Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 444 – Shaking the World

Chapter 443 – Blasting a God Apart

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Swarms of starry sky rippers and space disruptors swooped down and engaged the Legend rank experts in combat, massacring them with impunity.

Projections of the beings backing the Legend rank experts were forced out. Besieged by the battle robots, the projections were destroyed one by one.

The sea sank into madness.

Some Legend rank powerhouses without backers could only stay outside the defensive line and watch the killing inside.

Grace looked at the surrounding waters shrouded in golden light with a look of expectation in her beautiful eyes and said with a charming smile: “In the past, the Golden Strait was a place of intense massacre. I didnt think that it would be so peaceful this time. Its all thanks to you, Your Majesty Ian!”

Cecilia and the other three passengers of unknown origins focused their gazes on Yang Feng, and their eyes shimmered with an enigmatic gleam.

In the past, every time the apple of wisdom riped, it would attract numerous experts, and a massacre would ensue from the outer sea to the Golden Strait, and then from the Golden Strait to the Golden Plain.

This time, Yang Feng released countless battle robots and stopped the many powerhouses outside the Golden Strait. This was simply heaven-defying.

During the time of the Eight Warlock Dynasties, the Feisuo planes apples of wisdom were destined to fall into the hands of human Warlock. The rest of the time, the apples of wisdom were up for grabs. But this time, the apple of wisdom was destined to fall into the hands of one of the people aboard the Black Steel Warship.

The speed of the Black Steel Warship was pushed to the limit. After sailing for three hours in the Golden Strait, the Golden Plain shrouded in golden light and exuding divine aura appear before them. The flowers, grass, and trees on the Golden Plain were all shrouded in golden light as well.

In the center of the Golden Plain stood a 9-kilometer-tall golden apple tree towering into the clouds and emitting bright light. This golden apple tree was one of the most precious treasures of the Feisuo Plane, the apple of wisdom tree.

Every 30,000 years, the apple of wisdom tree will produce an apple of wisdom. Anyone who got their hands on an apple of wisdom, under the premise that they didnt die prematurely, will become a weak divine force rank god at the lowest.

Everyone aboard the Black Steel Warship looked at the apple of wisdom tree with a fervent glint in their eyes.

When the Black Steel Warship was 20 kilometers away from the Golden Plain, bladed robots, space disruptors, and other battle robots got onto the deck.

20 steel fleets escorting the Black Steel Warship quickly encircled the warship, forming a huge steel warship island.

Seeing this scene, Grace, Cecilia, and the three experts of unknown origins frowned and stared at Yang Feng, and a foreboding gripped their hearts.

A passenger covered in a layer of darkness spoke in a hoarse voice: “Ian, what is the meaning of this?”

Yang Feng smiled lightly. Looking around at Grace and company, he said: “Im set on getting the apple of wisdom! Naturally, I wont give you any chances to compete with me for it. The agreement was only limited to let you enter the Golden Strait. However, there was no agreement to let you set foot on the Golden Plain.

The expert in a cyan cloak uttered coldly: “We have given you 30,000 divine force crystals, yet youre not willing to give us a chance to compete fairly?”

Yang Feng responded flatly: “The golden grass and golden flowers on the Golden Plain, although they cant compare to the apple of wisdom in terms of effect, but they are also treasures that can increase wisdom. You can have your pick of them. After I get the apple of wisdom, Ill naturally let you go ashore to pick some grass and flowers.”

“In fact, theres another way! That is, to capture you, and then pluck the apple of wisdom myself!” There was a sinister flash in the eyes of the passenger shrouded in a layer of darkness, and a shadow instantly rushed out from him and formed a strange Shadow Divine Domain that enveloped everyone on the Black Steel Warship.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with vigilance: “This is a Shadow Divine Domain!”

“Thats right! Ian, I am the Shadow Prince Mecca of the darkness gods, and this is my Shadow Divine Domain! I know that youre very strong! However, Im here with my true body! You who possess no law domain are defenseless!!”

A strange, ethereal voice came from all directions and directly poured into Yang Fengs mind, making it impossible track the source of the voice.

The Shadow Prince Meccas Shadow Divine Domain was hundred times stronger than Zhong Sunans Darkness Domain, giving off a strange feeling of time and space distorting, utter chaos, and the elimination of the senses. This was the power a divine domain.

