Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 433 – Seriously Injuring an Expert from the Country of Dragons

Chapter 432 – Killing an Ancient Devil

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The Goddess of the Sea Erronia responded indifferently: “On second thought, Ill just tear your defensive line to shreds, destroy all your golems, and storm into the Golden Strait!” After she finished speaking, the projection of the Goddess of the Sea Erronia fell apart.

Azure light rose from the sea and carried Lance away.

Suddenly, in the middle of the sky, dark clouds gathered, surging and rolling, and strong winds raged and formed violent tornadoes.

Evidently, the Goddess of the Sea Erronia was enraged by Yang Feng.

Before the violent tornadoes formed completely, azure light shone on them, and the tornadoes collapsed.

A voice full of anger reverberated in the sea: “Daphne! Its you!!”

There was no response.

After Yang Fengs steel fleet destroyed the White Royal Fleet, it continued forward, expanding its scope of operation.

In front of the Black Steel Warship, waves churned and roiled from time to time as one steel battleship after another rose from the sea and formed one fleet after another heading for the distance.

The 20 fleets quickly expanded to 30 fleets. In that area of the sea, huge steel battleships could be seen everywhere.

Wherever the drones released by the steel fleets passed, if a fog was lifted, the places would appear on the holographic projection.

Before long, a huge warship appeared on the holographic projection.

When she saw the huge warship, Faldinas beautiful eyes congealed, and she spoke gravely: “Its Elgard, a Legend rank human hero who rose to prominence during the Democalypse. Hes not only very strong, but also possesses the Holy Flame Sword! He once killed an abyssal fiend lord!!”

Their strength terrific, demigod rank abyssal fiend barons werent existences with whom ordinary Legend rank human experts could contend. However, if a Legend rank human expert was equipped with a god armament rank treasure, and used some strategy, then it wasnt impossible to kill an abyssal fiend baron.

Yang Feng spoke indifferently: “Kill him!”

On the sea, aboard an 80-meter-long warship stood a valiant, burly man with the god armament Holy Flame Sword on his back. This man was the Legend rank hero Elgard.

An old voice came from the black necklace hanging in front of his chest: “Elgard, once you get to the Golden Strait, make sure to keep a low profile. Inside the Golden Strait, there are bound to be countless gods darlings and divine chosen sent by the gods. There will even be clones and true gods of gods going to the Golden Plain. Only when the situation devolves into chaos can you have a glimmer of hope to get your hands on the apple of wisdom.”

Elgard responded confidently: “I know. With your help, the apple of wisdom is mine, Teacher.”

From the black necklace came the old voice again: “Remember your promise. After you become a true god, be sure to resurrect me!”

The flames of ambition blazed in Elgards eyes, and he spoke with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “Of course. I will become a god, a true god!”

A tyrannical voice sounded in the sea.

When the voice sounded, the seventeenth steel fleet carrying a biting-cold killing intent appeared in the horizon.

Stupefied, Elgard looked at the steel fleet and asked: “Teacher, whore they?”

The black jewel in the center of the black necklace flickered with light, and an eye formed and looked at the steel fleet. The eye glimmered with shock: “I dont know! Ive never seen them!”

The tyrannical voice sounded again, and the frigates, destroyers, and other warships of the steel fleet rumbled, and sky-covering artillery barrage swept towards the warship.

Boom!! Faced with the veil of artillery barrage, the warship was blasted to tatters and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Elgard drew the god armament Holy Flame Sword, and a magic shield enveloped him. With the sword in hand, he sank to the bottom of the sea, and then quickly swam towards the steel fleet. As long as he got close to the steel fleet, he could kill the people aboard.

Shortly after Elgard entered the sea, a large school of sea hunters rushed towards him.

Elgards face fell, and he frantically swam towards the surface of the sea. Inside the sea, he could not employ the flame domain he had painstakingly cultivated.

