Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 436 – Crushing the Abyssal Fiends

Chapter 435 – Angel Legion and the Brave Legion

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Behind the beautiful merperson girl stood 20 burly whaleman soldiers 10 meters in height. The 20 whaleman soldiers exude Legend rank fluctuations of power.

Next to the huge dragon whale, the waves churned, and countless merfolk soldiers shot out of the water and landed on the surface of the sea, staring coldly at the surrounding experts.

“The Merperson Empress Brigea!”

“Shes the most beautiful empress of the merpeople indeed!”


When the human Legend rank experts saw the beautiful merperson girl in the distance, their eyes flashed with fascination.

In this part of the sea, there were many top beauties, but in terms of looks and temperament, no one could hold a candle to the Mermaid Empress Brigea. Even the elven top beauties were slightly inferior to her.

As if there was a tacit understanding between the five forces, they appeared in different locations and faced each other.

The abyssal fiends were originally a mortal enemy of all the forces of the Feisuo Plane, but now everyone was turning a blind eye to them.

All eyes were focused on the part of the sea which was occupied by the steel fleet. The numerous warships of the Morrince Empire parted, and the legendary warship Windbreaker covered in magic sails and carved with countless mysterious inscriptions swam towards the part of the sea with the steel fleet.

Windbreaker was the fastest legendary warship on the Feisuo Plane.

Aboard Windbreaker, an old man dressed in an archbishop robe spoke in a dignified voice: “Duke Ian, I am Cobham, the vice-pope of the Radiant Church! I command you to open a path and let the fleet of the Morrince Empire through! Otherwise, I will deprive you of your title and all your possessions in the Morrince Empire. At the same time, you will become an enemy of the Morrince Empire!”

A tremendous voice sounded in the sea, and the steel fleets cruising in nearby parts of the sea quickly swam this way.

A burly man built like a bear dressed in a silver armor standing on a warship of the Titan Empire sneered: “Ha-ha! Cobham, youre duke doesnt seem to listen to you!!”

Cobham spoke flatly: “Hence forth, he is no longer a duke of the Morrince Empire. The great Primary God shall send angels to purify this evil heretic!”

Cobham silently recited an incantation and pointed to the sky with the scepter in his hand.

In the sky, a divine country projection containing numerous luxurious palaces, beautiful mountains and rivers, and countless angels suddenly appeared in the air.

A vast, sacred, and mighty aura slowly seeped out of the divine country.

Sacred light shot out of the divine country projection and made a cut in the void, and a gate composed of pure light suddenly appeared in the void.

From the gate of light, numerous beautiful angels poured out, and then stood proudly in the sky. Each angel exuded pinnacle Legend rank aura.

“Angel legion!”

“An angel legion of the Zaliah divine system! Those are radiant angels!! The most powerful radiant angels!”


When the surrounding Legend rank experts saw the angels pouring out of the divine country projection, their faces flickered at once.

Angel legions were the most powerful battle corps of the Zaliah divine systems gods, and the most powerful angels were even stronger than many gods.

Under the Radiant Primary God Prados, there were three blazing angels of the highest rank. Using a god armament, each of the three blazing angels have killed an intermediate divine force rank god.

In the Zaliah divine system, the angels of some feeble divine force rank gods were even more powerful than themselves.

On the Feisuo Plane, during wars of gods, wherever angel legions pass through, rivers of blood start and mountains of corpses pile up. Suffice it to say that countless experts have died at the hands of formidable angel legions.

“Is a war of gods approaching?” Ever since the gods signed the treaty of the gods, there has never been a trace of an angel legion in the secular world. When the Legend rank experts saw the angel legion, they felt their blood run cold.

In peacetime, Legend rank powerhouses were the strongest fighting strength of the various forces. But in wars of gods, Legend rank powerhouses were merely foot soldiers and cannon fodder. In the divine countries of gods, Legend rank angels were just ordinary foot soldiers.

“Angel legion!” The eyes of the man built like a bear in silver armor flashed gravely, and he fished out a silver greatsword and pointed to the sky.

