Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 448 – Stepping into Godhood

Chapter 447 – Cynosure

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Cecilias face flickered with unswerving determination, and she said with decisiveness that could slice nails and cut iron: “I am!”

The lifespan of dragons was much longer than that of humans. For Cecilia, 1,000 years was equivalent to 10 years for a human.

Yang Feng responded indifferently: “Okay! After we leave this place, Ill sign a Dragon Knight contract with you!”

Cecilia, who possessed an extraordinary talent, and was backed by a dragon god, could easily promote to a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse with a little nurturing. With Yang Fengs help and careful nurture, she could likely advance to a Moonlight Warlock rank expert in the future. Yang Feng naturally wasnt willing to have such a good helper slip by.

The huge fleet quickly swam up to the Golden Plain, and Cecilia, Faldina, and Arlet as well as the other dragonborn experts set foot on the Golden Plain.

Cecilia and the other beautiful women went to the apple of wisdom tree, yet they couldnt come within 100 meters of it. They could only sigh and turn back.

After picking 100 golden grasses of golden flowers, everyone returned to the warship, satisfied.

Enveloped by the Time Lords restrictions, everyone could only get 100 flowers or grasses from the Golden Plain.

Yang Feng collected the golden flowers and grasses that the dragonborn had picked up, and then gave each of them 10 golden grasses as reward.

Although the 10 golden grasses were a far cry from the leaves, but they were enough to increase the potential of the dragonborn experts by a large chunk. With the 10 golden grasses, so long as they didnt die, they were virtually guaranteed to promote to Legend Rank powerhouse,s and they even had a chance to promote to the Starry Sky Warlock rank.

When Yang Fengs fleet exited the Golden Strait, it attracted everyones gazes.

“Its over!”


“Who, who got the apple of wisdom?!”

The projections locked in a fight with the starry sky rippers and the Legend rank experts watching from the sidelines looked at the huge fleet that came out of the Golden Strait with bloodshot eyes and speculated who got the apple of wisdom.

Some tyrannical existences who have already revealed their true bodies sighed helplessly when they saw Yang Feng and company, and then turned into streaks of light and scattered.

Yang Feng looked around and saw that one-third of the steel fleets was missing, and the corpses of freaks were floating everywhere.

Of the 1 million battle robots in the air, one-tenth was missing.

Sea hunters quickly swam over and offered the treasures, cores, and flesh and blood essences of the dead experts to Yang Feng.

The sudden appearance of the Golden Straight forced the selfish god rank existences to reveal themselves and engage with the starry sky ripper swarm, which was how they die and why so many precious treasures were left behind. Among them, there were nine demigod armaments and the water god armament Sea Crown.

As for godheads, there were none.

In the Golden Strait, everyone was suppressed to the Great Warlock rank, which was how Yang Feng could easily kill the Shadow Prince Mecca, the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone, and the ancient devil viscount. If they were in the outside world instead, then even if they werent a match, they still would be able to quickly make their escape by relying on demigod rank strength.

After Yang Fengs fleet left, the Golden Strait disappeared.

Only if a strong divine force rank god expended a copious amount of divine force, could the path to the Golden Plain be opened again.

“Ian! Its him!!”

“He got the apple of wisdom!!”

“It should be him!!”


Gazes filled with envy and jealousy focused on Yang Feng. Although they havent stepped foot on the Golden Plain, but when they saw the expressions of joy on the faces of the dragonborn and the Golden Strait disappear, these experts guessed the truth of the matter.

Only after the apple of wisdom was picked and the person who got the apple left, would the Golden Strait disappear.

A wave in the sea surged, and the mesmerizing Mermaid Empress Brigea with a trident in hand standing atop the wave stared at Yang Feng from afar, a complicated look in her eyes. She said loudly: “I am the Mermaid Empress Brigea. Your Majesty Ian, did the apple of wisdom fall into your hands?”

Gazes full of expectation, fear, curiosity, envy, and other complex emotions gathered on Yang Feng.

With a light smile, Yang Feng fished out an apple of wisdom leaf and, with a gentle flick of his fingers, tossed it towards Arlet: “Eat this!”

Arlets beautiful eyes flashed with surprise, then without hesitation, she took the leaf and ate it at once.