The speed of the school of sea hunters was just too terrifying. Within several breaths, they appeared in front of Elgard and pounced on him.

Elgard roared and struggled desperately. After only a dozen seconds, he was turned into a heap of bones, leaving only the god armament Holy Flame Sword as well as the strange black necklace behind.

On dryland, Elgard was definitely a first-rate powerhouse, and coupled with the god armament Holy Flame Sword, he could even contend against a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse. But within the sea, he couldnt even unleash one-tenth of his ability, and was killed by the sea hunters.

Before long, two sea hunters jumped onto the deck of the Black Steel Warship and offered Yang Feng the god armament Holy Flame Sword and the strange black necklace.

“Thats a god armament!!” Yang Feng grabbed the god armament Holy Flame Sword and looked at it curiously.

According the Cangzhi Planes grading, god armaments were classified as level-6 secret treasures and higher. The god armaments used by the gods contained various laws, and could unleash terrific power.

If placed on the Cangzhi Plane, the god armament Holy Flame Sword would give rise to numerous Moonlight Warlocks vying over it. Level-6 secret treasures were very precious. Apart from the Great Cloud Dynastys generals, the Ten Great Sects true disciples, and Moonlight Warlocks of some major sects, many other Moonlight Warlocks didnt posses a level-6 secret treasure.

When Yang Feng poured his life energy into the Holy Flame Sword, the sword radiated light, and a flame enveloped the sword in an instant, emitting terrific fluctuations of power.

There was a look of admiration in his eyes: “What an astounding sword! Its a god armament indeed. Its much better than the weapons I used until now.”

Yang Feng could clearly sense that with the Holy Flame Sword in hand, he could even release level-5 fire spells. Moreover, the Holy Flame Sword was a masterless god armament, which meant that anyone could use it. It suited him very well.

Yang Feng glanced at the black necklace in his hand and said indifferently: “Next, what should I do with you?”

From the black necklace came the old voice: “I am the God of Fire Vega, I possess countless bodies of knowledge and experience! So long as you swear to resurrect me, then Im willing to be your teacher and help you become a god.”

Yang Feng showed an odd smile and said: “The God of Fire Vega? Youre a god? Wrong, youre an ancient devil!”

From the black necklace came the old voice, unwavering: “No, you have to believe me! I am really the God of Fire Vega.”

Yang Feng spoke indifferently: “Im a human Warlock from the Cangzhi Plane proficient in the study of devils! This black necklace isnt a treasure storing the divine soul of a god, but rather a seal jewel sealing the soul of a devil.”

The old voice suddenly changed into a seductive and charming female voice: “Yes, I am an ancient devil, and a beautiful and enchanting female devil marquis to boot. Human Warlock, if you let me out, Ill offer you all my knowledge and power, become your slave, and help you become a Bright World Warlock.”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly, and he operated a secret method recorded in the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body. Primal chaos light enveloped his right hand, and he pinched the jewel.

“Ah!! You, what are you doing!! It hurts!! Stop!! Dont you want my knowledge? I have enough knowledge to help you promote to a Bright World Warlock!! And theres even a chance that you can become an Infinity Warlock!” A ferocious and painful bellow came from the jewel. The voice sounded male.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, not moved at all: “Ancient devils are masters at toying with peoples souls, their extremely cunning. I dont think I can beat you in terms of schemes, you crafty old freak. As such, although its a waste, but please die.”

From the black necklace came shrill cries. No matter what threats and promises the ancient devil inside the necklace made, Yang Feng didnt waver.

Before long, the black jewel turned into a brilliant soul stone.

As she watched the ancient devil being wiped out by Yang Feng, Grace felt a sense of awe in her heart: “What a frightening man!”

The promises of the ancient devil could even entice the gods, yet Yang Feng didnt hesitate to wipe its soul out. His steel-like will made Grace admire him. If it were her, she wouldnt be able to resist the temptation of the ancient devil.

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