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Chapter 455 – Battle Soul Summon

Chapter 454 – Fighting Yi Yuanyang

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A look of amazement in her eyes, Zhang Hanshans gaze fell on Yang Feng and flashed with incredulity: “Its him!! Junior Disciple Brother Yang!!”

Zhou Feng was taken aback, then his gaze also fell on Yang Feng, and he frowned: “Youre too impulsive, Junior Disciple Brother Yang!”

Zhong Sunan also frowned: “Its him! Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng! He actually wants to challenge Yi Yuanyang!!”

Zhang Hanshan and the other true disciples of the Battle Demon Sect knew that Yang Feng was exceedingly strong. Among Starry Sky Warlocks, few people were his match. But Yi Yuanyang was a terrifying existence that could defeat Moonlight Warlocks, his strength comparable to that of gods. No one believed that Yang Feng was his opponent.

Yi Yuanyangs face flickered, and he turned to look at Yang Feng. There was a flash of frigid killing intent in his star-like, bright eyes. Since his debuted, this was the first time that someone dared to talk to him like this.

Shi Xue smiled sweetly like a brilliant gem: “Big Brother, theres no need for you to step in to deal with this fellow that is too full of himself. I am going to beat him!”

Smiling faintly, completely ignoring Yi Yuanyang, Yang Feng walked out: “Xueer, with your Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation base, its just be the case of the strong bullying the weak. Only when I defeat him, will he be forced to realize that hes just a waste.”

Yi Yuanyangs eyes constricted and shimmered with disdain, and he sneered: “A mere Great Warlock dares to challenge me, how conceited. Youre not qualified to fight me. Come back when youve promoted to a Starry Sky Warlock and Ill consider whether I fight you or not.”

Yang Feng retorted sarcastically: “According to your logic, what qualifications do you, a Starry Sky Warlock, have to challenge my little sister? My little sister is a Moonlight Warlock, you waste. Come back once youve promoted to a Moonlight Warlock, and then challenge my little sister. However, by then, my little sister will have already promoted to a Glorious Dawn Warlock, and will be able to squash you like the bug that you are.

A frigid smile danced on his lips, and Yi Yuanyang stepped into the arena: “Fine, since youre asking to be humiliated, then Ill oblige you and accept your challenge.”

Frowning slightly, Lu Wuchens eyes shimmered with worry, and he asked: “Yang Feng, are you sure that you want to do this?”

During the Great Sect Competition, when Yang Feng defeated Zhong Sunan, people have already taken notice of him. Even so, Lu Wuchen didnt think that Yang Feng could contend against Yi Yuanyang.

Yang Feng responded with a light smile: “Sect Master, please let me have a try.”

Lu Wuchen contemplated for a while, and then nodded.

Yang Feng stepped into the arena.

“Great Warlock! He dares to challenge Yi Yuanyang with a Great Warlock rank cultivation base, how reckless.”

“Even the Battle Demon Sects Moonlight Warlock Mo Wuheng was defeated in the hands of Yi Yuanyang, yet this Great Warlock still challenged him, how presumptuous.


Spirit fluctuations reverberated in the area and gazes full of ridicule focused on Yang Feng.

The corners of Zhao Yilians mouth curled up into a sneer: “For an insignificant Great Warlock to dare challenge Yi Yuanyang, what a fool. How disappointing. It seems that the personal disciples of the four Great Elders are getting worse with each generation.”

The eyes of the woman as beautiful as an immortal lotus focused of Yang Feng, and she uttered, pensive: “Not necessarily. For him to challenge Yi Yuanyang, he should have a bit of a skill. This battle may bring us a great surprise.”

Zhao Yilians pretty eyes flickered with a dignified gleam, and she asked in curiosity: “Why do you say so?”

The woman as beautiful as an immortal lotus was Bai Yilian, the current holy daughter of the Saint Lotus Sect. In the Saint Lotus Sects current generation, she was the most outstanding genius. She possessed an extraordinary intellect and insight.

Bai Yilian answered faintly: “In the Demonic Realms Black Ink War Zone, this person has collected hundreds of millions of merit points in less than a month. Hes definitely not a simple character.”

Zhao Yilian took in a breath of cold air, and her gaze fell on Yang Feng, a look of graveness in her eyes: “To be able to get hundreds of millions of merit points in a forsaken place like the Demonic Realm in less than a month, then this person really isnt simple!”

With a flick of his wrist, the god armament Holy Flame Sword appeared in his hand, and he uttered indifferently: “Yi Yuanyang, I dont want to be a bully, so Ill give you a chance and let you attack first!”

This was the first time that Yi Yuanyang was looked down on by another like this, and by a Great Warlock to boot. His eyes burned with rage, and he spoke coldly: “Since this is the case, then be turned to ashes!”

A Fire Domain containing violent fire elemental particles suddenly broke out and enveloped Yang Feng in an instant, and countless fire crows, fire snakes, and fire dragons appeared in the domain and pounced at Yang Feng.

