Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 44 – Malicious Ridicule

Chapter 43 – Ancient Energy Absorbing Tree

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Bella and the other aristocratic youngsters listened to Gars introduction with a look of fascination in their eyes. Unlike the St. Kaulin City, which had precious plants like sun light trees planted on both sides of the road, ordinary states couldnt be so extravagant.

Excluding the St. Kaulin City, the other five miracle cities, and some top-notch Warlock forces, most places on the Turandot Subcontinent were at the level of medieval Europe. Bella and the rest of the aristocratic youngsters were much more experienced than commoners, but they were still country bumpkins when compared to princeling Warlocks like Gars.

The interior of the St. Kaulin City was tidy and orderly, the roads were smooth, and everyone was dressed in gorgeous clothing, their complexions rosy. Every building within the city had a unique style, and many large buildings were brimming with an artistic beauty. Unlike ordinary cities, there was no mud, no animal feces, nor flows of sewage water here. It was even more beautiful, clean, lively and flourishing than the cities of Earths modern Europe.

After he entered the city, Yang Feng and his convoy as well as 2,000 guards attracted the attention of countless onlookers. To them, the 6-meter-tall bladed robot as well as the other battle robots were particularly eye-catching.

Mechanical golems werent rare on the Turandot Subcontinent, but the majority of them were in the hands of official Warlocks. Ordinary people could seldom see such large mechanical golems like the bladed robot.

Although the real estate prices in the St. Kaulin City were ridiculously high, but after negotiating with the Warlock College Antalya and name-dropping the Steel Lord Yang Ye, Yang Feng bought a small manor within the St. Kaulin City for 10,000 magic stones.

After a nights rest in the small manor, Gars took them towards the Warlock College Antalya.

The Warlock College Antalya was located in the center of the St. Kaulin City, it was a city of 30 kilometers in diameter within a city. The area within 1,000 meters of the Warlock College Antalyas entrance was covered in lush trees and green grass, showing no signs of human habitation. But outside that area, there were numerous shops bustling with activity.

This was the day that the Warlock College Antalya recruited new students, so the road leading to the Warlock College Antalya was crowded.

“Mechanical golems!”

“Those mechanical golems are so big!”

“Who is that person? He has such terrifying mechanical golems act as his guards!”

Suddenly, there were bursts of discussions in the crowd, and then it parted.

Guarded by eight level-7 battle robots, Yang Feng and his entourage arrived outside the entrance of the Warlock College Antalya. The nearby crowd watched the battle robots next to Yang Feng with reverence in their eyes.

The level-7 bladed robots were six meters tall and were equipped with many tyrannical weapons. At a glance, people could tell that unless you possessed Warlock rank battle prowess, you couldnt defeat those big fellows. The person guarded by those steel freaks was a bigwig that should not be offended.

In the crowd, a blonde and blue-eyed girl of approximately 16 years of age, with a fiery figure and beautiful and alluring features stared fiercely at Yang Feng and murmured with resentment: “Hes the Steel Lords sole kin!”

A middle-aged man standing beside the beautiful girl whispered: “Your Highness Princess, please dont do anything rash! The Steel Lord is a lunatic! If you give him a pretext, then the Fernandro Family will be in danger.”

That beautiful princesss eyes flashed with confidence and she responded coldly: “I know! I wont act rashly, but I also wont let him have an easy time!”

Guarded by the eight battle robots, when Yang Feng and company arrived at the area 1,000 meters away from the entrance of the Warlock College Antalya, they stopped.

The Warlock College Antalyas rules were very strict. The 1,000 meter path could only be traversed by the youngsters that were going to participate in the Warlock College Antalyas entrance examination. As for servants and guards, once they stepped onto that path, they would get severely punished at best, or killed or forced to act as alchemical materials at worst.

With Gars leading the way, Yang Feng followed the close to 10,000 youngsters from the Southern States Coalition towards the Warlock College Antalya in large strides.

“What a big tree!” When he arrived at the Warlock College Antalyas gate, Yang Feng looked inside, where he saw a giant tree atop a high mountain. The giant tree towering into the clouds possessed countless branches and radiated rainbow-like light.

Gars spoke proudly: “This is an ancient energy absorbing tree, its a special extremely ancient tree from the same plane as the sun light trees! It can absorb the energy drifting in the space and condense it into a magic crystal pool. Even on the continent, it would be considered a rare treasure. If the ancient energy absorbing tree hadnt already merged with Warlock College Antalya, then perhaps it would have already been taken by the experts from the continent away.”

Magic stones were ores with extraordinary energy, and they were divided into four grades – low grade magic stones, mid grade magic stones, high grade magic stones, and top grade magic stones. The exchange rate between each successive grade was at the rate of 100:1. Above the top grade magic stones, there were still magic crystals. The ancient energy absorbing tree could absorb the energy drifting in the space and condense it into a magic crystal pool. As such, its value was clearly immense.

On the Turandot Subcontinent, there were many forces with Great Warlock rank experts, but they were by far inferior to the Warlock College Antalya and the rest of the Six Major Forces, and that was because their foundation was much more shallow then that of the Six Major Forces. The ancient energy absorbing tree was part of the Warlock College Antalyas foundation.

At the gate of the Warlock College Antalya, there lied 10 tables, and behind each table sat a level-1 Warlock emitting formidable fluctuation of life.

On each table, there lied a crystal used to examine the soul aptitude of the youngsters eager to join the college.

A black-robed old man spoke in an indifferent tone: “15 years old, inferior level-3 soul aptitude. Not qualified!”

The face of a youngster dressed in a gorgeous attire flickered, and he clenched his teeth and left, an unwilling expression on his face.

The Warlock College Antalyas enrollment criteria was very strict, your soul aptitude must have reached inferior level-4 in order to get the chance to join the college. As for some small Warlock forces, they would let you join them as long as your soul aptitude reached intermediate level-2.

“14 years old, inferior level-4 soul aptitude, qualified!”

“16 years old, superior level-4 soul aptitude, qualified!”

“15 years old, inferior level-5 soul aptitude, qualified!”

“15 years old, superior level-3 soul aptitude, not qualified!”

Voices pronouncing the fates of the youngsters from the Southern States Coalition sounded time and again. Those who were declared qualified, they looked very happy, those who were declared not qualified, their faces turned deathly pale as if they had just lost a parent.

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