Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 443 – Blasting a God Apart

Chapter 442 – Enemies Flee

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Expressionless, the Radiant Primary God Pradoss projection collapsed, turned into countless mots of light, and disappeared. The power of a projection was limited after all. If it was a clone, then the Radiant Primary God Prados could unleash another blow and kill Yang Feng. There was a huge gap between projections and clones.

As they watched Yang Feng, the gazes of the passengers glimmered with a peculiar gleam, and killing intent flashed past their eyes.

Faced with this all-out finger strike of the Radiant Primary God Pradoss projection, even many feeble divine force rank gods would get seriously injured or even killed. For a Legend rank powerhouse to be able to withstand this strike was simply mind-boggling. Yang Feng was definitely a great opponent for all those who wished to get the apple of wisdom. This realization naturally gave rise to killing intent in the hearts of others.

Countless sea hunters swam out of the sea and formed a terrifying shoal around Yang Feng, staring fiercely at Grace, Cecilia, and the three passengers of unknown origins.

When they saw the terrifying shoal, their hearts sank, aware that they have missed the best opportunity to attack Yang Feng.

An enigmatic smile on his face, Yang Feng scanned the passengers with a glance, and then fished out a vial of precious elixir and downed it.

After he ingested the precious elixir, a stream of heat quickly flowed inside him and nourished his injured body.

“Retreat!!” When the Radiant Primary God Pradoss projection crumbled, Ansais pretty face flickered, and she ordered promptly.

With that, the angel legion turned around, forced their way out of the encirclement of the starry sky rippers, and fled, cutting a sorry figure.

The starry sky rippers didnt give chase. Instead, they went to surround Avalons brave legion!

After Ansai led the angel legion to escape, the pressure Avalons brave legion was under increased several fold. At every moment, one or two braves would die at the hands of the mechanical legion.

Avalons face twisted ferociously, and, as if a wounded beast, he issued a shrill roar: “You cheep whore!!”

With every death, the soul of a brave would be weakened by a fraction. If they died too many times, they will be erased, unable to be reborn in a divine country.

On the Feisuo Plane, unless their soul was shackled by a poison spell, divine legion experts will return to the respective divine country after death, and them be reborn.

However, with every rebirth, the soul of divine legion experts will be weakened by a fractions. Once they died one too many times, they will be erased from the world for good.

Additionally, some god armaments and spells with the feature to attack the soul could also erase divine legion soldiers.

With the dragon spear in hand, the valiant Avalon sent spear rays flying towards numerous starry sky rippers and tore them to peaces.

However, the starry sky rippers were simply too numerous. No matter how many Avalon killed, more would take their place, not to mention that there were still the unpredictable light beams.

The light beams whittled the braves with demigod rank strength behind Avalon at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Steel fleets came to surround the brave legion, clearly intent on wiping it out.

When Vants saw this, his countenance changed, and he shouted loudly: “Stop, Ian! Well leave!!”

As a brave with weak divine force rank battle prowess, Avalons fighting potential was enormous. Although the apple of wisdom was extremely valuable, but it might not necessarily compare to Avalon.

With the endless mechanical legion blocking the way, the Titan Empire didnt have much hope of obtaining the apple of wisdom. Vants didnt want for Avalon to die here in vain.

As Avalon hasnt died yet, his fighting potential was enormous. But if he were to die here, his evolution potential will be weakened by more than 30%.

Aboard the Black Steel Warships, when Yang Feng heard Vantss words, he contemplated for a while, and then said: “Let them go!”

The starry sky rippers fighting the brave legion instantly dispersed, revealing the brave legion.

At this moment, of the brave legion, less than 10 experts remained. Riddled with injuries, Avalon was bleeding profusely, but his expression was haughty and his eyes sparkled with scorching fighting spirit.

The eyes of the remaining braves also radiated scorching fighting spirit, lacking any fear.

Yang Feng looked at the heroic braves, and he couldnt help but exclaim in admiration: “Its indeed a brave legion formed from countless legendary heroes!”

“Lets go!” Avalon glanced in Yang Fengs direction, then turned around, descended from the sky with the seven remaining braves, and landed on the Titan Empires flagship.

