Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 446 – Getting the Apple of Wisdom

Chapter 445 – Killing the Queen of Spiders Lolths Clone

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The hail of light barreled towards the ancient devil and the Goddess Lolth, yet only managed to hit their afterimages.

Most of the steel fleets were left outside to attack the many experts who wanted to enter the Golden Strait. As such, the firepower of the remaining steel fleets was no longer enough to seal the movements of the ancient devil and the Goddess Lolth.

With the restricted airspace array in place, the fighting strength of starry sky rippers was greatly reduced, unable to intercept the ancient devil and the Goddess Lolth.

When the ancient devil and the Goddess Lolth moved, the artillery fire smashed their ships to pieces that sank into the sea.

The ancient devil and the Goddess Lolth were forced to turn back and kill Yang Feng precisely because they would be sitting ducks aboard their ships.

The ancient devil silently recited an incantation, pointed at the sky, and unleashed one of the most powerful secret methods of ancient devils – the Devils Eye.

Vast demonic qi surged, and an ancient devil projection with a pair of horns, which were snapped in half, and one eye gouged out, exuding a desolate and ancient aura suddenly appeared in the air, then slowly opened its remaining eye and looked indifferently at Yang Feng.

When he saw the ancient devil projection, Yang Fengs face changed dramatically, and he exclaimed: “Thats the sky devil Ge!!”

Among ancient devils, six sky devils have emerged. Each sky devil was a powerful existence that has fought against a Warlock Emperor. Of the six sky devils, Ge has once defeated the Taboo Lord who hasnt yet climbed the position of Warlock Emperor.

After the Taboo Lord advanced to a Warlock Emperor, he killed Ge using supreme might.

Even though the sky devil Ge was killed by the Taboo Lord, but his discarnate soul still remained wandering the world.

After countless years, the ancient devils managed to extract a wisp of intent from Ges discarnate soul via a secret method and formed one of the most powerful secret methods of ancient devils – the Devils Eye.

When the sky devil Ges projection opened its sole eye, vast demonic light shot towards Yang Feng.

The Goddess Lolth silently recited an incantation and pointed to the sky, and a divine country projection with a beautiful environment and beautiful dissolute female dark elves everywhere suddenly appeared.

A beam of bright black light illuminated the Goddess Lolth.

The Goddess Lolths body extended and her aura rose, and she turned into a 20-meter-tall monster with the upper body of a beautiful woman and the lower body of a huge spider. Her back was covered with sharp spear-like barbs.

The Goddess Lolth was also called the Queen of Spiders Lolth. Reportedly, she was a first generation child of the Primal Chaos Mother Spider. The Primal Chaos Mother Spider was one of the first life forms born after the universe came into being. From the day of her birth, she possessed terrific power that surpassed that of gods. According to legend, she was a terrifying existence who could rival human Warlock Emperors and even surpass them.

The first time she gave birth, the Primal Chaos Mother Spider birthed 108 children, one of which was the Queen of Spiders Lolth. After she devoured several of her siblings, the Queen of Spiders Lolth fled the Primal Chaos Mother Spiders side, and then roamed the many planes in the universe for countless years. After she deceived a high elven great elven monarch, she used a wicked secret method to pollute the bloodline of the high elves governed by the high elven great elven monarch and transform them into dark elves.

The high elves have always been very proud, and cared much more about the purity of their bloodline than other races. As such, they no longer regarded the dark elves whose bloodline was polluted by a wicked secret method as their compatriots, and even went all out to kill them.

Having no choice but to rely on the Queen of Spiders Lolth, the dark elves fled with her to the Feisuo Plane and worshiped her as their divine guardian.

The transformation into a primal chaos spider was one of the strongest secret methods the Queen of Spiders Lolth grasped.

Once she transformed into a half person half spider primal chaos spider,

the Queen of Spiders Lolth sprayed ghastly dark green poison containing the law of toxicity shooting towards Yang Feng.

After her transformation, the venom the Queen of Spiders Lolth sprayed was the most troublesome primal chaos spider venom. With her current Great Warlock rank power, if the highly toxic primal chaos spider venom was sprayed on a Glorious Dawn Warlock, and if the response of the latter was incorrect, then they would be corroded for hundreds of years, or even a 1,000 years. The pain would be unbearable. By then, it would be extremely difficult for the latter to progress in their cultivation.

