Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 458 – Defeating Yi Yuanyang

Chapter 457 – Sun God Dragon Transformation

Translator: Xaiomoge

Amid the endless sea of golden sun flames appeared a passage without any flames. The passage extended towards the Red Gold Sun Python lightning-fast.

“Fool, the Red Gold Sun Python not only can produce golden sun flames, but also possesses a terrifying fleshly body. Youre seeking death!” Yi Yuanyangs eyes shimmered with a savage light. Bright red light flickered in the eyes of his avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python, and it locked on Yang Fengs movement trajectory.

Although the Red Gold Sun Python couldnt compare to extraordinary life forms with eye abilities, but its eyes could still easily lock on the movement trajectory of experts below the Glorious Dawn Warlock rank. This was the horror of extraordinary life forms comparable to gods.

If it wasnt for the difficulty in reproduction of terrifying existences like Red Gold Sun Pythons and Golden Crows, then the humans of the Cangzhi Planes Eight Warlock Dynasties wouldnt have been able to dominate the universe.

Locked on Yang Fengs movement trajectory, the Red Gold Sun Python flashed, and its tail erupted with mountain-destroying and river breaking strength and swept towards Yang Feng.

In the reception hall, everyone was on edge as they stared at the arena with a dignified gleam in their eyes.

However, as if Yang Feng has anticipated it, the moment the Red Gold Sun Python moved, he catapulted away and evade the all-out strike by the skin of his teeth. He appeared next to the Red Gold Sun Pythons head and mercilessly slashed down.

“The tail strike of a Red Gold Sun Python is really matchless in might. I wouldnt be able to avoid it. However, with your Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation base, you cant fully grasp the Red Gold Sun Python transformation and cant match body and mind, yet you still want to defeat me with the fleshly body, how delusional!”

When the Holy Flame Sword landed on the head of Yi Yuanyangs avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python, it slashed open a huge gash, and a copious amount of blood spilled out. If Yi Yuanyang hadnt twisted his neck in the nick of time, his eye would have been split open by Yang Feng sword strike.

After his strike connected, Yang Feng turned into afterimages and flashed around Yi Yuanyang. Sword rays flashed and, as if a wave, slashed the body of Yi Yuanyangs avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python.

The repercussion from the avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python exceeding Yi Yuanyangs rank has emerged. The Red Gold Sun Python was a terrifying Glorious Dawn Warlock rank existence, it was a heaven and earth life form superior to ordinary extraordinary life forms. After he turned into the Red Gold Sun Python, it was already very strenuous to operate the golden sun flames, let alone control the fleshly body of the Red Gold Sun Python.

If it was a real Red Gold Sun Python, then with just a swing of its tail, it could force Yang Feng to go all out. As for Yi Yuanyangs avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python, he couldnt accomplish the same. Even though he swung the tail wildly around, but he still couldnt hit Yang Feng. If not for its exceedingly powerful fleshly body, the Red Gold Sun Python would have been cut into countless pieces by now.

“Fucking bastard! Yang Feng, I want you to die!” Eyes shot with blood and burning with the fire of rage, Yi Yuanyang issued a heaven-shaking bellow, and a copious amount of golden sun flames suddenly broke out and turned into a red-golden pillar of flames shooting into the clouds.

Yang Fengs figure flashed, and he retreated briskly by 1,000 meters and gazed at Yi Yuanyang with a dignified look in his eyes.

n the red-golden pillar of light, Yi Yuanyangs avatar of the Red Gold Sun Python struggled for a while, and then slowly transformed into the heaven and earth life form Sun God Dragon.

A mountain-burning, sea-boiling terrifying fire breath spread out from the red-gold light column, and the temperature inside the arena rose above 100 °C.

For the first time, there was a flash of shock in Yang Fengs eyes: “Sun God Dragon transformation! Whats going on? This transformation can only be cultivated by Bright World Warlocks! Even with the use of secret treasures, he cant keep this transformation up!”

The Sun God Dragon transformation could only be successfully cultivated by Bright World Warlocks. Once successfully cultivated, its might was boundless, and its flames could burn everything. When touched by its flames, Glorious Dawn Warlocks will be burnt to ashes. Moreover, it could restrain countless evil spells.

At the same time, the transformation into a Sun God Dragon required the consumption of a copious amount of life force. The amount of life force required to maintain the Sun God Dragon transformation for a breath of time could suck a Starry Sky Warlock dry.

Inside the red-golden pillar of flames, Yi Yuanyangs face has distorted from pain. Suddenly, wisps of world force permeated out of his body and entered the Sun God Dragon, evolving one-forth of the Red Gold Sun Pythons head into the Sun God Dragons head.

