Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 437 – Joint Attack

Chapter 436 – Crushing the Abyssal Fiends

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When the boundless light poured into the horned, he issued shrill screams, and one blister after another appeared on his body.

The next moment, boundless light shot out of the horned, purifying him completely.

Both frightened and angered, an abyssal fiend baron standing next to the horned suddenly stabbed his claw into Ansai.

In a flash, Ansais body collapsed and turned into countless motes of light that dissipated.

Looking up into the sky, Ansai could be seen standing in her original position, as if she had never moved.

A sense of horror gripped the hearts of the abyssal fiends in the wink of an eye.

Great Warlock rank abyssal fiends experts and higher already possessed intelligence as well as fear that came with being intelligent life forms.

For the angel Ansai to be able to instakill an abyssal fiend baron, she was much stronger than any of the abyssal fiend barons present. Besides, there was a large number of angels behind her. The abyssal fiends stood no chance.

An abyssal fiend baron looked at Ansai with fear in his eyes, and said gravely, “Okay, well go!”

Compared to the unknown steel fleets, the abyssal fiends were more afraid of the mighty angel legion.

Flapping their wings, the abyssal fiends rose into the air and turned into streaks of light shooting towards the part of the sea occupied by the steel fleets.

An overbearing voice sounded in the sea.

An abyssal fiend baron shouted: “Human Warlock, we have no evil intentions!! Please let us pass. In exchange, we can offer you 100 great fiends as slaves and all the knowledge we grasp!!”

Knowledge and resources were the things what human Warlocks worked hard to search for throughout many planes. For the sake of knowledge and power, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks were even willing to trade with the cunning devils.

The countless muzzles of the nearby steel fleets flashed brightly, and a dense rain of light barreled towards the fiends.

The fiends in the sky were soon blasted into tatters or punched full of holes. Despite being as tough as iron, but the great fiends stood no chance against the artillery barrage.

One by one, the great fiends were torn into tatters, and fell from the sky.

As if savage beasts, countless sea rippers pounced on the tatters that remained of the great fiends that fell into the sea.

Whether the sky or the sea, there was no safe place. Light beams were everywhere.

The great fiends and abyssal fiend lords frantically cast spells to avoid the bombardment. From time to time, a couple of great fiends would be hit by the various beams and get torn to pieces.

“So strong!!”

“These steel warships are really frightening!”

“The destructive power of these steel warships might be comparable to that of the gods!”


When the surrounding Legend rank powerhouses saw the great fiends being blasted apart, they were overcome with a sense of horror. In terms of physical constitution, most of them were by far inferior to the great fiends, and not many among them have mastered Blink. As such, if it was them who were locked on by the barrage, not even a few would be able to keep their lives for a protracted period of time.

Ansai and the brave with a dragon lance in hand watched the hail of light with a dignified look in their eyes. With their bountiful battle experience, they quickly identified the threat of the steel fleets.

Space disruptors quietly flew out of the sea, and spatial disruption ripples enveloped the sky.

All of a sudden, the face of an abyssal fiend baron who wanted to use Blink fell, and the spatial fluctuations that have enveloped him dissipated.

“No!” The abyssal fiend baron uttered a miserable scream before beams of light hit him and blasted him apart in a instant.

“I surrender!! I surrender!! Mighty human Warlock, I surrender! Spare my miserable life!” The complexion of a sheep-headed abyssal fiend baron changed dramatically, and he roared wildly.

Nearly wiping out the sheep-headed abyssal fiend baron, beams of light slammed into the void. In the next moment, countless bright beams enveloped the remaining few abyssal fiend barons and destroyed them in an instant, leaving only the sheep-headed abyssal fiend behind.

Eight starry sky rippers coming from afar appeared beside the sheep-headed abyssal fiend baron in an instant, and numerous sharp blades locked his movement space completely. Once the sheep-headed abyssal fiend baron did anything suspicious, he would be cut into numerous pieces.

“They were killed so easy!”

“How could the abyssal fiends be so easily wiped out? Heavens, there were abyssal fiend barons among them!”


Stunned, the surrounding Legend rank experts could not believe their eyes. Each abyssal fiend baron possessed terrific strength that could rival that of demigod rank experts. This group of abyssal fiends could destroy many small states of the Feisuo Plane. For the powerful abyssal fiends to be erased so easily, this was naturally shocking.

The eyes of Ansai and the brave with a dragon spear in hand flickered with a dignified gleam.

The eight starry sky rippers took the sheep-headed abyssal fiend to see Yang Feng on the Black Steel Warship.

When the sheep-headed fiend saw Yang Feng, he knelt at once and said flatteringly: “I am Rick, Master. Please accept this loyal servant.”

Even the arrogant gods of the various planes have previously prostrated themselves on the ground in front of human Warlocks and became their lackeys, and abyssal fiends were no different.

In the era of the 3rd Warlock Dynasty, the Demonic Divine Dynasty, countless gods and demonic beings were enslaved by human Warlocks. In the era of the 2nd Warlock Dynasty, the Taboo Lord has captured countless gods and demonic beings for his research.

Yang Feng looked at Rick and silently recited an incantation, and black runes emerges on his index finger and formed a black chain.

When he saw the chain formed by countless black runes on Yang Fengs index finger, Ricks countenance suddenly changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “Lock Demonic Chain!”

Lock Demonic Chain was a spell developed by the 3rd Warlock Dynasty specially used to enslave all kinds of fiends. Once trapped by Lock Demonic Chain, abyssal fiends would be unable to betray or disobey the orders of the caster.

Rick was seeing this legendary spell for the first time.

Yang Feng spoke coldly: “Do you want to die, or do you want to live?”

Ricks eyes eyes swiveled, and he responded respectfully: “I want to live! Master, please unleash Lock Demonic Chain and engrave it on my soul.”

Yang Feng got up and pointed at Rick, and the black chain entered Ricks forehead.

Giving up any resistance, Rick let the black chain sink into his forehead and wrap around his soul.

Yang Feng waved his hand and said coldly: “Stand aside!”

Rick stood aside respectfully and looked at Yang Feng with reverence: “Yes! Master!”

After subduing the abyssal fiend Rick, Yang Fengs eyes immediately fell on the holographic projection.

The trifling fiends didnt count for much. The angel legion and brave legion, on the other hand, were most terrifying enemies. Moreover, the experts from the Beastman Empire and the Elven Empire may respectively call beast emissaries and battle elves at any time.

Beast emissaries were the troops of the beastman divine system, while battle elves were the troops of the elven divine system. In terms of individual strength, beast emissaries and battle elves werent inferior to angels. However, they were far less numerous than angels. Additionally, among the beast emissaries and battle elves, there were only two experts capable of contending against the blazing angels.

Even so, the strength of beast emissaries and battle elves should not be underestimated. If it wasnt for the planar tide, Yang Feng would never have dared to dispatch his fleets to seal the entrance to the Golden Strait.

“I am willing to pay 30,000 standard divine force crystals. Please let me in, Your Majesty!” Shrouded in darkness, an expert draped in a cloak that concealed their face came to the edge of a steel fleets perimeter and opened his hand, revealing a storage ring.

A starry sky ripper came down from the sky and took the storage ring, and then flew back to the Black Steel Warship.

Before long, a starry sky ripper came down from the sky and stopped beside the expert.

The expert shrouded in darkness blurred into motion and landed on the starry sky ripper, and then rode the starry sky ripper to the Black Steel Warship.

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