Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 450 – Moonlight Ceremony

Chapter 449 – Divine Country

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“Divine country! He actually formed his own divine country!”

“Right, he has asked for divine force crystals in order to refine his divine country!!”

“What an amazing guy!!”

“With a divine country to call his own, even weak divine force rank gods may not be his match!”


The gazes of the gods concentrated on Yang Fengs divine country, many of which were filled with shock and envy.

A divine country was the base as well as the strongest god armament of a god. Only gods with divine countries could receive the souls of their believers. Moreover, within their divine country, the gods could grasp the various laws to shape the most favorable battle environment for them.

In a strong enough divine country, even a feeble divine force rank gods could cut across two major realms and contend against an intermediate divine force rank god.

However, semi-planes were extremely rare. You have to go to the dangerous Astral Boundary and rely on your luck to look for one. Among the Feisuo Planes gods, there were many gods who didnt possess a divine country of their own.

In the Zaliah pantheon and the Titan pantheon, there were many gods without a divine country of their own who resided in the divine countries of other gods. Within the divine country of another gods, an area would be drawn out for them to receive their believers.

In the dark elven pantheon, only the Queen of Spiders Lolth possessed her own divine country. The rest of the dark elven gods resided in her divine country and used the power of her divine country to receive their believers.

Among the darkness gods, more than two-thirds of the gods didnt possess their own divine country, many whom were unable to receive the souls of their believers.

The Shadow Prince Mecca was one such god who couldnt receive the souls of his believers. As such, his believers could not be reborn.

For Yang Feng to be able to refine his own divine country when he ascended to godhood was simply incredible.

Yang Feng pointed with his finger, and divine light flickered. According to the Feisuo Planes planar laws, his divine country quietly vanished and disappeared in some secret place. As far as other gods went, the location of each gods divine country was a big secret. Unless necessary, the divine countries of many gods were hidden in places impossible to find.

Whenever a god just ascended to godhood, they would be in their weakest state, and that was because they didnt have a divine country to call their own. Even if they possessed a divine country of their own, it would still be difficult to engrave powerful laws into their divine country in a short time. Divine countries without laws inscribed into them were the most coveted treasures among the rest of the gods.

Some weak divine force rank gods and even intermediate divine force rank gods would attack weak gods with a divine country of their own who just ascended to godhood and steal their divine country.

In accordance with the Feisuo Planes planar laws, after refining their divine country, each god had an opportunity to hide their divine country in some secret place in the starry sky of the Feisuo Plane.


“What a sly guy!!”


When the gods saw Yang Fengs divine country vanish into the void, many of them sighed.

Virtually at the same time, there was an extra star in the Feisuo Planes starry sky exuding a radiant glow.

Yang Fengs figure blurred, and he turned into a streak of black light that entered the said star and disappeared.

The star was a projection of Yang Fengs divine country in the Feisuo Plane. With this projection, he could enter his divine country directly. Other gods, even strong divine force rank gods, couldnt enter his divine country via this projection.

After he entered his divine country, Yang Feng pressed a dimensional badge, and countless engineering robots flew out and began the construction of various palaces and residences within the divine country.

Yang Feng flicked his wrist, and the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead appeared in his hand.

Although the weak divine force rank godhead concealed within the Queen of Spiders Lolths clone possessed a much greater evolution potential than the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead. However, Yang Feng had a vague premonition that once he merged with her godhead, something bad would occur. As such, he didnt take it out.

He pressed the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead against his forehead. With a golden light, the godhead entered his forehead, and then melted into the godhead he has condensed.

Numerous wisps of the law of shadows poured out of the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead. Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a gleam of wisdom, and he easily understood the Shadow Prince Meccas comprehensions accumulated over tens of thousands of years regarding shadows and assassination.

If Yang Feng had ascended to godhood before getting the apple of wisdom, then with the analytical power of his godhead, it would take him a decade or two to comprehend the laws contained within the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead. However, after obtaining the apple of wisdom, with the power of his godhead, he was able to understand everything within a few moments.

