Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 434 – Experts Gather

Chapter 433 – Seriously Injuring an Expert from the Country of Dragons

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On the sea, a 100-meter-long warship sped towards the Golden Strait.

A steel fleet suddenly appeared ahead of the warship, and countless artillery fire immediately covered the warship, tearing it to pieces.

A beam of white light shot out of the warship and fled towards the rear helter-skelter.

In another place on the sea, there was a warship more than 80 meters in length speeding towards the Golden Strait.

A steel fleet appeared in front of the warship, and an artillery barrage roared, blasting the warship to pieces.

Such scenes continuously repeated in the East Sea.

Spread throughout the East Sea, the ever-increasing number of steel fleets intercepted countless forces longing for the wisdom apple with an overbearing attitude.

Of the Feisuo Planes experts whose ships were blown apart by the steel fleets, some chose to give up, others chose to wander outside the sphere of influence of the steel fleets, and yet others formed alliances.

With the passage of time, under the pressure of the steel fleets, the alliances formed in the East Sea were turned upside down, not daring to engage with the steel fleets.

The Legend rank powerhouses cultivated by the Feisuo Planes hidden forces were waiting for an opportunity, waiting for the arrival of the most powerful forces.

A few days later, a 100-meter-long white dragon exuding ancient dragon might flew over from afar. There was a man and a woman standing on the white dragon. The man was very handsome, had dazzling golden hair and golden eyes, and brimmed with dignity. The woman was stunningly beautiful, had silver hair, silver eyes, sparkling skin, supple curves, and a grim expression, and was brimming with an aura of mystery.

“Experts form the Country of Dragons are here!”

“Theyre geniuses from the Country of Dragons! The golden dragon Sener and the silver dragon Cecilia!”


The Legend rank powerhouses wandering around the steel fleets had a lot of experience, many of whom had gods or fiends, devils, or other beings comparable to gods as their backers. Thanks to the guidance of those powerful beings, they recognized the two great geniuses from the Country of dragons.

Standing on a lotus leaf, five Legend rank experts – four men and one woman, coldly watched the three experts from the Country of Dragons.

The leader of the five, a man with blade scars on his face, asked gravely: “Say, do you think theyll go to the waters of the Black Dragon Country?”

The man with blade scars on his face was called Gard, a Legend rank powerhouse who rose to prominence during the democalypse. He slayed countless abyssal fiends.

After the planar tide arrived, abyssal fiends have swept the Feisuo Plane. In the fierce fighting against the abyssal fiends, numerous human Legend rank heroes emerge seemingly from hidden corners and stepped onto the stage of history. No one knew which powerful existences stood behind those Legend rank heroes.

A handsome young man in black Knight garments, with blonde hair and blue eyes smiled and said: “Those dragons are extremely arrogant. Ill bet that theyll clash with the Black Dragon Countrys steel warships.”

The man in black Knight garments was called Black Garments Knight Earl Tenny, a human Legend rank hero who also rose to prominence during the democalypse. In the course of several years of the democalypse, he slayed countless abyssal fiends, and finally acquired the aristocratic title of earl of a state.

The other three Legend rank experts nodded their heads, looking at the three experts from the Country of Dragons.

The white dragon exuding ancient dragon might came down and stopped on the edge of a steel fleet.

Seners voice full of majesty echoed in the area: “I am Sener from the Country of Dragons! Get out of the way, we want to enter the Golden Strait!”

All eyes were focused on the steel fleet.

Scout Eagle, Mage Eye, Fiend Eye, Magic Crystal Ball – the Legend rank powerhouses on the edge of the boundary of the steel fleet cast different spells and watched the reaction of the steel fleet.

The Country of Dragons was one of the most powerful forces on the Feisuo Plane. If the gods werent taken into consideration, then the dragons and dragonborn of the Country of Dragons could easily destroy the four great empires.