In the next moment, vast black dragon qi gushed out, and countless black dragon scales grew on Arlets body, making her look like a humanoid black dragon. Her eyes flickered with wisdom, and she eagerly absorbed the surrounding vigor of heaven and earth.

Yang Feng flicked his fingers, and vials of precious elixirs immediately turned into a stream of liquid that entered the Arlets lips.

Within a dozen breaths of time, fearsome Starry Sky Warlock rank dragon might spread from Arlet. She faced the sky and released a tremendous dragon roar, jolting the minds of many legend rank experts.

Aboard the Black Steel Warship, many dragonborn powerhouses watching Arlet shuddered, their hearts overcome with awe and reverence.

Arlet has broken through the black dragon bloodline shackles and stepped into the demigod realm, suppressing the countless genius of the Black Dragon Country. Even the ancient black dragon Obin could no longer command her.

Arlet opened her eyes. Feeling the surge of power inside her, she knelt down on one knee and uttered full of gratitude: “Thank you for giving me this treasure, Your Majesty!”

Arlet was a rare talent to begin with, and her cultivation base was at the pinnacle Great Warlock rank. Later Yang Feng has taught her the Black Dragon Morph secret method. Now coupled with the apple of wisdom leaf, she finally had a break through, and advanced to a Starry Sky Warlock rank powerhouse.


“She broke through and became a demigod!”

“Bastard, that was an apple of wisdom leaf! Ian should be the one who got the apple of wisdom!!”


As the surrounding Legend rank experts watched Arlet break through to a demigod rank powerhouse, their eyes turned bloodshot and filled with envy and jealousy.

Between the Legend rank and the demigod rank, there was a huge barrier. On the Feisuo Plane, Legend rank powerhouses were rarely seen. But after the democalypse broke out, the hidden Legend rank powerhouses showed themselves to the world, Legend rank experts became a common sight. However, demigod rank powerhouse were still very rare.

On the Feisuo Plane, without drawing support from outside forces – faith force, godhead to name a few, human experts could not promote to the demigod rank.

After getting an apple of wisdom leaf, Arlet soared to the demigod rank before everyones eyes, which naturally filled them with incomparable jealousy.

On the Feisuo Plane, apple of wisdom leaves were one of the very few types of priceless treasures that could break through the shackles of the body, and let people break through and advance to the demigod rank without having to rely on faith power.

After he saw Arlet promote to a demigod rank powerhouse, Yang Feng smiled for a while, and then uttered: “Thats right, I ate the apple of wisdom!”

“He ate it!!”

“Scoundrel!! Bastard!! Sure enough, he ate it!!”




When they heard his words, the hearts of the surrounding Legend rank powerhouses dripped with blood and filled with envy and hatred, yet they could do nothing about it. If it was them, they would also eat the apple of wisdom right after getting their hands on it. After all, leaving it for later was just asking for trouble.

Tyrannical god rank auras descended from the sky, and gazes that seemed to cross the void scrutinized Yang Feng.

“What a pity!!”



Sighs rang in the void, and the god rank auras slowly dispersed. For the sake of the apple of wisdom, these god rank experts were willing to come with their true bodies and fight with Yang Fengs mechanical legion. However, since the apple of wisdom has already been eaten, fighting Yang Feng would no longer be worthwhile.

Many Legend rank powerhouses also sighed, then turned into streaks of light and flew away.

Some Legend rank powerhouses stared at Yang Feng with flickering eyes.

Apart from the apple of wisdom, the apple of wisdom leaves were also exceptional treasures. An apple of wisdom leaf could let a pinnacle Legend rank expert directly break through into the demigod rank, and there was even a glimmer of hope to advance to a feeble divine force rank god. Since Yang Feng got the apple of wisdom, then he also should have gotten the apple of wisdom leaves.

The Mermaid Empress Brigea spoke flatly: “Your Majesty Ian, Im willing to fork out 5,000 divine force crystals for a leaf!”

Yang Feng responded with a faint smile: “5,000 divine force crystals? Give me 100,000 divine force crystals, and Ill sell you one.”

The pretty eyes of the Mermaid Empress Brigea flashed with anger, and she snapped: “Impossible! Your Majesty Ian, Im already being very sincere by offering you 5,000 divine force crystals!!”

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