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Chapter 461 – Coercion

Chapter 460 – Shi Yuebing

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The face of the rather pretty woman in cyan clothing flickered, and she spoke in a more respectful tone: “The Feisuo Planes apple of wisdom leaf! I understand, please wait a moment!!”

An apple of wisdom leaf could increase a pinnacle Starry Sky Warlocks probability to advance to a Moonlight Warlock by 50%. Such a treasure, even Bright World Warlocks would be moved by it.

In the Cangzhi Plane, Great Warlocks were as numerous as the hairs on an ox, and pinnacle Starry Sky Warlock experts were also many. As for Moonlight Warlocks, they were very rare. A Moonlight Warlock could establish a sect and carve out a place for themselves in the Great Cloud Dynasty.

Not long after, a petite girl that looked to be 14 or 15 years old dressed in a plain white dress, with slightly yellowish skin that made her look malnourished, exquisite facial features, big gem-like eyes, and a light smile on her face walked over.

The girl smiled softly and said: “I am Shi Yuebing of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. How do I address you, Mr.?”

Yang Feng responded arrogantly: “My surname is Yang.”

Shi Yuebing spoke with a sweet smile: “Young Master Yang, please come with me!”

Shi Yuebing brought Yang Feng and his party to the ninth floor of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion.

Two beautiful maids came forward and handed everyone a cup of special tea.

After she took a light sip of the tea, Eunices beautiful eyes lit up, and she praised: “This is red leaf dragon tea! It can improve the soul aptitude of a Warlock with level-4 soul aptitude or lower. Long-term consumption of this tea can also increase spirit force by a small amount. What a good tea!!”

Shayenna gracefully picked up a cup of red leaf dragon tea and took a sip. Feeling the faint fragrance dancing on her tongue, she showed a look of satisfaction.

The red leaf dragon tea was a specialty of the Great Cloud Dynasty. Although this tea was only considerate to be a third-rate product in the Great Cloud Dynasty, but in the Turandot Subcontinent, it was a rare treasure. In the past, even the leader of one of the six major forces of the Turandot Subcontinent Carolina could only afford to buy a few tael of this tea per year.

When Yang Feng took a sip of the tea, his eyes narrowed a little. Feeling the the fragrance lingering on his tongue, he quietly sized Shi Yuebing sitting before him up.

Looking like she didnt care about Yang Fengs gaze, Shi Yuebing, smiled sweetly and uttered: “Young Master Yang, the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is very interested in the apple of wisdom leaf in your possession. We are willing to purchase the leaf for 10 million magic crystals. What do you think?”

Yang Feng sneered: “Thats not enough! Even Bright World Warlocks would be tempted by an apple of wisdom leaf. How could someone sell such heaven and earth precious treasure for a mere 10 million magic crystals?”

Shi Yuebing asked immediately: “Then what do you want?”

Yang Feng showed a meaningful smile: “I want the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion!”

The smile on Shi Yuebings beautiful face faded. Now only coldness remained in her pretty eyes. With derision on her face, she uttered frigidly: “You have a big appetite. With just a mere apple of wisdom leaf, you want to swallow the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions 1,000-year-long foundation, how delusional. Please leave, youre no longer welcome here.

Two men exuding Starry Sky Warlock rank aura slowly walked out from the side and looked coldly at Yang Feng.

Yang Feng spoke with a faint smile: “As far as I know, the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion has recently five taishan-class merchant ships sink and the cargo disappear from the ships. The Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is currently insolvent. Besides, Miss Shi, of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions four Elders, two oppose you continuing to be the Pavilion Master. The Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is not far from a collapse. I may be your only hope, yet you want to drive me away? Do you want the 1,000-year-long foundation of your Shi Family to be destroyed?”

Shi Yuebing suddenly turned pale, a glimmer of shock appeared in her eyes, and she waved her hand. The two Starry Sky Warlock rank experts retreated immediately.

Shi Yuebing spoke icily: “You deliberately inquired about the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions circumstances, what are you after?”

Yang Feng responded domineeringly: “I need a merchant group that has maritime trade with the four subcontinents. I chose the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion because its circumstances suit me the best. I can either ruin or rebirth the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. Miss Shi, what are you going to choose? The destruction of the Shi Familys 1,000-year-long foundation, or to hand the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion to me and let it rebirth?”

Shi Yuebing raised her eyebrows slightly and asked: “Who are you?”

Yang Feng answered with a faint smile: “I am Yang Feng, a personal disciple of the Battle Demon Sects Great Elder Huang Yihe.”

Shi Yuebings beautiful eyes shimmered with shock, and she exclaimed: “A personal disciple of the Battle Demon Sects Great Elder Huang Yihe!”