On the Feisuo Plane, even though the dragon divine system was composed of few individuals, but no one dared to underestimate their fighting strength. Even the most powerful Zaliah and Titan divine systems werent willing to be enemies with the terrifying dragon divine system.

A tyrannical voice sounded in the sea.

The engines of countless supersonic fighters roared as they flew towards the dragons. Starry sky rippers, space disruptors, and other battle robots launched and formed a three-dimensional battle array that encompassed the sea and the air and rushed towards the dragons.

When they heard the tyrannical reply of the Black Dragon Country, gazes of schadenfreude immediately focused on Sener and his party.

Seners face turned livid. Staring at the various battle robots in the distance, his eyes almost spurted flames. He was a golden dragon genius and, as his father was an archaic dragon, he possessed archaic dragon bloodline. With the power of his noble bloodline, he even defeated many Starry Sky Warlock rank Elders of his race.

No matter where he went, he was the focus of attention due to his noble identity and formidable strength. No one has ever dared to retort his words. Now, however, someone even told him to get lost, which he viewed as an insult.

“Damned human ant!! Let me destroy your prized golems!!” A cold gleam flashed past Seners eyes, and he uttered numerous mysterious words in dragon tongue and pointing to the sky.

A terrifying amount of fire elemental particles filled the sky and converged into roiling fire clouds.

“Forbidden spell!! He wants to cast a forbidden spell!”

“This is a large area of effect forbidden spell!”


When the surrounding powerhouses saw this, their eyes shimmered with a peculiar glint. On the Feisuo Plane, the meteorological spells cast by human Warlocks were called forbidden spells.

If a forbidden spell was unleashed, tens of thousands of soldiers could die. As such, the use of such spells on the Feisuo Plane was forbidden by the gods. Once anyone used a forbidden spell, the gods had the right to personally intervene and kill the perpetrator.

Even if Sener was a dragon genius with archaic dragon bloodline, but once he violated this taboo, any human god could swoop in and kill him. The dragons, who were protective of their own, wouldnt retaliate, and that was because on the Feisuo Plane, the two human divine systems and the human neutral gods were still the most formidable.

However, the use of forbidden spells was only prohibited when it came to internal use. But now that Yang Fengs identity as a Cangzhi Planes human Warlock has been exposed, no one would come to stop Sener from using a forbidden spell against Yang Feng, let alone the gods personally intervening and killing him.

As the flame cloud churned in the sky, thousands of starry sky rippers, spell disruptors, and various other battle robots speedily flew towards the flame cloud.

Large numbers of destroyers and frigates equipped with large railguns, positron artilleries, large heavy artilleries, machine-cannons, and other artilleries flashed with light and formed a frightening screen of artillery fire shooting towards the three dragon powerhouses


A resounding alarm echoed in the area.

The 10 steel fleets wandering in the vicinity rushed towards the dragons like a pack of wolves.

In the sea, as if they had smelt blood, countless sea hunters rushed towards the dragons as well.

The face of the ancient white dragon suddenly fell, and he uttered numerous words in dragon tongue. He instantly erupted with demigod rank might, and magic light shone, forming a huge rock wall in front of him.

The artillery barrage slammed into the huge rock wall. In only three seconds, the huge rock wall dozens of meters thick was torn apart, and a terrifying light curtain engulfed the three experts of the Country of Dragons.

“Sener, Cecilia, run!” The ancient white dragon issued a heaven-shattering bellow, magic shields covered his body, and he blocked in front of the two dragon geniuses.

Under the heavy bombardment, the magic shields only lasted for a second before collapsing.

Railgun beams, positron beams, machine cannon shells, and countless other artillery barrage slammed into the ancient white dragon and turned him into a huge sieve, with blood flowing all over.

Seners face turned white at this scene. Unable to believe his eyes, he shouted mournfully: “Uncle Anta!”

With his Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, the ancient white dragon Anta couldnt last even a second under the bombardment, greatly exceeding Seners expectations. He had no idea that the steel fleet was this terrifying.

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