Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 447 – Cynosure

Chapter 446 – Getting the Apple of Wisdom

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The devil core was a soul core condensed by the ancient devil, and it contained the ancient devils power and soul essence.

When many powerful extraordinary life forms evolve to a certain degree, they will condense a core inside them, and human Warlocks were no exception.

When human Warlocks advanced to the Starry Sky Warlock rank, the soul seed in their spirit sea will absorb the power, soul, spell models, and other essences to condense a soul core. Soul cores of human Warlocks werent much different from the cores of other extraordinary life forms.

Yang Feng grabbed the devil core and scanned it with a glance, and his eyes revealed a touch of amusement: “This is a pinnacle Moonlight Warlock rank devil core! Not bad. With this devil core, I can transform into a Moonlight Warlock rank ancient devil. Or, I could use other precious materials and forge it into a Moonlight Warlock rank battle robot.”

He put the devil core aside, then grabbed the godhead dropped by the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone, and frowned, and countless thoughts revolved in his mind.

The gods condensed clones to use them instead of their true bodies to walk in the secular world.

Feeble divine force rank gods could condense one clone, weak divine force rank gods could condense two clones, intermediate divine force rank gods could condense three clones, strong divine force rank gods could condense four clones, and mighty divine force rank gods could condense five clones.

There were both strong and weak clones, and divinity or even godhead could be placed in them. In some pantheons, the gods holding different divine authorities were different clones of a god.

This Queen of Spiders Lolths clone was extraordinary. It had a week divine force rank godhead placed inside it, which was why it was so powerful. She has never imagined that this clone of hers would be killed by Yang Feng.

Grasping the weak divine force rank godhead, Yang Fengs expression changed repeatedly: “Using this godhead is equivalent to fighting the Goddess Lolth over the control of the dark elven believers, which would give rise to an irreconcilable enmity.”

The dark elves were the Queen of Spiders Lolths exclusive property as well as the foundation of her godhood. As such, no one was permitted to meddle with them.

Each godhead was formed from a copious amount of a races faith force and a special law. Godheads formed from the faith force of specific races could only accept the faith force from said races. This was the disadvantage of ascending to godhood using the godhead of another.

If he wanted to ascend to godhood using this godhead, Yang Feng would have to fight with the Queen of Spiders Lolth over the dark elven believers.

Additionally, this weak divine force rank godhead still contained the soul imprint of its former master. If he used it to become a god, a moment of carelessness could lead to him being controlled by the the Goddess Lolth and become her puppet.

“Your Majesty, I yield! Please spare my life!!” Suddenly, a wave churned, and Grace with a broken arm urged the wave to appear in front of Yang Feng, cutting a sorry figure.

The countless sea hunters underneath Grace made for a scalp-numbing sight.

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and an invisible Mage Hand grabbed Grace from the wave and tossed her aside. Then, with a light leap, he jumped towards the sea.

A sea hunter suddenly appeared below Yang Feng and became his footrest.

The sea hunter blurred into motion and swam towards the Golden Plain.

On the warship, the two mesmerizing women Grace and Cecilia could only exchange a bitter smile. For Yang Feng to stop the fleet here, it made it clear that he wouldnt give them a chance to get the apple of wisdom. When they thought of the Shadow Prince Meccas defeat, the two experts shuddered in the core of their being.

Yang Feng crossed the Golden Straight and set foot on the Golden Plain.

Covered in golden light, the Golden Plain looked sacred and beautiful.

Yang Feng blurred into motion and swiftly darted towards the apple of wisdom tree. Soon after, he arrived before the apple of wisdom tree. Using both hands and feet, he quickly climbed to the top of the tree.

At the top of the apple of wisdom tree, there was a fist-sized golden apple releasing a golden glow.

Yang Feng looked at the golden apple with a fervent look in his eyes. He plucked the apple of wisdom, and then impatiently took a bite out of it.

A sweet juice flowed into his mouth.

In a split second, enlightenment dawned upon Yang Feng, and the questions regarding cultivation that had plagued him in the past were instantly solved. Many bodies of knowledge that were hard to understand in the past, suddenly became clear and simple.

Yang Fengs clone was trapped in an underground secret chamber of the Black Dragon Country because he couldnt grasp divinity of massacre. Suddenly, his eyes glimmered with light, and he easily grasped of the law of massacre contained in divinity of massacre.