Lu Wuchens face fell abruptly, and he exclaimed: “Virtual world! He even condensed a virtual world!”

Zhao Yilians pretty face changed, and her beautiful eyes shimmered gravely: “Virtual world! He condensed a virtual world! The younger generation will surpass us in time, this saying holds true indeed!”

“Virtual world!”

“Virtual world, to condense a virtual world in the Starry Sky Warlock realm, this Yi Yuanyang is an outrageous genius!”


The faces of the Warlocks of the Ten Great Sects fell, and they cried out.

In the Cangzhi Plane, the strongest Warlocks could contend against and even suppress gods from other planes. The strongest Warlock path was to implant a semi-plane seed into your soul seed and evolve together, and then ultimately evolve into a true world Warlock.

The seven Warlock Emperors were all absolutely brilliant, and they have evolved a true world inside them. With the help of world force, they were virtually invincible, and suppressed countless planes and killed countless experts. Even the gods inside their divine countries were forced to bow their proud heads in capitulation before them.

Treasures like semi-plane seeds, even in the Astral Boundary, could only be obtained through good fortune. You may not be able to come across a semi-plane seed in 10,000 years.

After countless research, the Cangzhi Planes human Warlocks have finally devised the virtual world cultivation method.

By using four most precious materials of heaven and earth or unique secret treasures of the four elements and implant them into their soul seed, and then using a variety of mysterious secret methods, human Warlocks could condense a virtual world somewhat similar to a true world.

When nourished and refined by countless precious materials of heaven and earth, a virtual world could slowly transform into a true world. Of course, the resources necessary to transform a virtual world into a true world surpassed the value of a semi-plane seed by 1,000 or even 10,000 times. Few people could transform a virtual world into a true world.

The Dawn Lord of the Eighth Warlock Dynasty was a peerless expert who has established a virtual wold inside him, and then transformed the virtual world into a true world.

To claim that the precious materials of heaven and earth and peerless secret treasures capable of supporting a virtual world were rare would be an understatement. And even if you had access to such treasures, it was still very difficult to establish a virtual world.

In the entire Battle Demon Sect, only the two Great Elders Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian have established a virtual world inside them.

The two Bright World Warlocks Huang Yihe and Yue Wuxian could contend against some weak Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses. As such, their status was above the other two Great Elders.

I was because he had the support of the world force provided by his virtual world that he was able to perform the terrifying spell Golden Sun Flame God Ray and defeat the the Moonlight Warlock Mo Wuheng.

After Yi Yuanyang evolved one-forth of the Red Gold Sun Pythons head into the Sun God Dragons head, he could no longer continue with the evolution.

From the maw of the one-forth of the Sun God Dragons head shot out a wisp of Sun God Dragon Flames that slowly floated towards Yang Feng.

When Yang Feng saw that wisp of Sun God Dragon Flames, a dignified look appeared in his eyes.

Although the Sun God Dragon Flames was only a wisp, but it was of an extremely high grade. It was more terrifying than the Golden Sun Flame God Ray. When touched by this wisp of Sun God Dragon Flames, even a Glorious Dawn Warlock would be seriously injured, while a Moonlight Warlock would be directly burned to ashes.

The wisp of Sun God Dragon Flames seemed to be moving extremely slowly, though in reality, it was approaching very quickly. Within a breath of time, it has very strangely appeared in front Yang Feng.

A cold gleam flashed past Yang Fengs eyes, and he ferociously hacked at the wisp of Sun God Dragon Flame with the god armament Holy Flame Sword.

In the blink of an eye, the wisp of Sun God Dragon Flame erupted and turned into a raging fire sweeping towards the Holy Flame Sword.

The law of fire sealed inside the Holy Flame Sword trembled and almost collapsed.

“Detonate!!” Yang Feng released his grip on the sword, then retreated briskly and barked in a low voice.

The god armament sword Holy Flame Sword trembled and exploded in a flash, and then crashed the wisp of Sun God Dragon Flame into a raging storm of flames sweeping towards Yang Feng.

There was an eccentric glint in Yang Fengs eyes, and a Water Domain suddenly broke out and turned into a torrent of water that swept towards the storm of flames.

After he ate the apple of wisdom, Yang Feng has already condensed various domains, among which was the Water Domain.

When the Water Domain met the storm of flames, it immediately collapsed, turned into a fog, and dissipated.

Only weakened by a trace, the storm of flames still swept towards Yang Feng with the power of burning mountains and boiling seas.

Yang Feng retreated briskly. With a thought, numerous spatial mirrors suddenly appear and blocked in front of the storm of flames.

When the violent storm of flames slammed into the spatial mirrors, it was dissected by the spatial mirrors and conveyed to different spaces.

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