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Chapter 452 – Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method

Chapter 451 Yi Yuanyang

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鈥淲ho鈥檚 that?鈥?

鈥淗e seems to be Fairy Shi Xue鈥檚 Big Brother Yang Feng, a personal disciple of the Great Elder Huang Yihe.鈥?

鈥淲ith his Great Warlock rank cultivation base, compared to Fairy Shi Xue, he鈥檚 really too lacking.鈥?

鈥淥f course, there are only a few people in the Great Cloud Dynasty who can compare to Fairy Shi Xue.鈥?


The people from the major forces gazed at Yang Feng with pity in their eyes.

On the Turandot Subcontinent, Great Warlock rank powerhouses were already pinnacle powerhouses. But in the Great Cloud Dynasty, they were nothing much. In the Great Cloud Dynasty鈥檚 most elite imperial guard, the weakest soldiers possessed Great Warlock rank cultivation base.

In the Battle Demon Sect, where experts were as common as clouds, Great Warlock rank experts could be seen everywhere, and many outer sect disciples possessed Great Warlock rank cultivation base.

Mo Wuheng glanced at Yang Feng with contempt and disdain in his eyes, and then no longer looked at him. The gap between them was as wide as the gap between a god and a mortal.

After taking a deep look at Yang Feng, Shi Xue strolled forward and sat down on a seat in a position second only to that of the Sect Master Lu Wuchen. As if a proud and noble goddess, she overlooked the people from above.

Mo Wuheng found a seat next to Shi Xue and sat down. The entire time, his gaze has never strayed from Shi Xue, showing no intention to look at the representatives of the major forces.

A bewitching woman in a purple dress followed by four disciples dressed in Bright Moon School attires strode into the reception hall. One of the disciples of the Bright Moon School was the genius Zhang Zhiqiao whom Yang Feng has met previously.

The bewitching woman in purple walked up to Lu Wuchen and saluted him, and then said with a light smile: 鈥淲ell met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. Congratulations on adding a Moonlight Warlock to your sect. To be able to advance to a Moonlight Warlock in less than 30 years, she really is a genius as rare as a phoenix鈥檚 feathers. How enviable. With this genius, your respected sect might birth an Infinity Warlock 1,000 years later.

Lu Wuchen smiled faintly: 鈥淛unior Disciple Sister Meng, please sit.鈥?

Meng Yunhan smiled slightly and took Zhang Zhiqiao and the other three to seat their seats.

Shortly after Meng Yunhan was seated, Glorious Dawn Warlock Elders of the Star River Sect, the Golem Gate, the Beast God School, and the Myriad Snow Gate bringing people along came to congratulate.

Of the Ten Great Sects鈥?Saint Demon Sect and Corpse Demon Sect, one exploited ancient fiends, ancient devils, evil ghosts, kindred, darkness life forms, and the like, while the other dug up the corpses of powerful existences and used them to carry out various kinds of taboo spell research. The behavior of the two great sects was extremely savage and strange, and thus, they were ostracized by the other eight great sects.

But the Saint Demon Sect and the Corpse Demon Sect were still somewhat restrained, and didn鈥檛 carry out the mass slaughter of ordinary people. Even if they used Warlocks to carry out various taboo experiments, they purchased them from slave markets. They didn鈥檛 cross the bottom line of the Great Cloud Dynasty. Moreover, just like the other sects, the two great sects sent countless experts to serve the Great Cloud Dynasty, which was why they haven鈥檛 been eradicated yet.

But as the Saint Demon Sect and the Corpse Demon Sect were ostracized, they naturally wouldn鈥檛 send people to participate in the Battle Demon Sect鈥檚 Moonlight Ceremony.

A fascinating, beautiful woman with a fairy like temperament in a yellow dress and a middle-aged man with an unearthly aura and hair combed into a bun in white clothing walked into the hall.

Behind the fascinating woman in yellow followed four beautiful women wearing the Saint Lotus Sect鈥檚 attires, one of which was a woman as beautiful as an immortal lotus of exquisite features and porcelain skin dressed in a plain white dress. Compared with Shi Xue, who has promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, she was only slightly inferior.

Behind the middle-aged man followed four men dressed in the Tai Yi Sect鈥檚 attires, one of which was a very attractive man with porcelain skin wearing yellow clothing. His eyes were as bright as two stars and were filled with confidence. His mere presence gave off the impression that he existed far above Mo Wuheng.

In the reception hall, Mo Wuheng was originally the most handsome. However, as soon as this man of the Tai Yi Sect appeared, he overshadowed Mo Wuheng鈥檚 splendor.

When Mo Wuheng saw the man of the Tai Yi Sect, there was a flash of envy in his eyes, and he clenched his fists.

The beautiful woman in yellow said lightly: 鈥淲ell met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. Congratulations on adding a Moonlight Warlock to your sect.鈥?

The middle-aged man smiled faintly, saying: 鈥淲ell met, Senior Disciple Brother Lu. Congratulations on adding a Moonlight Warlock to your sect.鈥?

Lu Wuchen鈥檚 eyebrows wrinkled imperceptibly, and he uttered with a dull smile: 鈥淭hank you, please take a seat you two.鈥?

The people of the Tai Yi Sect and the Saint Lotus Sect were thus seated separately.

