Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 453 – Red Gold Sun Python

452 – Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method

The Flame Domain released by Yi Yuanyang was extremely violent, only a step short from the level of a divine domain. If he had chosen to ascend to godhood, then he could easily promote to a God of Flames with tremendous might of another plane.

Although Zhuo Yifan has unleashed the War Domain, but he was still suppressed by the Flame Domain. Bearing the flames that nearly burned the void coming from all direction, he was practically unable to budge. A moment of carelessness could lead to his demise.

“How fearsome!! What a terrifying Flame Domain!!”

“Amazing, thats the Tai Yi Sects holy son for you!”

“The Tai Yi Sect is filled with geniuses. To be able to become the sects holy son, he naturally has to be very strong. However, I didnt expect him to be so strong that a personal disciple of a Battle Demon Sects Great Elder would be rendered in such a passive state. What a monster!”


When the Warlocks from the major forces saw this scene, their faces flickered, and they stared at Yi Yuanyang with dignified looks in their eyes.

The faces of the Battle Demon Sects true disciples turned unsightly. Yi Yuanyangs strength was far beyond their expectations.

Zhuo Yifan, Zhang Hanshan, and Zhou Feng, these personal disciples of three Great Elders were at present the strongest powerhouses among the the Battle Demon Sects Starry Sky Warlocks. The three of them were quasi-Moonlight Warlock rank experts, they were hopeful to promote Moonlight Warlocks within 1,000 years. For such an expert to be suppressed to the point that he couldnt fight back, Yi Yuanyangs strength was too shocking.

Frowning, Zhang Hanshan and Zhou Feng watched the fearsome Flame Domain inside the arena with fear in their eyes.

Zhong Sunan who has already promoted to a true disciple was shocked when he saw this scene. If it was him, he would have been swallowed and burned to ashes by the Flame Domain that was infinitely close to the level of a divine domain in an instant.

Lu Wuchens eyebrows wrinkled tightly.

Lie Heng, on the other hand, revealed a carefree smile.

“Yi Yuanyang, I didnt expect that you would push me to this point. You do have a bit of skill! However, it wont be that simple to defeat me!”

Zhuo Yifan snarled and flicked his fingers, and a blue level-6 secret treasure Inception Water Bead suddenly flew lout, and a blue river capable of engulfing everything swept towards Yi Yuanyang.

In the wake of the blue river, the flames of Yi Yuanyangs Flame Domain extinguished and collapsed in an instant.

“Level-6 secret treasure! This secret treasure isnt bad, too bad the person using it is too weak!” Looking at the blue river sweeping towards him, Yi Yuanyang smiled faintly and didnt evade.

The blue river instantly engulfed Yi Yuanyang, and then eroded him into black smoke.

Zhuo Yifan suddenly had a bad premonition, and warnings flared up in his mind.

In the wink of an eye, the dissipating flames condensed into Yi Yuanyangs true body, and he he slammed his fist into Yi Yuanyangs back, and a violent flame force entered his body.

Zhuo Yifans body blurred, and he flew out like broken rag doll. Flames rose all over his body, and he spurted out a mouthful of flaming blood and collapsed on the ground. He was seriously injured and was no longer in any condition to fight.

Because no one was controlling it, the level-6 secret treasure Inception Water Bead fell down on the ground.

Lu Wuchen frowned, then reached out with his hand, took Zhuo Yifan out from the arena, and scanned the latter with his tremendous spirit force. He discovered that although the latters fleshly body was seriously injured, but the soul core wasnt injured. He breathed a sigh of relief and poured a vial of elixir into Zhuo Yifans mouth.

A Battle Demon Sect disciple quickly stepped forward and left with Zhuo Yifan.

Yi Yuanyang glanced at the many true disciples of the Battle Demon Sect, then smiled in contempt and spoke in provocation: “That one was really disappointing! The Battle Demon Sect claims to be number one among the Ten Great Sects in terms of battle secret methods, but this disciple of your sect couldnt even resist 10% of my strength! What a letdown! Who else dares to fight with me?”

The gazes of the Battle Demon Sect disciples focused on Zhang Hanshan and Zhou Feng. They were the two strongest Starry Sky Warlocks in the Battle Demon Sect.

The complexions of Zhang Hanshan and Zhou Feng turned ashen, and they balled their fists, silent. They were as strong as Zhuo Yifan. As such, they would be asking to be humiliated if they faced Yi Yuanyang.

Smiling faintly, Yi Yuanyangs gaze focused on Shi Xue, and he issued a challenge: “Fine, since the Battle Demon Sects Starry Sky Warlock realm true disciples arent willing to fight with me, then I will give you a chance to save face. Junior Disciple Sister Shi Xue, I want to fight you!!”

Yang Feng quietly watching the goings-on raised his eyebrows, and his eyes flashed with a cold glint.