A divine country projection suddenly appeared in the air, and a grand, nine-story-tall palace covering an area of tens of thousands of square kilometers appeared in the divine country projection.

Inside the grand palace, there were countless female and male warriors. Displaying the most exquisite martial arts, which were refined over countless years, they fought with one another. Any human Sacred Swordsman would feel ashamed from the bottom of their heart after witnessing these consummate martial arts.

A golden radiance shot out of the palace and entered the void, forming a golden gate.

From the golden gate, one extraordinary soldier after another walked out, exuding terrific fluctuations of power


“The Titan Empires brave soldiers!”

“After the most formidable experts of each generation of the Titan Empire die, they are turned into brave soldiers! They sure are dreadful!”

When the surrounding Legend rank experts saw the frightening soldiers come out of the divine country projection, they sucked in a breath of cold air.

The Zaliah divine systems angel legions and the Titan divine systems brave legions were among the most powerful legions of the Feisuo Plane.

The Zaliah divine systems angels were former most devout believers. After these believers died and their souls entered divine countries, they would go through various mysterious changes before finally being reborn into angel soldiers unafraid of death with no memory of their former life.

The Titan Empires braves were former most formidable experts of each generation of the Titan Empire. After these experts died, their souls would be drawn into divine countries, where they got new divine bodies. Training day and night, they would be tempered into the strongest soldiers.

In terms of individual strength, the Titan Empires braves were by far stronger than the Morrince Empires angels. However, the Morrince Empires angel legions compensated their lack in individual strength with numbers.

To date, the win/loss ratio between angel legions and brave legions was approximately 7:3 in favor of angel legions, which was in great part thanks to the five blazing angels and their terrifying battle prowess. Of the five blazing angels, three were radiant blazing angels under the Radiant Primary God Prados, one was a war blazing angel under the God of War Barrios, and one was a fire blazing angel under the God of Flames Tames. In the Titan Empire, only the war holy brave under the God of War Amigo, the thunder holy brave under the strong divine force rank God of Thunder Gabba, and the earth holy brave under the strong divine force rank Goddess of the Earth Victoria could contend against the blazing angels.

The beastman divine system and elven divine system, only by joining forces, could contend against the Zaliah divine system or the Titan divine system.

If the two human divine systems, the Zaliah divine system and the Titan divine system, werent mortal enemies, and if it wasnt for the impediment from the neutral gods, darkness divine system, sea divine system, giant divine system, dragon divine system, and many other divine systems, then there would be no room for non-human gods on the Feisuo Plane.

Cobham scanned the demon fleet composed of countless abyss fiends with a glance and said indifferently: “Vants! Those damned fiends shouldnt stay here. They should go in and throw away their lives!”

“Thats right!” The man in silver armor showed a ferocious smile and looked at the abyssal fiends, and then continued coldly, “Fiends, are you going in there, or do you want to be strangle here?”

Led by a gorgeous, curvaceous angel with two pairs of wings on her back, a dense crowd of angels shot down and blocked the escape route of the abyssal fiends.

Led by a handsome and burly brave with a dragon spear in hand, 60 demigod rank braves separated themselves from the brave legion and blocked behind the abyssal fiends, looking down at the abyss fiends as if they were ants.

The charming face of the four-winged angel flashed coldly, and she uttered frigidly: “I am angel Ansai. Fiends, charge ahead! Ill give you five seconds. After five seconds, youll die if you dont get moving!”

The eyes of an abyssal fiend baron rank horned flickered with a crafty gleam, and he barked: “The gods are not to interfere in the affairs of the secular word! This is a stipulation agreed upon by the gods!! How dare you angels come to the secular world! Arent you afraid of the backlash from breaking the treaty of the gods!”

Abyssal fiend lords were clear about the treaty of the gods, which was why they revealed their identity and came to the Feisuo Plane. Otherwise, they simply wouldnt have dared to appear in front of the gods.

“You talk too much rubbish!” The pretty eyes of the four-winged angel shimmered with a cruel glint. A spatial fluctuation surged, and she disappeared from in an instant. In the next moment, she strangely appeared behind the abyssal fiend baron rank horned and stabbed him in the heart with the spear of light in her hand.

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