When the middle-aged man of the Tai Yi Sect who was called Lie Heng sat down, he immediately smiled and pointed to the attractive disciple with an extraordinary temperament of the Tai Yi Sect, saying: 鈥淪enior Disciple Brother Luo, this one is my sect鈥檚 holy son Yi Yuanyang. The Battle Demon Sect鈥檚 battle secret methods are the best in the world. However, this kid is too full of himself, and wants to experience the Battle Demon Sect鈥檚 mysterious battle secret methods. Please give him a chance, have the true disciples of your sect teach him a lesson so that he learns of the heights of the heavens, Senior Disciple Brother Lu!鈥?

With this, the atmosphere in the reception hall changed, and strange looks were shot at Lie Heng and Lu Wuchen, but no one dared to speak out.

Of the Great Cloud Dynasty鈥檚 Ten Great Sects, the Saint Demon Sect and the Corpse Demon Sect were jointly suppressed by the other eight great sects. However, due to conflicting interests, there was endless in-fighting between the eight great sects.

As the leader of the Ten Great Sects, the Tai Yi Sect surpassed the Battle Demon Sect by far. Although the relationship between both parties was harmonious on the surface, but in secret, there was endless struggle.

Although Lie Heng鈥檚 words seemed respectful, but upon a closer look, a hidden evil intent could be perceived in them. His objective was to make the Battle Demon Sect lose face during the Moonlight Ceremony.

If no one in the Battle Demon Sect can defeat Yi Yuanyang, and once this gets spread, then the reputation of the Battle Demon Sect will fall.

Genius Warlocks wanted to enter a powerful sect and have it as their backer. Otherwise, Yang Feng wouldn鈥檛 have gone out of his way to enter the Battle Demon Sect at the time. But if the reputation of the Battle Demon Sect falls, it will have a huge impact on the sect.

The representatives of the various major sects who came to participate in the Moonlight Ceremony were also aware of this fact, which was the reason behind their odd looks.

Although the Battle Demon Sect wasn鈥檛 as strong as the Tai Yi Sect, but it was still part of the Ten Great Sects of the Great Cloud Dynasty. If it dispatched a few Glorious Dawn Warlocks, it could destroy a sect. Due to this fact, the representatives of the various major sects didn鈥檛 dare to easily run their mouth.

Lu Wuchen creased his eyebrows slightly, and flames of anger welled up in his eyes as he stared daggers at Lie Heng.

Lie Heng smiled back.

Yi Yuanyang swept the many true disciples of the Battle Demon Sect with a glance, and then uttered with a cold smile: 鈥淯ncle Teacher Lu, the Battle Demon Sect鈥檚 name is renowned in the entire world. As such, there should be experts in the same realm as myself willing to exchange pointers with me, right?鈥?

Zhuo Yifan got up and said in a clear voice: 鈥淪ect Master! Please let me fight him. I鈥檝e heard for a long time now that the Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method the Tai Yi Sect鈥檚 holy son practices is unparalleled under the heaven. I would like to take a look at his ability for myself and see whether he鈥檚 really as strong as legends paint him to be.鈥?

Lu Wuchen frowned slightly and waved his sleeve: 鈥淎lright! In this case, you will exchange pointers with him, Zhuo Yifan!鈥?

Bright light bubbled up and converged in the center of the hall, then spatial fluctuations rippled, and an arena formed.

Although the arena seemed to be less then five meters in diameter, but in fact, it was dozens of meters in diameter inside due to a spatial spell.

Due to the numerous spells that enchanted the arena, the people outside the arena could clearly see the battle in the arena without having to worry about the danger of the power of spells spilling outside.

Unless it was a battle between Bright World Warlocks, the arena wouldn鈥檛 be destroyed.

Yi Yuanyang smiled lightly, then stepped forward and elegantly stepped into the arena.

Zhuo Yifan鈥檚 figure blurred slightly, and he entered the arena as well.

As soon as he entered the arena, Zhuo Yifan silently recited an incantation, and a 10-meter-tall Black Battle Demon suddenly appeared and turned into a beam of black light that entered his body, and a black armor appeared on him.

His hands behind his back, a proud expression on his face, Yi Yuanyang sneered: 鈥淏attle Demon Possession, the Black Battle Demon! So this is one of the fundamental secret methods of the Battle Demon Sect! What a letdown.鈥?

Zhuo Yifan frowned and uttered: 鈥淵i Yuanyang, you aren鈥檛 going to use the Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method?鈥?

The Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method was one of the 13 core secret methods of the Tai Yi Sect. When practiced to its limit, it can transform into a Golden Crow or Sun Crow. Golden Crow was the name from the continent鈥檚 Eastern World, while Golden Crow was the name from the continent鈥檚 Western World. This was a terrifying secret method that could be practiced until the Warlock Monarch realm.

鈥淭o deal with you, I don鈥檛 need to use the Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method!鈥?Holding his hands behind his back, Yi Yuanyang鈥檚 eyes flashed with ridicule, then a rune flashed on his forehead, and a terrific Flame Domain suddenly broke out and swept towards Zhuo Yifan.

The Flame Domain engulfed Zhuo Yifan in a flash, and flame crows, flame snakes, flame dragons, and other flame sprites with the power to burn everything rushed towards Zhuo Yifan.

Ordinary Starry Sky Warlocks would be directly burned to ashes once engulfed by this Flame Domain.

Zhuo Yifan鈥檚 face flickered. With a roar, a War Domain with a radius of five meters suddenly broke out and enveloped him. Intertwining with the Flame Domain, the War Domain resisted the flames of the Flame Domain.

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