“Yi Yuanyang challenged her, how daring! Shes a Moonlight Warlock!”

“So what if shes a Moonlight Warlock! Zhuo Yifan is also an expert comparable to a Moonlight Warlock, but he was still easily defeated by Yi Yuanyang. Although Fairy Shi Xue was a genius who promoted to a Moonlight Warlock in just 30 years, but her foundation might not be solid. She may not be Yi Yuanyangs opponent.”


Invisible fluctuations traveled between the representatives of the major sects as they communicated with one another. Although they didnt dare to discuss the Ten Great Sects in the open, but stealthy communication through secret methods wasnt a problem.

Lu Wuchen creased his eyebrows tightly, and his eyes shimmered coldly. Staring at Yi Yuanyang, his heart filled with anger.

Shi Xue has just been promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, so her foundation unstable. If she was defeated by Yi Yuanyang, it might leave a psychological shadow behind, and her future cultivation might become thorny.

If there are no accidents, Shi Xue wont find it too difficult to advance to a Bright World Warlock. Lu Wuchen was aware that the Tai Yi Sect not only came to humiliate the Battle Demon Sect, but also to try its best to strike at Shi Xues confidence. It wanted to have this matchless genius of the Battle Demon Sect stumble and fall flat on her face before she matured.

“Why should Junior Disciple Sister step in? Yi Yuanyang, I didnt want to be a bully, but since youre so arrogant and overbearing as to challenge a Moonlight Warlock, then let me give you a good taste of the Battle Demon Sects secret methods!” Mo Wuheng snorted coldly, stood up, and walked towards Yi Yuanyang, and Moonlight Warlock rank aura spread with him as the center.

Purifying light suddenly illuminated the reception hall and purified the life force diffused by Mo Wuheng.

If Mo Wuhengs Moonlight Warlock rank life force was allowed to spread, then many implements in the reception would be transformed into all kinds of weird phenomena.

Yi Yuanyang swept Mo Wuheng with his gaze, then smiled lightly and stepped into the arena: “If you want to fight, Senior Brother Mo, then Ill defeat you first, and then challenge Junior Disciple Shi again.”

As if a dragon overlooking an ant, Mo Wuheng spoke scornfully: “Yi Yuanyang, I want to see if you have any skill.”

“In that case, Senior Disciple Mo, I wont stand o ceremony!” Yi Yuanyang smiled faintly, then the frightening Flame Domain suddenly erupted and swept towards Mo Wuheng.

The Flame Domain Yi Yuanyang released this time was twice as powerful as when he had fought with Zhuo Yifan. If careless, an ordinary Moonlight Warlocks would be swallowed and burned to ashes by this Flame Domain.

“Humph! Trifling Flame Domain, break!!”

Mo Wuheng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of his hand. A black whirlpool suddenly appeared in his right hand and, as if a black hole capable of devouring everything, swallowed all the force within the Flame Domain.

When Yi Yuanyang saw this scene, he smiled faintly and praised: “Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method!! Senior Disciple Brother Mo, youre really impressive!”

The Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method was a battle secret method of the Battle Demon Sect capable of swallowing all kinds of magic power and turning them into the the casters strength for a short time. When practiced to its limit, the Battle Demon Devour Whirlpool Secret Method could even devour a grade 9 plane and smash it to fragments.

“Back to you!” Mo Wuheng smiled coldly and flicked his fingers, and flames suddenly broke out and formed a 100-meter-long violent fire dragon with a terrifying aura shooting towards Yi Yuanyang.

In a single breath, the violent fire dragon swallowed Yi Yuanyang and burned him frantically. The violent fire dragon containing Yi Yuanyangs Flame Domain could burn even a Moonlight Warlock to ashes.

“Senior Disciple Brother Mo, you sure arent a waste like that Zhuo Yifan. But if you want to defeat me, youll soon find out that it wont be that easy! Let me show you my Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method!” From the violent flames came Yi Yuanyangs voice.

A brutal aura rose from the flames, and a 100-meter-long Red Gold Sun Python surrounded by nine small sun-like spheres of light and fearsome golden flames, with a single horn on the head appeared before everyones eyes.

A burning sea seemingly capable of burning everything to ashes bubbled out from the Red Gold Sun Python and spread everywhere.

When Mo Wuheng saw this, his face fell, and he exclaimed: “Red Gold Sun Python! You practiced the Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method to this stage!”

The Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method was one of the fundamental secret methods of the Tai Yi Sect. With each stage, the master of this secret method could transform into a horrifying extraordinary life form. There was a total of nine stages.

The nine stages were – the Flame Elemental, the Flame Fairy, the Flame Snake, the Flame Dragon, the Fire-eating Dragon Eagle, the Red Gold Sun Python, the Sun God Dragon, the Child of the Sun, the Golden Crow.

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