The Titan Empires flagship turned around and quickly swam towards the distance.

When the braves retreated, the countless starry sky rippers immediately rushed towards the beast emissaries.

The beast emissaries have just destroyed the fourth steel fleet, when they were besieged by countless starry sky rippers. Beast emissaries were torn to pieces by starry sky rippers at every moment.

The Beast God Arcath frowned and uttered gravely: “Stop! Ian! Lets talk it out!”

Yang Fengs eyebrows rose, and he spoke flatly: “Stop!”

The countless starry sky rippers flew away, and the beast emissaries flickered into motion and returned to the Beast God Arcaths side.

The Beast God Arcath spoke gravely: “Ian, the apple of wisdom is of great importance to me! If you give it to me, then Ill give you a weak divine force rank godhead in return!!”

With a weak divine force rank godhead, so long as you had enough divine force crystals, you could become a weak divine force rank god.

Yang Feng responded unhurriedly: “Mighty Beast God, the apple of wisdom is also very important to me. I cant give it to others, and someone as mighty as you is no exceptions!”

Yang Fengs goal wasnt to just become a weak divine force god. Once he consumes the apple of wisdom, his cultivation talent can be brought closer to the level of the freak-like genius Shi Xue. Otherwise, even though he embarked on the strongest Warlock path, his cultivation will progress at a snails pace, which would be insufferable.

“What a pity!” The Beast God Arcath looked deeply at Yang Feng, and then sighed and uttered indifferently: “Lets go!”

With that, the Beast God Arcaths projection collapsed and disappeared.

Protecting Kavral and company, the beast emissaries flew into the distance.

Of the five divine legions, only the sea guard legion remained, fighting frenziedly against Yang Fengs sea hunters in the sea.

Although the sea guards possessed astonishing fighting strength, but the shoal formed from 100,000 sea hunters dauntlessly rushed at them.

The sea guards had to gather and combine their forces to unleash a huge whirlpool that could barely withstand the offensive of the sea hunters.

Every so often, the huge whirlpool would get shredded by the sea hunters, and numerous sea hunters would pounce on a sea guard and tear them to pieces.

It was only a matter of time before the sea guards were completely devoured by the sea hunters.

The merfolk army commanded by the Mermaid Empress Brigea was engaged in a fight with the merfolk army commanded by the Naga Empress. The sea churned and billowed, and countless merfolk corpses floated up.

Yang Feng scanned the holographic projection with a glance and quickly came to a conclusion: “In about two more hours, the sea guards will be wiped out!”

The passengers aboard the Black Steel Warship stared at the holographic projection with an enigmatic gleam in their eyes.

Although five divine legions arrived, but they were still defeated by Yang Feng and suffered heavy casualties. Such battle prowess exceeded the expectations of the passengers.

Suddenly, golden light rose behind the Black Steel Warship and illuminated the sea behind the warship, forming beautiful golden waters.

Yang Feng was taken aback: “So soon!!”

The timing of the Golden Strait was beyond Yang Fengs expectation. According to the information provided by Faldina, the Golden Strait shouldnt appear for another several days.

Yang Fengs heart shook: “Fortunately, I came early. Otherwise, I would have missed this great chance!!”

The Black Steel Warship quickly floated up, and then rushed towards the Golden Strait.

The engines of numerous starry sky rippers roared as they flew towards the Golden Strait.

As soon as they entered the airspace of the Golden Strait, the starry sky rippers, space disruptors, and other battle robots affected by a mysterious force dropped down, fell into the sea, and sank to the bottom of the sea.

Yang Fengs heart shook at this scene: “The restricted airspace domain of the Golden Strait sure is extraordinary!!”

The Golden Strait has been set up by the Time Lord with many powerful restrictions. Once they entered this territory, even strong divine force rank gods will be weakened to the Great Warlock rank. No one was able to fly in the straits airspace.

It was for this reason that the four empires sent powerful fleets.

“Golden Strait!!”

“The Golden Strait appeared!!”


When the experts outside the steel fleets perimeter saw the Golden Strait, their eyes glimmered with excitement, and they flashed into motion and frantically flew towards the Golden Strait.

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