“Interesting! Shadow Divine Domain! Let me break you!” Fighting spirit surged in Yang Fengs eyes, and a vast spatial fluctuation suddenly broke out and formed a Spatial Domain that gouged out an area of two meters in radius inside the Shadow Divine Domain. This was his limit.

A divine domain was a terrific existence that evolved from a domain mixed with the comprehension of laws of a god. Although the Shadow Prince Mecca was just a feeble divine force god, but he has come with his true body. As such, even though he could only use Great Warlock rank strength, his law domain was far above Yang Fengs.

“Spatial Domain! You actually comprehended the most difficult to comprehend law of space, Ian! Thats amazing! Unfortunately, youre just a mortal! In the presence of a god, all mortals are but petty ants!!” A sigh reverberated in the Shadow Divine Domain, and 10 shadow assassins whose faces couldnt be seen sprang up, and then suddenly stabbed at Yang Feng with a dark blue dagger from different directions.

“Nine fakes and one true!! No, theyre both fake and true!!” When he saw the 10 shadow assassins emerge from the shadows, Yang Fengs heart shook, and he took a step forward, unleashed the Fighting Demonic Fist Art, and punched out 10 times, blasting the shadow assassins apart.

“Ian, dont you like to use countless mechanical golems to besiege your enemies and consume their strength? Im the same! Go ahead, kill as many shadow assassins as you like!” A strange, ethereal laughter echoed in the area. The Shadow Divine Domain squirmed, and one shadow assassin with a dagger in hand after another darted out and, as if they were alive, stabbed towards Yang Feng from tricky angles.

Yang Feng unleashed the Fighting Demonic Fist Art and, as if a tough and overbearing demon god smashed one Legend rank shadow assassin after another.

When the shadow assassins were shattered, they would merge back into the Shadow Divine Domain, and then reappear after a few breaths of time and attack Yang Feng again.

“Awesome! Thats a gods true body for you! If it was during your heyday, then the Shadow Divine Domain powered by god rank power might be able to instakill me! Unfortunately, youre too weak now!!” A fierce flash in his eyes, Yang Feng extracted a wisp of world force from the semi-plane in his sea of knowledge. Exuding primal chaos aura, he took a step that shook the Black Steel Warship, and then unleashed the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist and punched out.

A terrifying force containing the laws of a world gushed out and tore the Darkness Divine Domain in a flash.

Due to that punch, the law of shadow collapsed, the Shadow Divine Domain collapsed, and the world returned to normal.

The Shadow Prince Mecca concealed in the Shadow Divine Domains shot out of the void, spewed out a mouthful of golden blood, and looked at Yang Feng with shock in his eyes: “How is this possible? How can you break my Shadow Divine Domain! You, youre just a Great Warlock! How can you break my Shadow Divine Domain?!”

The Shadow Prince Mecca was a most fearsome character even among feeble divine force rank gods. He has even sneak attacked and seriously injured several weak divine force rank gods. For the sake of the apple of wisdom, he has come with his true body. On the Feisuo Plane, not many mortals could defeat him with Great Warlock rank strength.

“Its simple, its because Im treading the strongest Warlock path!” Yang Feng smiled lightly and took a step forward. Crossing the distance of hundreds of meters with this step, he appeared in front of the Shadow Prince Mecca and unleashed the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist slamming towards the latter.

The Shadow Prince Meccas face fell, then he screamed, his body collapsed, and he turned into 10 shadows shooting away in different directions.

Shadow Clone Art was the strongest life-saving spell the Shadow Prince Mecca has grasped. Each one of the 10 shadows was his true body. So long as one shadow escaped, than he could be reborn.

Shadow Clone Art enabled the Shadow Prince Mecca to escape at least 30 deadly situations. It was the reason why he dared to come into the secular body with his true body.

Yang Feng smiled coldly. The Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist changed, and a vast suction came from the fist like it was a huge whirlpool. Violating the laws of physics, the suction from the fist pulled the 10 shadows towards the fist.

A frightening force erupted in an instant, and the 10 shadows were shattered to pieces, leaving only a pitch-black shadow godhead the size of two fingers that fell on the floor.

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