When corroded by the primal chaos spider venom sprayed by the Queen of Spiders Lolths true body at the intermediate divine force rank, then even a mighty divine force (Warlock Monarch) rank expert without an antidote would suffer unbearable pain, and be in danger of dying.

“Amazing, thats god rank experts for you! If it was your true bodies at their strongest, then I might not be able to withstand your attacks. However, if you think that you can kill me with Great Warlock rank strength, then youre too naive!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with burning fighting spirit, and he smiled faintly. The power of law surged, wisps of world force were extracted from the semi-plane, and he unleashed the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist barreling towards the Devils Eyes demonic light.

Rumble! The demonic light shot by the Devils Eye was shattered by Yang Fengs punch, and a fearsome force scattered in all directions.

Several warships around Yang Feng were smashed by the fearsome force.

After his fist strike shattered the demonic light, Yang Feng reached out with his hand, and the Spatial Domain erupted. A spatial maze suddenly appeared and devoured the venom the Queen of Spiders has just spit up.

When the venom containing the frightening law of toxicity touched Yang Fengs Spatial Domain, the domain collapsed and withered little by little.

Yang Feng took out the god armament Holy Flame Sword and slashed down, and a flame containing the law of fire slammed into the the venom.

Sizzle! Amid crisp sounds, the venom spurted by the Queen of Spiders Lolth was burned to ashes and purified.

The primal chaos spider venom sprayed by the Queen of Spiders Lolth was indeed one of the most terrible poisons in the world. However, as long as the venom didnt enter his body, then Yang Feng had a myriad of ways to deal with it.

In one fell swoop, the strongest attacks of the two experts were defeated. A cold look in his eyes, Yang Feng unleashed a Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist shooting towards the ancient devil thousands of meters away.

The ancient devils face fell, and he opened his mouth and spurted a large mouthful of blood essence, and the level-6 secret treasure Evil Fog Skeleton Shield in his hand radiated brilliant light.

When the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist slammed into the Evil Fog Skeleton Shield, the shield was knocked away.

Before the ancient devil could react, another meteor-like Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist crossed the distance of thousands of meters and slammed into him.

Fear and despair welled up in the ancient devils eyes, and he opened his mouth as if to say something. But before any sound could escape him lips, his body exploded into a copious amount of gore. Only a head with a look of unwillingness on its face remained intact.

The ancient devil was a powerful existence comparable to a god. For the sake of the apple of wisdom, he took the risk of venturing to the Golden Strait with his true body. On his original plane, he could kill Yang Feng with one strike. As such, being killed by the Great Warlock Yang Feng was simply too grievous.

When the Queen of Spiders Lolth saw the ancient devil being blown apart with only two punches from Yang Feng, her pretty face flickered, and she shouted: “Ian, Im willing to give up on the apple of wisdom! Please let me leave! If you let me go, then Ill have the Maiden of Pleasure and the Goddess of the Dark Forest of the dark elven pantheon [1] accompany you for a year!!”

Although it was only a clone, but this was her strongest clone. Without the suppression of the planar tide, this clone was as strong as a weak divine force rank god and could contend against Glorious Dawn Warlocks.

The death of this clone would certainly spell a huge loss for the Queen of Spiders Lolth.

“Unfortunately, you have to die!” Yang Fengs eyes flashed frigidly, and he unleashed the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist. As if there was nothing left in the world, as if it carried the pressure of a world, the fist barreled towards the Queen of Spiders Lolth.

“Scoundrel!!” The Queen of Spiders Lolths pretty face fell. A divine country projection suddenly appeared behind her, and a copious amount of divine force of darkness entered her body.

Strengthened by divine force of darkness, countless invisible threads formed a huge Domain of Threads in front of the Queen of Spiders Lolth.

When the Primal Chaos Annihilation Fist crushed into the Domain of Threads, the countless threads collapsed, and then the fist containing world force slammed heavily into the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone.

The expression of the Queen of Spiders Lolths expression changed several times. She stared at Yang Feng with resentment in her pretty eyes, and then exploded.

The strongest Warlock path was extremely difficult, but once it was successfully cultivated, its might was despairing. Yang Feng has gone to great lengths and went to the Astral Boundary to really set foot on the strongest Warlock path. With just a Great Warlock rank cultivation base, the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone was naturally not his match.

Yang Feng beckoned with his hand, and an enormous suction sprang up and pulled the remains of the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone and the ancient devil.

Among the remains, the devil core and the pith-black godhead were particularly eye-catching.


[1] – divine system was changed to pantheon

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