Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 442 – Enemies Flee

Chapter 441 – Terror of the Radiant Primary Gods Projection

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The Radiant Primary God Prados frowned and went silent for a while. He didnt release a second Divine Judgement.

Except for some restricted areas, Divine Judgement could be unleashed anywhere on the Feisuo Plane. However, Divine Judgement required the consumption of a copious amount of divine force, more than 50,000 divine force crystals per shot. If it wasnt for the planar tide, then the Radiant Primary God Prados would have no need to use divine force. He could just appear with his true body and squash Yang Feng with a finger like a bug.

Shielding Planeth behind him, the Radiant Primary God Prados walked towards the Black Steel Warship.

A variety of light beams barreled towards the Radiant Primary God Prados, but then distorted strangely due to the light around him and shot aside. He didnt have to block the beams. Instead, thanks to the dexterous manipulation of power, the beams were unloaded to the side.

Only gods like the Radiant Primary God Prados and the Beast God Arcath who climbed to the strong divine force rank step by step from the bottom possessed such terrifying battle skill.

Even among Moonlight Warlocks and Glorious Dawn Warlocks, few people would be able to derail railgun beams and positron beams using pinnacle demigod rank power.

Yang Feng curiously swept the Titan Empire fleet with a glance, and a weird thought suddenly welled up inside him: “If I concentrate the firepower on the Titan Empire fleet, will I draw out the God of War Amigo?”

Like a tide, countless starry sky rippers rushed towards the Radiant Primary God Prados.

The Radiant Primary God Prados spread open his hand, and beams of light flew out of his right hand. As if they had a life of their own, the beams slammed into the starry sky rippers.

The starry sky rippers energy shields were easily pierced through, and then the starry sky rippers exploded.

Rumble! Rumble! The sound of explosions sounded and light flashed nonstop as countless starry sky rippers exploded.

The steel fleets underneath the Radiant Primary God Prados were also pierced through by numerous beams of light and exploded.

As the Radiant Primary God Prados strolled amid the steel legion, light shot out of his right hand and rained down in torrents.

Lights flickered, and fireballs came into being.

The beams coming from the steel fleets, on the other hand, were distorted by the light enveloping Prados, and shot aside. This sight could evoke a feeling of despair in people.

“So strong!!”

“No wonder hes the strongest god of the Feisuo Plane!”


When the Legend rank experts outside the battlefield saw this scene, they sucked in a breath of cold breath.

The Legend rank powerhouses have witnessed the strength of the steel fleets. Even the projection of the elven Goddess of the Forest using pinnacle demigod rank strength couldnt resist the steel fleets for too long, and had to choose to leave here. But the Radiant Primary God Prados who was also using pinnacle demigod rank strength, has already annihilated more than 200,000 starry sky rippers and six steel fleets without incurring any damage.

The Radiant Primary God Prados suddenly stopped. Eyes shimmered with golden light full of dignity, he uttered indifferently: “The Cangzhi Planes heretic, I appreciate you very much. If you surrender to me and serve me, then Ill spare your life! Ill let you keep those mechanical golems. At the same time, I can grant you a godhead and let you become a god!”

“Become a god!”

“The Radiant Primary God Prados took fancy to the human Warlock!”


The Legend rank experts watched from the sidelines with envy in their eyes. They were backed by powerful existences, many of whom were comparable to gods in terms of strength. Their greatest wish was to become a true god of the Feisuo Plane. So long as Yang Feng agreed to the conditions of the Radiant Primary God Prados, then he could become a god. Such a recruitment made the heartbeat of the Legend rank experts accelerate.

“Mighty Radiant Primary God Prados, theres no need to try to persuade me. I want to become a god by relying on my own strength. I admit that youre very strong. If your true body or a clone were here, then you should be able to kill me. However, you came just as a projection, and as such, can exhibit less than one-ten-millionth of your true bodys strength. You dont have the power to kill me.” Yang Fengs calm analysis sounded in the sea.

A large number of space disruptors unleashed spatial disruption fluctuations from various places in order to prevent the Radiant Primary God Prados from using spatial spells to appear in front of Yang Feng in a split second.

If the Radiant Primary God Prados has come with his true body, then even though he would be limited to pinnacle demigod rank strength, he could still draw support from his boundless divine force and exhibit terrifying battle prowess. By then, it wouldnt be impossible to kill Yang Feng.

