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Chapter 456 – Swallowing the Golden Sun Flames

Chapter 455 – Battle Soul Summon

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Eyes leaking out a biting coldness and face revealing a chilling smile, Yi Yuanyang spoke frigidly, stressing each syllable: “To defeat you, a puny Great Warlock, I dont need to rest.”

Yi Yuanyang silently recited an incantation and pointed with his finger, and a cyan rune emerged from his finger and formed a cyan hexagram in the air.

A cyan pillar of light shot out from the hexagram. From within the pillar of light, a battle soul wearing a cyan armor and exuding a frightening fighting spirit walked out and entered Yi Yuanyang.

A vast battle aura spread from Yi Yuanyang, giving off a frightening feeling.

“Thats the Tai Yi Sects Battle Soul Summon!”

“The Battle Soul Summon, one of the Tai Yi Sects 36 strongest battle spells!”

“It seems that Yi Yuanyang wants to defeat Yang Feng in close combat!”

“The Demon Battle Secret Method is claimed to be unparalleled in close combat, second to none in terms of Body-tempering Warlock methods! Yi Yuanyang wants to use the Battle Soul Summon to defeat Yang Feng in one fell swoop!”


When the representatives of the major sects saw the battle soul in cyan armor enter Yi Yuanyang, their faces flickered at once, and they commented in secret.

The Battle Soul Summon was one of the strongest close combat secrets methods of the Tai Yi Sect. Within the Tai Yi Sect, there was a level-9 secret treasure Will of Heavens Battle Soul Palace.

Within the Will of Heavens Battle Soul Palace, the were souls of countless heroes who died consecrated and transformed into battle souls.

Inside the Will of Heavens Battle Soul Palace, the battle souls were engaged in a fierce, endless battle, refining their the battle techniques.

The Battle Soul Summon could summon a formidable battle soul from the Will of Heavens Battle Soul Palace and have it possess the caster. Once possessed by the battle soul, any Warlock will acquire the various battle techniques mastered by the battle soul.

With a flick of his wrist, a 2-meter-long cyan lance immediately appeared in Yi Yuanyangs hands, and he pointed with it at Yang Feng. He exuded the invincible aura of a battle-hardened veteran.

Yi Yuanyang smiled coldly and said: “This battle soul I summoned was called the Dragon Slayer Freitas during his lifetime. With demigod rank power and this Storm Dragon Lance in hand, he once slayed 136 yinglongs [1]. Among which, three were Moonlight Warlock rank yinglongs. You should feel honored to be defeated in the hands of such an experts.”

Yinglongs were dragons, that is, it was what the people from the Western World called dragons. There were many differences in names between the Western World and the Eastern World, but in fact, they were the same thing.”

Yang Feng spoke flatly: “Battle Soul Summon? Even when possessed by a battle soul, youre still not my opponent.”

Yi Yuanyang smiled coldly, then the law of wind inscribed in the Storm Dragon Lance in his hands surged, and a violent storm shrouded his body.

In the arena, a raging wind suddenly erupted. Yi Yuanyangs body blurred, and, in the blink of an eye, he turned into eight avatars that appeared in front of Yang Feng and stabbed at him from eight directions.

Yang Fengs eyes constricted, and he unleashed the Battle Demon Sword Art, and then the Holy Flame Sword radiated sparks and released flame afterimages sweeping in eight directions.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Appearing and disappearing unpredictably, the Storm Dragon Lance wildly stabbed towards Yang Feng from tricky angles and exchanged more than 100 strikes with the demigod armament Holy Flame Sword in Yang Fengs hand in the blink of an eye.

Possessed by the Dragon Slayer Freitass battle soul, Yi Yuanyang seemed to have incarnated into a battle-hardened dragon slayer. The Storm Dragon Lance suppressed Yang Feng as countless violent wind blades slashed at him from different directions, opening numerous wounds on his body, drenching him with blood.

After hundreds of exchanges, Yang Feng suddenly raised his sword to block, and then retreated briskly by hundreds of meters. After scanning the countless wounds covering his body with his gaze, Yang Feng spoke flatly: “The Battle Soul Summon really is remarkable! It seems that I have to get a little serious.”

Powerful life force sprang up, and a Blue Battle Demon suddenly appeared and possessed Yang Feng, and a blue armor formed on him.

“Battle Demon Secret Method! Blue Battle Demon! What can you do with a trifling Blue Battle Demon? You just practiced this fundamental secret method of the Battle Demon Sect to this degree, how disappointing!” Yi Yuanyang smiled coldly and suddenly catapulted out as if a blast of wind, and unleashed numerous spear afterimages. As if the incarnation of a storm dragon, he swept towards Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes congealed, and he unleashed the Battle Demon Sword Art to the limit, and numerous sword afterimages locked with Yi Yuanyang in a violent battle.

A violent hurricane dragon and a berserk fire dragon appeared on the arena and engaged in a mad struggle, and terrific fluctuations of power rolled out in all directions.

