Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 439 – Elves Retreat

Chapter 438 – Arcaths Projection Arrives

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The sea guards entered the sea, blue tridents in hand, exuding the law of water. Flickering in and out as if ghosts, they rushed into the midst of the sea hunter school.

In response, the piranha-like sea hunters that constituted the school capable of devouring everything pounced on the sea guards.

A sea guard stabbed forward with a blue trident. The law of water surged, and a raging whirlpool suddenly appeared and swept towards the sea hunters.

A large number of sea hunters was drawn into the raging whirlpool, which contained countless frightening water blades. The water blades twisted, and the sea hunters were soon sliced apart.

As if sharp blades, the sea guards stabbed into the sea hunter school and tore open a huge hole.

The merfolk high priests the Mermaid Empress Brigea brought along cast a variety of spells to boost the sea guards.

The five divine legions charged into the part of the sea controlled by Yang Feng from different directions. Shortly after, explosions echoed amid the steel fleets, and mighty steel warships sank to the bottom of the sea one after another.

In the sky, fighter planes exploded one after another and fell into the sea.

On the Black Steel Warship, Faldina frowned, and worry shimmered in her beautiful eyes.

Cecilias gaze fell on Yang Feng.

The gazes of the three powerhouses of unknown origins also focused on Yang Feng, a peculiar gleam in their eyes.

Yang Feng glanced at the holographic projection and said with a faint smile: “Interesting! Divine legions are powerful indeed! Unfortunately, theyre still too few in numbers!”

In a flash, 20 steel fleets were mobilized, and quickly moved to the battlefield. A rain of light dropped down and shot towards the Morrince Empire flee, Titan Empire fleet, Beastman Empire fleet, and Elven Empire fleet.

Boom! Boom! Boom!! Under the bombardment of the rain of light, the non-legendary warships of the four fleets were turned into fireballs that sank into the sea.

The face of Kavral, the leader of the Beastman Empire fleet flickered, and he silently recited an incantation, and a 100-meter-tall cyan shield sprang up in front of the battleship he was on.

The leader of the Elven Empire fleet Fran silently recited an incantation and pointed in front with the emerald-green scepter in her hand, and a bright beam of law of nature surged and formed a huge ancient tree that took roots in the sea and absorbed copiousness amounts of seawater. The huge tree blocked in front of them.

The huge cyan shield could withstand the rain of railgun beams and positron beams for less than 30 seconds before cracking sounds reverberated, and a huge crevice appeared.

Even a Moonlight Warlock rank expert with a level-6 secret treasure in hand wouldnt dare to stand up to the bombardment of countless railgun beams and positron beams.

The huge blue shield was a demigod rank deffensive treasure of the Beastman Empire, it couldnt withstand almost endless barrage.

Kavrals face fell, and he howled wildly: “Run!! Disperse and flee!!”

The Legend rank geniuses aboard the warship escaped at once.

Bang!! With a loud blare, the huge cyan shield was blown to pieces, and the rain of light swallowed the Beastman Empires flagship and blew it to pieces that slowly sank into the sea.

In a flash, starry sky rippers flying at Mach 10 flew out of the clouds and darted towards the Legend rank experts, looking like death gods reaping life.

A ruthless glint in his eyes, a burly wolfman Legend rank expert raised the scimitar in his hand, and the hurricane badge on his chest released a hurricane that propelled him into the air.

Engines rumbling, six starry sky rippers bore down on the wolfman Legend rank expert, and then slashed at him from different directions with their high frequency oscillation blades.

The wolfmans face fell. He twisted his body in midair, and then slashed out six blade rays shooting towards the six starry sky rippers.

Numerous shadows flashed, and the wolfman expert was turned into pieces that dropped into the water.

Eight starry sky rippers swooped towards a lionman Legend rank expert in midair and sliced him into countless pieces.

As long as they were pounced on by the starry sky rippers, the beastman Legend experts in midair were torn apart.

The beastman experts werent proficient at air warfare. Only by relying on secret treasures were they even able of flight. As for the starry sky rippers, they were aerial models with terrifying battle prowess, and they lacked the notion of fear. One-on-one, beastman Legend rank experts might not be a match against starry sky rippers in the air, let alone when surrounded by six or eight starry sky rippers.

Wielding a huge wolf tooth club, Kavral destroyed two starry sky rippers, and then looked at the beastman Legend rank experts being torn to pieces, and his eyes bulged from anger, and then he issued a shrill roar: “Stop!!”

Despite Kavrals wild roar, the starry sky rippers still continued to massacre the beastman Legend rank experts, scattering a mist of blood.

Shortly after, there was only Kavral as well as a burly and handsome lionman expert with short golden hair exuding a kingly aura and a burly tigerman expert with the a king character rune on his forehead exuding a tyrannical aura remaining in the sky.

The young lionman expert was this generations strongest lionman genius Odin, while the tigerman expert was this generations strongest tigerman genius Avril. These two geniuses were gods darlings. Blessed by gods, they were far stronger than other experts of the same rank. They could even contend against Starry Sky Warlock rank existences.

Although Odin only possessed a Legend rank cultivation base, but his fighting strength was terrifying. The pair of wings forged from magic metal on the back of his black armor enabled him to freely fly in the sky. With the greatsword in his hand, he unleashed sword rays that sliced starry sky rippers into countless pieces.

Avril was wearing a similar golden armor. With a blade in hand, he gave play formidable swordsmanship and cut one starry sky ripper into numerous pieces after another.

After all the the other beastman Legend rank experts in the sky were killed, the starry sky rippers immediately rushed towards Kavrals group of three.

Even though the three people possessed demigod rank fighting prowess, but they still felt the pressure increase greatly, and were forced to retreat. Joining hands, the three people barely resisted the siege of the starry sky rippers.

Suddenly, the countless starry sky rippers flew away.

The muzzles of ten steel fleets coming from afar flashed, and countless light beams barreled towards the three people.

“Its over!” There was a flash of despair and regret in Kavrals eyes. If he had known that this would be the outcome, then he would never have attacked Yang Feng.

Just as the hail of light beams was about to swallow Kavrals group of three, a mysterious rune appeared on Odins forehead.

A vast force gushed out of Odin, and then formed the figure of an expert with golden eyes exuding a domineering aura in midair.

The expert with golden eyes and lion ears frowned and extended his hand, and the countless beams twisted and shot aside, unable to harm him at all.

When Kavral saw the figure of the mysterious powerhouse, his eyes filled with excitement, and he knelt down and said respectfully: “Greetings, my Lord, mighty Beast God Arcath.”

The expression of the unruly Avril flickered, and then he knelt down: “Greetings, my Lord, great Beast God Arcath!”

The lionman god Arcath was the sole strong divine force god of the Beastman Empire, the sole primary god of the beastman divine system.

“Beast God Arcath!!”

“The strong divine force god Arcath!”

“The beastman divine systems primary god intervened in person!”


The surrounding experts sucked in a mouthful of cold air, unable to believe their eyes. Strong divine force gods were terrifying existences even more powerful than Infinity Warlocks. Even on the Cangzhi Plane, they would be bigwigs among bigwigs, standing at the summit of all living beings. For such a bigwig to appear here was shocking to say the least.

Arcaths projection glanced indifferently at Yang Feng and uttered coldly: “Puny human Warlock! Open this passage and surrender, and Ill forgive you your sins. Otherwise, you will suffer forever in the purgatory I set up.”

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