Inside the hidden basement of a villa, there was an idol of the Shadow Prince Mecca broken into two halves.

“Mighty Lord the Shadow Prince Mecca, your most devout believers implore you, please listen to our voices.” Before the idol was an archbishop with a withered face of the Shadow Church prostrating himself on the ground and desperately chanting prayers. However, no matter how he prayed, he couldnt establish a connection with the god he believed in. Without the patronage of the god and the gift of divine spells, even a Wizard could kill him. He has been reduced to an ordinary old man without any extraordinary power.

In the secret room, there were also a dozen bishops of the Shadow Church prostrating themselves on the ground, expressions of panic engraved on their withered faces.

At this moment, the Shadow Prince Meccas idol broken into two halves healed strangely. At the same time, the idol distorted and changed into a likeness that was 90% similar to Yang Fengs.

When the archbishop of the Shadow Church looked up and saw the jaw-dropping, bizarre scene, his body trembled, and he realized that the Shadow Prince Mecca was already dead, and a god who has devoured him was born.

“My name is Ian, the ruler of the shadows. My believers will return to my divine country after death and gain eternal life!” A thought entered the minds of the archbishop and the bishops.

“My Lord Ian, I am Gasard! Im willing to believe in you! I pray that you grant me strength!!” The face of the archbishop of the Shadow Country changed repeatedly, and then he bowed his head respectfully and prayed piously to Yang Fengs idol.

In the next moment, the archbishop felt his body fill with the very familiar divine force of shadows, and he immediately turned ecstatic.

“My Lord Ian, I am Gars! Im willing to believe in you! I pray that you grant me strength!!”


The eyes of the bishops glimmered with greed, and they knelt on the floor and prayed loudly.

The archbishop and the bishops werent fanatics of the Shadow Church, they werent bothered that the object of their worship has changed. So long as the god could grant them strength, then they were willing to believe in the god.

When traces of divine force of shadows filled the bishops, they became ecstatic, and prayed even more piously. After the agony of losing their strength, they became even more devoted.

Such a scene occurred throughout the Feisuo Plane.

The Shadow Prince Mecca has been active for more than 10,000 years on the Feisuo Plane after all. As such, he possessed many bases, and his believers numbered more than 10 million. His sphere of influence spread throughout the plane.

After he analyzed the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead, Yang Feng got three-fourths of his believers and forces. The remaining one-forth were die-hard believers of the Shadow Prince Mecca who either committed suicide or went into hiding, filled with hatred towards the new ruler of shadows Yang Feng.

Within his divine country, Yang Feng was analyzing the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead. He suddenly revealed a smile: “Interesting, this Shadow Prince Mecca really wasnt a simple individual. It turns out that he has become the sole god of a plane!!”

When the Shadow Prince Mecca has traveled in the Astral Boundary, he was fortunate enough to find a grade 9 plane. Although his true body wasnt able to go to the grade 9 plane, but he formed a clone and used it to enter the plane. After 300 years, he gained complete control of the grade 9 plane, and had the Shadow Church become the sole church of the plane.

On the grade 9 plane, the population reached 13 million people, which wasnt far off from the number of the Shadow Churchs believers on the Feisuo Plane.

In fact, many powerful gods of the Feisuo Plane would go to the Astral Boundary to look for lower grade planes, colonize them, and turn them into sources of faith force.

The gods who ascended to godhood on the Feisuo Plane, their true bodies could only travel the Feisuo Plane and the Astral Boundary. But once they were to go to another plane, their strength would decrease sharply. However, their clones and divine legions werent subjected to this restriction.

Yang Feng ordered: “Scan me!”

Strings of messages immediately emerged.

The godhead grade wasnt a function of the cumulative godhead values, but the highest value. If he hadnt absorbed the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead, Yang Fengs godhead grade would be 1. And even though he absorbed the Shadow Prince Meccas godhead, his godhead grade was only 5. He hadnt broken through the limit of the feeble divine force rank godhead.

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