The entire arena was shrouded in violent flames. Even though they were outside the arena, the people in the reception hall still felt a burning air assault their faces.

Zhang Hanshan and the other true disciples of the Battle Demon Sect had their hearts constrict, a dignified look on their faces. A few weaker true disciples even turned pale, aware that if it was them, they would have been burned to ashes by the Fire Domain released by Yi Yuanyang

“Only this much? Unleash your Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method! Otherwise, youre not my opponent!” From the sea of fire came Yang Fengs voice. The flames in the Fire Domain surged and turned into a flame vortex that entered the god armament Holy Flame Sword in Yang Fengs hand.

Within a few breaths of time, the Flame Domain collapsed and disappeared.

“A level-6 secret treasure? No, this is a god armament from another plane! It looks like you still have some skill.” Yi Yuanyang scanned the god armament Holy Flame Sword in Yang Fengs hand with his eyes, then smiled coldly, silently recited an incantation, flicked his fingers, and conjured the level-5 spell Shooting Star Butterflies.

Flame elemental particles surged, and nimble, palm-sized Shooting Star Butterflies containing terrific flame force flew out.

Virtually in a single breath, tens of thousands of Shooting Star Butterflies covered the area, and then turned into a streaks of fire and shot towards Yang Feng.

The Shooting Star Butterflies was an extremely powerful spell. Each Shooting Star Butterfly contained frightening fire force, which was only slightly weaker than golden sun flames. Even Starry Sky Warlocks could be easily burned to ashes by the Shooting Star Butterflies.

“Only this much? The holy son of the Tai Yi Sect is really a letdown! With only this much, its not enough to force me display my strength.” Yang Feng smiled coldly and thrust with the god armament Holy Flame Sword. The law of fire surged, and a fearsome whirlpool bubbled out from the god armament.

As if moths flying into fire, the tens of thousands of Shooting Star Butterflies were immediately drawn into the whirlpool, and then swallowed one by one.

Yi Yuanyang barked, a cold look in his eyes: “Explode!”

The Shooting Star Butterflies instantly detonated and turned into wisps of flames that exploded the whirlpool and swept towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his sword, and nine whirlpools suddenly emerged and frantically devoured the flames unleashed by the Shooting Star Butterflies.

In the flames scattered by the explosion, there was a flash of light, and Yi Yuanyangs true body materialized in the blink of an eye. A look of contempt in his eyes, Yi Yuanyang struck with his palm towards Yang Fengs heart from behind.

What he just used was the Flame Light Fire Body Switch Secret Method, an extremely profound secret method of the Tai Yi Sect. After mastering this secret method, Yi Yuanyang was able to shuttle freely within flames like a ghost.

Just as Yi Yuanyang was about to hit Yang Feng, as if he had eyes on the back of his head, Yang Feng leaned to the side and slammed a meteor-like palm into Yi Yuanyangs belly, and a berserk power erupted in a flash and entered Yi Yuanyang.

Yi Yuanyangs countenance changed greatly, and he belched a flaming mouthful of blood, and then his body collapsed and turned into sparks and disappeared.

In the next moment, in the place where Yi Yuanyang had stood previously, countless flames surged and formed Yi Yuanyangs true body. With blood trickling from the corners of his mouth, he cut a sorry figure. Looking at Yang Feng, his eyes flashed with dignity.

“Yi Yuanyang was actually hurt!!”

“How, how is this possible! How could he have hurt Yi Yuanyang?!”

“Yi Yuanyang was actually hurt by him! But, but hes just a Great Warlock!!”


Stunned, the representatives of the major sects within the reception hall could not believe their eyes. Yi Yuanyang has defeated the powerful Moonlight Warlock rank Mo Wuheng, yet now, he was injured by the Great Warlock rank Yang Feng. This was as incredible as a dragon being blasted away by an ant.

The smile on Lie Hengs face suddenly became stiff, and his eyes shimmered with incredulity as he stared at Yang Feng who stood in the same place.

Lu Wuchens frown smoothened, and he showed a smile. Even if Yang Feng admits defeat now, he has already done enough to give the Battle Demon Sect a great deal of face.

Zhang Hanshan loosened a long a breath, and her pretty eyes glimmered with a peculiar gleam, and then she smiled charmingly and said: “Junior Disciple Brother Yang is really fearsome! I misjudged him.”

Zhou Feng shook his head and revealed a look of amusement: “This pair of brother and sister are monsters!”

Zhao Yilians pretty eyes flashed gravely, and she uttered solemnly: “You were right, he really is extraordinary! He surpassed our expectations by far!!”

Bai Yilian stared at Yang Feng with a brilliant look in her eyes.

Yang Feng placed his hands behind his back, shot Yi Yuanyang a look, rose the corners of his mouth, and spoke condescendingly: “Yi Yuanyang, as you have fought two times just now, you should have consumed a considerable amount of spirit force. Ill allow you to drink some vials of elixir and rest for a few hours, lest you complain that I took advantage of your situation and bullied you when I win.”

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