In the next moment, Yang Fengs clone stood up and sighed, a smile on his face: “Thats the apple of wisdom for you, a peerless treasure that countless experts of the 36 material planes wish to obtain!”

If he hadnt obtained the apple of wisdom, then Yang Fengs clone might have taken several years to comprehend the law of massacre.

After he finished eating the apple of wisdom, countless secret methods flashed past his eyes, and then were analyzed. In his eyes, various laws of heaven and earth were stripped of their peel of mystery, and then were freely understood.

The secret method Yang Fengs true body cultivated was the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body created by the Taboo Lord. This secret method was absolutely mysterious and extremely hard to understand. After he assimilated the semi-plane seed, although he became very powerful, but the secret method has become even more difficult to understand.

If he hadnt eaten the apple of wisdom, Yang Feng felt that it would take him a decade to complete the transformation and evolve into a Starry Sky Warlock. Now, however, he clearly felt that if he so wished, he could easily cross that step and advance to a Starry Sky Warlock. Furthermore, if he didnt care about stabilizing his foundation, he could even advance to a Moonlight Warlock after he promoted to a Starry Sky Warlock.

Of course, if he advanced by two great realm in one go, his foundation would be unstable. In the future, when he wanted to promote to a Glorious Dawn Warlock, he would have to spend 1,000 times more time and energy as well as countless precious treasures to make up for the weak foundation.

Yang Feng grabbed the god armament Holy Flame Sword and swept it with his eyes. With a thought, a violent Flame Domain instantly spread from him and extended towards the front.

Looking at the Flame Domain, his eyes flashed with excitement: “Terrific! The apple of wisdom is really terrific!”

Prior to this, Yang Feng has not comprehended the law of fire. Now, however, he has just sensed the law of fire contained in the god armament Holy Flame Sword, and then directly grasped its mysteries. This was the terror of the apple of wisdom.

If they ate the apple of wisdom, then even an ordinary person with an ordinary aptitude would have a meteoric rise and become an unequaled genius with an extraordinary intellect.

Pressing down his excitement, Yang Feng began to carefully collect the leaves around the apple of wisdom.

The apple of wisdom leaves also had the magical effect of enlightening people and increasing their wisdom. In the outside world, every leaf was very precious, and even Bright World Warlock would be willing to spend a large sum to purchase a leaf.

After he picked up 100 leaves, golden light shone on him, and he was teleported 100 meters away of the apple of wisdom tree.

Yang Feng took a deep look at the apple of wisdom tree, smiled, turned around, and walked towards his fleet.

“Congratulations, Your Majesty! From this point on, youll have a meteoric rise, and are expected to become a god!” When Yang Feng returned to the fleet, Cecilia greeted him with a smile on her face.

Graces eyes flashed with a complicated look, and then she adopted a smile and spoke: “Congratulations, Your Majesty!”

Now that Yang Feng got the apple of wisdom, it meant that if he didnt die, he was virtually certain to advance to a god, to a weak divine force rank god to boot. From now on, the gap between him and Cecilia and them will only grow wider.

From the moment he ate the apple of wisdom, Yang Feng was a quasi-god, and his status was completely different from the Legend rank geniuses such as Grace and Cecilia.

Cecilia uttered with a pleading look in her eyes: “Your Majesty, would you please sell me 10 apple of wisdom leaves? Im willing to pay 1,000 divine force crystals per leaf!”

Although the leaves werent as effective as the apple of wisdom, but they were still unparalleled treasures. Besides, only 100 leaves could be produced every 30,000 years, so they were exceedingly precious and valuable.

Graces pretty eyes glimmered with expectation as she gazed at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng responded with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “No, I wont sell a single leaf. However, you may go to the Golden Plain and pick some flowers.”

Although these leaves were of no use to Yang Feng himself, but he could give them to his women, friends, and subordinates to use. These sort of treasures could only be obtained through good fortune, so he naturally wouldnt sell them to others.

The expression in Cecilias pretty eyes changed repeatedly, and then she clenched her teeth and said: “If I was willing to be your mount for 1,000 years, would you give me a leaf in exchange?”

“Dragon Knight!” This term jumped out in Yang Fengs mind. He looked deeply at the gorgeous dragon girl with a heroic temperament Cecilia and said: “Alright! However, are you sure that this is what you want?”

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