After Yang Feng defeated Yi Yuanyang during Shi Xues Moonlight Ceremony, his name became known to many top powerhouses of the Great Cloud Dynasty. As the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion was just an ordinary third-rate force within the Wei Sea City, Shi Yuebing hasnt heard of Yang Fengs name. However, the four Great Elders of the Battle Demon Sect were world-famous experts. Any Warlock with just a little bit of knowledge would have heard of their names. Shi Yuebing was naturally aware of the weight the title personal disciple of a Great Elder of the Battle Demon Sect carried.

The status of a personal disciple of a Great Elder of the Battle Demon Sect was comparable to that of the Wei Sea Citys City Master. And within the sphere of influence of the Battle Demon Sect, the county masters would bow their heads respectfully and fawn on the personal disciples of the Great Elder of the Battle Demon Sect.

The reason why Yang Feng went to great length to join the Battle Demon Sect, apart from the precious secret methods and resources, was because he wanted to borrow the sects power!

Shi Yuebing frowned and uttered in an apologetic tone: “Please wait a moment, I need a bit of time.”

With that, Shi Yuebing immediately turned and left the room.

Yang Feng smiled and quietly tasted the red leaf dragon tea.

Before long, Shi Yuebing came back and sat down. Looking at Yang Feng with an enigmatic gleam in her eyes, she smiled sweetly and said: “So youre Senior Disciple Brother Yang Feng who defeated the Tai Yi Sects holy son. Sorry for not recognizing you.”

Shi Yuebing continued promptly: “Since its you, Senior Disciple Brother Yang, then I can give you 80% of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions shares.”

The Tai Yi Sects holy son Yi Yuanyang was a peerless genius who could defeat Moonlight Warlock rank experts. For Yang Feng to be able to defeat Yi Yuanyang, it meant that he was far stronger than ordinary Moonlight Warlocks.

The Sky Blue Sea Pavilions strongest fighting strength was just two Elders who were pinnacle Starry Sky Warlocks. The Sky Blue Sea Pavilions 1,000-year-long foundation wasnt enough to recruit a Moonlight Warlock to work for them. Now that Yang Feng wanted to take over the the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, Shi Yuebing promptly chose to rely on him.

When he saw Shi Yuebings decisiveness, Yang Feng revealed a satisfied smile.

A few days later, four old men sat at a huge white marble round table in a building belonging to the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. The four old men were the Sky Blue Sea Pavilions four Elders. Back in the day, they were the subordinates of Shi Yuebings father Shi Lie.

The burly Second Elder with a black eye-patch on his right eye exuding a violent aura said gravely: “One month ago, another taishan-class merchant ship of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion sank. This is already the fifth taishan-class merchant ship. Now that the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is insolvent, no one is willing to give us credit. The Sky Blue Sea Pavilion is finished if things go on like this.”

The other three elders went silent.

The burly and robust First Elder with some gray hairs on his head shot the Second Elder a look and uttered flatly: “Old Second, if you have something to say, then just say it!”

The Second Elder was silent. Apparently too embarrassed to speak, he looked at the Third Elder.

The Third Elder spoke with a faint smile: “The Cangyue Sea Pavilions young master fancies Yuebing. If Yuebing is willing to marry him as his concubine, then the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion and the Cangyue Sea Pavilion will integrate into one. We can have a comeback. The foundation the Old Lord passed down to us wont wilt down in our hands.”

The First Elder went silent for a while, then looked at the Fourth Elder who has been silent all this time and asked lightly: “What do you think, Old Four?”

The Fourth Elder lowered his head. As if a dead person, he kept his silence. Only the drawn-out breathing indicated that he was still alive.

The First Elders eyes flashed with anger, and he said frigidly, every word laced with emotion: “The debt of gratitude we owe the Lord is as weighty as a mountain. We were nurtured from orphans to Starry Sky Warlocks, and are enjoying a lifespan surpassing 1,000 years. If not for the Lord, then we a bunch of homeless, petty orphans would have become piles of bones in less than 100 years. The Lord has died only 20 years ago, yet in order to seize the Young Lords property, you want to force her to marry that animal from the Cangyue Sea Pavilion. Has your conscience been eaten by the dogs?”

As one of the top 10 sea merchant groups of the Wei Sea City, the Cangyue Sea Pavilion possessed a great number of experts. But the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Young Master was a complete scum. He was already in his forties, yet despite assistance of the Cangyue Sea Pavilions tremendous resources, he was only a level-1 Warlock. Moreover, he led a life of debauchery, and liked to murder beautiful women. Every year, there would be many bodies of female slaves thrown into the sea.

The Second and Third Elders wanted to push Shi Yuebing directly into a fire pit for their own prosperity, which made the First Elder angry to the extreme.

Listening to the angry shouts of the First Elder, the eyes of the Fourth Elder flickered with shame and his body trembled slightly, yet in the end, he just gave a long sigh and kept silent.

The Third Elder smiled coldly and said: “Old One, these words of yours are uncalled for! We have fought hard to reach our position in the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. For the sake of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, which one of us hasnt spilt blood? Even though we have some debt of gratitude with the Old Lord, but after serving him for hundreds of years, I reckon that we already paid it off.”

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