“Amazing, the Tai Yi Sect isnt known for its Body-tempering Warlock secret methods. I didnt think that the Battle Soul Summon would be this powerful.”

“The strength of the Battle Demon Sects Yang Feng is also extraordinary, far beyond that of ordinary Starry Sky Warlocks! Hes just a Great Warlock, how astounding. No wonder hes a personal disciple of one of the Battle Demon Sects Great Elders.”


Even though they were outside the arena, but the onlooking Warlocks could still feel the power of the two people locked in a fight inside the arena, and they spiritedly discussed and praised in secret.

“Unfortunately, compared with Yi Yuanyang, Yang Feng is still far too weak.”

“Thats right, he cant even defeat Yi Yuanyangs battle soul possession, let alone force him to release the Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method.”


The eyes of the representatives from the major sects flickered with regret. In the arena, Yang Fengs avatar of a fire dragon was already in a bad shape. From time to time, tiny wounds would appear on his body, and blood would ooze out and fall to the ground.

Lu Wuchens eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and he revealed a smile.

Lie Hengs eyebrows, on the other hand, wrinkled tightly. He didnt say a word.

The powerful Warlocks with Moonlight Warlock rank cultivation bases stared at Yang Feng with shock and admiration in their eyes.

Staring at Yang Feng, Zhang Hanshans eyebrows suddenly relaxed, and she sighed faintly: “What a monster, hes using Yi Yuanyang to hone himself.”

Zhou Fengs eyes glimmered with a complicated gleam as he has realized that Yang Fengs Battle Demon Sword Art was becoming more and more sophisticated. It seemed like there was a nearly impenetrable wall protecting in front of him. Little by little, the tide was turning, and less and less wounds appeared on his body.

“All right! You no longer have any use!” Suddenly, Yang Feng smiled lightly, then a silvery light shone, and a Silver Battle Demon appeared and possessed him.

Following the Silver Battle Demon possession, Yang Fengs speed suddenly rose rose sharply, and the Holy Flame Sword in his hand drew a strange arc. In the blink of an eye, he struck out nine times and flicked the Storm Dragon Lance away, and then gracefully stab towards Yi Yuanyangs head.

Yi Yuanyangs face fell, then he broke out with a violent wind, and his head strangely distorted.

The Holy Flame Sword flashed past Yi Yuanyangs face, and tremendous fire force burned a part of Yi Yuanyangs handsome face.

Yang Feng took this chance to step forward and struck Yi Yuanyang in the belly with his open hand.

Yi Yuanyangs body collapsed and turned into sparks, and then reformed hundreds of meters away in a flash. There was a huge burnt mark on the left side of his face, and an ugly expression has overtook his face.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with derision, and he sneered: “My Battle Demon Sword Art was still quite immature! Thank you for helping me refine it, Yi Yuanyang. Now I have completely mastered the sword art. However, the Dragon Slayers battle soul possession is too weak, Yi Yuanyang. It cant even force my Golden Battle Demon out, how disappointing. If you want to force my Golden Battle Demon out, youll have to summon 12 battle souls to fight me.”

An unsightly expression on his face, Yi Yuanyang operated a secret method, and life force pervaded the left side of his face and slowly removed the burn mark.

“Fine, Ill let you see my Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method, Yang Feng!” Yi Yuanyangs eyes shimmered with killing intent, and he flicked his fingers and removed the battle soul possession. Next, he silently recited an incantation, and endless flames shrouded him in an instant.

Amid the endless flames, the Red Gold Sun Python appeared again, and boundless might spread in all directions.

When the Red Gold Sun Python appeared, its eyes fixed on Yang Feng, and it opened its maw and spurted out endless golden sun flames shooting towards Yang Feng.

These golden sun flames were enough to seriously injure a Moonlight Warlock and burn a Starry Sky Warlock to ashes. As for a Great Warlock like Yang Feng, so long as he got touched by the golden sun flames, only death would await him.

When Lu Wuchen saw this, his countenance changed dramatically, and he was about to stop this fight. The power of the golden sun flames was too horrible. Yang Feng was just a Great Warlock. Once touched by the golden sun flames, he may not be able to save Yang Feng.

Lie Heng snorted coldly, and terrific Glorious Dawn Warlock rank fluctuations of power slowly rolled out from him.

Inside the Battle Demon Sect, Lie Heng naturally wasnt Lu Wuchens match. However, he just had to block Lu Wufen for a quarter of an hour to achieve his objective. Moreover, the Tai Yi Sect was the leader of the Ten Great Sects, so Lie Heng didnt have to worry that Lu Wuchen would kill him.

Within the reception hall, the atmosphere became tense at once.

Glaring at Lie Heng, tyrannical fluctuations of power slowly diffused from the Battle Demon Sects experts, looking like they were ready to attack at any time.


[1] – Yinglong

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