Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 460 – Shi Yuebing

Chapter 459 – Wei Sea City

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After he completely refined the three element crystals, Yang Fengs thoughts revolved, and he mused: “It seems that I should take some time to cultivate the Battle Demon Sects battle secret methods!”

Regarding exceptional genius like Yi Yuanyang, Fireball, Blink, Thunderbolt, and other low-level spells below the level-5 had no effect.

And once Yi Yuanyang has turned into the terrific existence Red Gold Sun Python, level-5 spells would have basically become useless.

The Battle Demon Sects Battle Demon Secret Method integrated offense and defense. Even if you cultivated until the Infinity Warlock rank, the Black Battle Demon possession could still increase your battle strength by 200%, which was why the Battle Demon Secret Method was one of the fundamental secret methods of the Battle Demon Sect.

With their battle prowess increased by 200%, an Infinity Warlock could crush an expert of the same rank.

In the Western World, when you advanced by a rank, you would have to begin to cultivate the spells of that rank. In the Eastern World, the methods tended to focus on battle secret methods that improved along with the strength of the practitioner.

Both methods had their merits and demerits. Taking the Battle Demon Secret methods as example, although its might was tremendous, but its cultivation requirements were very high. Only Great Warlocks could practice it, and it took hundreds of years just to cultivate the Blue Battle Demon possession.

If you mastered the Western Worlds Blink, it would be 100 times more useful than the Blue Battle Demon possession in a fight between Great Warlocks. Of course, in a fight between Infinity Warlocks, the power of Blink was greatly limited, and it was nearly useless. As for the Blue Battle Demon possession, it could increase the battle prowess of the practitioner by 30%. This increase was could be rated as terrifying.

Apart from the biased ancillary subcontinents like the Turandot Subcontinent, the Eastern World and the Western World of the continent have not only developed many powerful unique spells and secret methods, but have also exchanged many spells and secret methods between one another.

In the Battle Demon Sect, there were also a lot of spells developed by the Western World. Of course, there werent many people who practiced these spells.

From among the countless secret methods of the Battle Demon Sect, Yang Feng has chosen the four secret methods Skyfire Seven Tones, Divine Wind Nine Revolutions, Earth Embryo, and Water Three Transformations to cultivate at the same time. In the Battle Demon Sect, these four secret methods were the best for nurturing virtual worlds and semi-planes.

The cultivation of Skyfire Seven Tones could develop the spell model for the spell Seven Color Sky Fire which was divided into seven colors – yellow, orange, red, green, blue, cyan, purple in order.

The cultivation of Divine Wind Nine Revolutions could form the spell model for the spell Nine Revolutions Divine Wind.

The cultivation of Earth Embryo could form the spell model for the spell Earth Escape.

The cultivation of Water Three Transformations could form the spell model for the spell Xuanyin Cold Water.

The four spells Seven Color Skyfire, Nine Revolutions Divine Wind, Earth Escape, and Xuanyin Cold Water possessed the characteristics of the Eastern Worlds spells, meaning that they would increase in might along with the increase in strength of the practitioner.

The four secret methods Skyfire Seven Tones, Divine Wind Nine Revolutions, Earth Embryo, and Water Three Transformations were all very difficult to cultivate. These four secret methods were comparable to the Tai Yi Sects Nine Brilliant Suns Secret Method in terms of level. Even a cultivation genius like Zhang Hanshan would find it very challenging to cultivate these four secret methods at the same time, unable to reach the small completion realm without cultivating for at least 100 years.

Prior to acquiring the apple of wisdom, Yang Feng whose cultivation aptitude was far below the that of a true cultivation genius like Zhang Hanshan, apart from the Primal Chaos Imperishable Body, he didnt dare to arbitrarily cultivate other secret methods. But after acquiring the apple of wisdom, Yang Feng rapidly progressed in the cultivation of the four secret methods. He easily cultivated the four secret methods until the small completion realm and formed the four spell models in his knowledge of the sea.

After he cultivated the four secret methods to the small completion realm, Yang Feng could clearly sense the semi-plane inside him grow under the nourishment of the four basic elements.

But to cultivate these secret methods, he had to consume a large number of low grade magic crystals. Each day, he had to consume more than 100,000 low grade magic crystals.

Huang Immortal Palace, inside Yang Fengs residence.

Data flow flickered in his eyes. Looking at the summary of the various data collected by the level-2 optical computed, he sighed faintly: “The cultivation resources arent enough! It looks like I have to think of a way to open up a few business lanes to get some more cultivation resources.”

After Yang Feng implanted the semi-plane seed in his sea of knowledge and evolved it into a semi-plane, he acquired tremendous strength and embarked on the strongest Warlock path. However, the cultivation resources he had to consume also increased exponentially.

