Flower Water Curtain, as if a mythological beast, the god armament Sword of the Sea frenziedly devoured his power, draining his face of blood.

Bandas clenched his teeth and snapped: “Retreat!”

The White Steel Warship quickly turned around and fled in the direction it had come from.

However, not letting up, the steel fleet pursued the White Steel Warship and frantically bombarded it.

“Im sorry, General Bandas, but I cant go on! Im really sorry!” Lance clenched his teeth, blurred into motion, and jumped into the sea at once.

After all, the power of a divine artifact wasnt endless. When playing a target, even a god would be blasted to pieces by the steel fleets fire power.

“No! Lance, you despicable traitor!” Bandass face changed dramatically, and he issued a shrill scream before also jumping into the sea. A dense hail of artillery shells enveloped the White Steel Warship at once.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Bombarded by hundreds of large caliber shells, steel debris splashed about, and then the White Steel Warship was sank.

With the sinking of the White Steel Warship, Yang Fengs third fleet wiped out the entire White Royal Fleet without incurring any casualties. This represented the huge gap in technology between the two sides.

When Lance jumped into the sea, the demigod rank Sword of the Sea in his hand released dark blue light that absorbed the air in the sea around him and enabled him to breathe freely inside the water.

Within the sea, three schools of sea hunters, each composed of 100,000 units, rushed this way at an amazing speed.

Lances face fell when he saw the sea hunters, and he crushed a blue pearl and cried out: “Great Goddess of the Sea Erronia, please save me!”

Divine force poured out of the blue pearl and formed a palm-sized stunning woman enveloped by a holy and pure aura, with long, ocean-like azure hair and jade-like, sparkling skin in the sea. This stunning woman was the Goddess of the Sea Erronia

As soon as the Goddess of the Sea appeared, she swept Lance with her beautiful eyes, and disappointment flitted across her eyes. She sighed, and then merged into the water and disappeared.

In the next moment, a wave rose in front of the Black Steel Warship, inside which appeared the figure of the Goddess of the Sea Erronia.

“Lowly mortals, I am the Goddess of the Sea Erronia! Get your fleet out of the way and let my gods darling enter the Golden Strait! Otherwise, I will dole out divine punishment!” When the Goddess of the Sea Erronia appeared in front of the Black Steel Warship, she looked down on Yang Feng with her golden eyes, and a vast and terrifying divine might spread from her and covered the Black Steel Warship. She spoke in an aloof tone.

Oppressed by the divine might, except for Yang Feng and Grace, everyone aboard the Black Steel Warship were left virtually breathless.

Blessed by the Goddess of Nagas Daphne, Grace was immune to divine might.

Sitting on a luxurious litter, his arm around Arlet, Yang Feng looked down at the Goddess of the Sea Erronia and said with a cold smile: “Goddess Erronia, no need to pretend anymore. After seeing my troops, you should understand where I come from. You just sent a projection, and you still want to give me orders? You look down on people too much.”

Shock gleamed in Graces beautiful eyes as she stared blankly at Yang Feng: “He dares to speak to a goddess in such a tone!”

On the Feisuo Plane, gods were supreme existences. Even a feeble divine force rank god was countless times more noble than the rulers of many states. In front of a true god, even the emperors of the four great empires must remain humble, and lower their noble heads.

If a believer of the Goddess of the Sea Erronia heard Yang Fengs words, they would go mad and attack the heretic.

The Goddess of the Sea Erronia frowned and said: “When the planar tide came, many critters crawled out of the woodwork! Before the planar tide, believe it or not, I could squash a little a like you with one finger!”

Yang Feng smiled faintly and uttered full of confidence: “I believe you! Before the planar tide, you might be able to kill me with just a look! But now, you cant!”

The Goddess of the Sea Erronia spoke in an unquestionable tone: “My gods darling must enter the Golden Strait!”

Yang Feng responded with a smile: “If you want to cross my bridge, you must pay the toll first!! The toll to enter the Golden Strait is 30,000 standard divine force crystals! Otherwise, you are welcome to tear my defensive line to shreds and storm in!”

The Goddess of the Sea Erronia frowned, and her gaze turned ice-cold as she stared at Yang Feng.

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