However, once the Radiant Primary God Pradoss true body came to the secular world, he would no longer be an unrivaled strong divine force rank god. While he would still be nearly invincible, but he would also give others an opportunity to kill him.

During planar tides, intermediate and strong divine force rank gods fundamentally wouldnt use their true bodies to go to the secular world. They would only use clones or projections. As for projections, they could only exert a limited amount of power in the secular world. According to the carrying capacity of different implements, the power the projections could exert and the period of time they could exist was different.

“The power of this projection is enough to kill you!!” Eyes flickering with frigid killing intent, the Radiant Primary God Prados pointed at Planeth behind him, and the latter turned into a streak of light shooting into the distance.

Within a breath, Planeth has disappeared from everyones sight.

Operating the law of light, the Radiant Primary God Prados blurred into motion, turned into a beam of pure light, crossed a great distance, entered the sea, and appeared before the Black Steel Warship.

Along the way, the more than 1 million starry sky rippers couldnt block the Bright Primary God Prados. They could only watch helplessly as he passed through, and then appeared before the Black Steel Warship.

Of the many Feisuo Planes strong divine force rank gods, the Radiant Primary God Prados was the fastest. No one could hold a candle to him.

Prados slashed out with his hand, and light blades slashed the Black Steel Warships steel shield into numerous pieces, and then seawater entered the Black Steel Warship.

Without anyone around for him to protect, the Radiant Primary God Prados, despite being just a projection, was astonishingly powerful.

When they saw the Radiant Primary God Prados, Grace, Cecilia, and the three passengers of mysterious origins dodged to the side. With a legendary spear in hand, Arlet blocked in front of Yang Feng, her beautiful eyes glittering with scorching fighting spirit.

“Step aside, Arlet!” With a loud shout, Yang Feng stood up from his seat, took a few steps forward, and looked at the Radiant Primary God Prados with a dignified look in his eyes.

Arlet responded respectfully, and then strode aside: “Yes! Your Majesty!”

The eyes of the Radiant Primary God Prados glimmered with golden light, and he took a step forward and slowly pointed at Yang Feng with a finger.

Endless light instantly radiated from the finger, which looked like it had evolved into a sun.

Shrouded by the sun-like light, the surrounding space was locked. It seemed as if only the finger remained in the world.

“Ah! Save me!!” When the demigod abyssal fiend Rick saw the finger, he screamed miserably, and then exploded.

Containing the mysteries of the Radiant Divine Domain, this finger gathered all the power of the Radiant Primary God Pradoss projection. As if it has evolved into a sun, the finger crushed towards Yang Feng in an unavoidable fashion.

Pitted against this finger, even a Moonlight Warlock rank powerhouse would die.

Despair gripped Yang Fengs mind, and he felt like he was powerless to struggle against the finger. In fact, he felt like he shouldnt struggle, like he should succumb to despair and die.

“How fearsome, it can even affect my frame of mind! This is just too astounding! So thats a strong divine force god, a being more powerful than an Infinity Warlock!”

The abnormal state of mind has just emerged, when Yang Fengs life force revolved and his spirit recovered, and then boundless fighting spirit burned in his eyes. From the semi-plane within his sea of knowledge, he extracted wisps of world force and issued a roar. As if a demonic beast struggling frantically, he unleashed the secret method Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist recorded in the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body and unleashed a fist strike slamming towards the sun.

The aura of primal chaos which seemed to come from a world that has just been established suddenly sprang up, and a fist containing boundless mysteries seemingly extended from the world and slammed into the sun with heaven-rendering pressure.

Boom!! Along with an earth-shattering blare, the fist was crushed by the sun, and the Black Steel Warship shook violently.

Like a broken rag doll, Yang Feng was sent flying, and blood oozed from every part of his body. He slammed into the Black Steel Warships outer armor and smashed it, and then continued to fly into the warship.

The sound of loud noises echoed as Yang Feng pierced through 13 layers of the Black Steel Warships inner armor before being stopped by the 14th layer.

“Im alive!” Under the astonished gazes of others, the blood-covered Yang Feng swayed out of the hold, and then revealed a haughty and tyrannical smile aimed at the Radiant Primary God Prados.

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