The resources from the Turandot Subcontinent, the Feisuo Planes Desolate Islands and Red Earth Wasteland, and the Shadow Prince Meccas grade 9 plane werent able to meet his cultivation requirements.

Using the level-2 mobile fortified strongholds synthesizing ability, Yang Feng has synthesized many precious elixirs, which he too out to be sold. The resources he obtained from the sale of the elixirs still werent enough to satisfy his cultivation needs.

“It seems that I must make a move!” Yang Feng pressed a button, and a holographic projector next to him shot out rays of light that formed the complete map of the Cangzhi Planes continent in midair.

Yang Feng calculated inside: “On the Feisuo plane, my clone is currently consolidating his cultivation base. The Astral Boundary is being explored, and no places with resources were found yet. The Shadow Prince Meccas grade nine plane is too barren. If I want to make a big profit, then it seems that the Cangzhi Planes continent is my only option.”

At present, the Cangzhi Plane was the highest known grade plane. It was the plane with the most abundant resources and endless mysteries. Yang Feng could only find a way to acquire the resources that he needed in the Cangzhi Plane.

The Wei Sea County was one of the 36 counties under the jurisdiction of lesser province Linghai Province. To the east of the Wei Sea County was the Wei Sea which concealed countless powerful sea extraordinary life forms.

Deep in the Wei Sea, there were four subcontinents, namely the Fuso Subcontinent, Indov Subcontinent, Krog Subcontinent, and Fewter Subcontinent. The Wei Sea County was a hub that linked the four subcontinents and the Great Cloud Dynasty. Every day, there were merchant ships from the four subcontinent entering the Wei Sea County, shipping resources from the four subcontinents to the Wei Sea County for sale.

The surface area of the four subcontinents was much larger than that of the Turandot Subcontinent. At the same time, resources in the four subcontinents were far more abundant than the resources in the Turandot Subcontinent.

The sea trade between the Wei Sea County and the four subcontinents garnered tremendous wealth. Just the annual tax revenue of the Wei Sea County was comparable to the tax revenue of the other 35 counties of the Linghai Province put together.

In the Wei Sea Countys capital the Wei Sea City, a four-seated, convertible red fairy dragon limited edition luxury chariot was speeding along on the road. The person driving the chariot was the gorgeous high elf Lila.

In the back of the luxury chariot, Yang Feng embracing the sensual and fascinating Eunice and the sultry and charming Shayenna was looking around.

With the support of a large amount of resources provided by Yang Feng, Eunice has promoted to a Great Warlock. As for Shayenna, after she has converted to Yang Fengs clone the Ruler of Shadows and was nourished by divine force of shadows, she has promoted to a Shadow High Priestess comparable to a Starry Sky Warlock.

Human, high elf, dark elf, the beautiful women of the three races attracted the gazes of many men in the Wei Sea City.

Gazes of greed gathered on Yang Feng and his party. However, as if he hasnt seen anything, Yang Feng continued to show off on the street, all the while enjoying the gazes of envy and jealousy.

When he has just arrived at the continent, Yang Feng could only keep a low profile, not daring to bring along the stunning women from the Turandot Subcontinent. Or else, once he was targeted by some expert, he would be powerless to protect his women.

But now Yang Feng was a personal disciple of the Great Elder Huang Yihe of the Battle Demon Sect and was attached great importance by the sect. Besides, his true body possessed battle prowess comparable to a Moonlight Warlocks. He already possessed the strength and confidence to protect his women.

In the Wei Sea City, in addition to humans, there were many bizarre merfolk.

The Cangzhi Planes and Feisuo Planes merfolk were different. In addition to the Cangzhi Planes native merfolk, there were still many merfolk human Warlocks have brought from other planes, or mutant merfolk created by human Warlocks trough various dangerous experiments.

The strength of the Cangzhi Planes merfolk was terrifying. In the ocean, the three imperial courts Lan Imperial Court, Sea Dragon Imperial Court, Leigu Imperial Court could even contend against the human continents Great Cloud Dynasty and Brest Dynasty, Bajur Dynasty, and Kadred Dynasty.

The merfolk that climb onto the human continent without permission were naturally all killed by human Warlocks. However, it was impossible for human Warlocks to conquer the merfolk.

The luxury carriage that attracted the attention of countless people stopped in front of the luxurious building called Sky Blue Sea Pavilion.

With sunglasses on his face, Yang Feng walked into the luxurious building along with the three stunning women in tow.

A capable-looking, rather pretty woman in cyan clothing smiled and greeted: “Mr., may I help you?”

Yang Feng snapped his fingers, and Lila promptly stepped forward and opened a box, from which the sweet fragrance of apples wafted out. There was an apple of wisdom leaf inside the box.

With the arrogance of a high elf, Lila spoke indifferently in an aloof tone: “This is an apple of wisdom leaf my Lord got from the Feisuo Plane. Have Shi Yuebing come out and talk to my Lord.”

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