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Chapter 462 – Suppressing Cangyue Xuanyi

Chapter 461 – Coercion

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With an expressionless expression, the Second Elder raised his hand: “Since we cant come to a consensus, then lets vote.”

The Third Elder smiled lightly and also raised his hand: “Yes, since we cant come to a consensus, then lets vote according to the convention!”

The Fourth Elder was silent for a while before speaking indifferently: “I abstain!”

The Second Elder showed a smile of ridicule and said: “Old Four abstained! Its two to one! Then its decided. Big Brother, even if you oppose, its no use. This is the collective decision of the council.”

The First Elder smiled frigidly and directly turned hostile, saying: “He-he, council my ass! Old Two, Old Three, if you want to lick the ass of the Cangyue Sea Pavilions young master, then do it yourselves. As long as Im here, I will never let you arbitrarily manipulate the Young Lord. If worse comes to worst, then the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion might as well dissolve.”

The Second Elder spoke with a light smile: “With your temper, I knew that you wouldnt relent that easily, Old One. However, today you cant be presumptuous!”

In the room, a drawing distorted, and a handsome man dressed in an embroidered robe, with an arrogant expression on his face and a folding fan in hand slowly came out.

Beside the young man followed two men with ordinary appearances yet gave off a dangerous aura.

When the First Elder saw the young mans eyes, he exclaimed: “Cangyue Xuanyi!!”

Cangyue Xuanyi was the son of the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Pavilion Master Cangyue Xiongtian as well as the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Young Master.”

Cangyue Xuanyi revealed a sinister smile and uttered full of malice: “Yes, it is I! Old man, in the Wei Sea City, the women I fancy cant escape my clutches. When I took a fancy to that slut Shi Yuebing, she actually dared to refuse me. What nerve! After I have some fun with her, Ill sell her to the Amorous Fragrance Pavilion as the cheep whore that she is! Thatll certainly be fun!”

When the Second and Fourth Elders heard this, their expressions turned unnatural, yet they kept silent.

Smiling, the Third Elder praised: “Youre wise, Young Master. That whore Shi Yuebing has always been very proud! It would be indeed very fun to see her be reduced to a whore.”

When the First Elder heard this, his eyes shot with blood, and advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank life force slowly seeped out of him. Throwing an apprehensive glance at the two men beside Cangyue Xuanyi, he asked: “Are you Liu San and Li Si?”

Liu San and Li Si were guards that the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Pavilion Master Cangyue Xiongtian dispatched to protect Cangyue Xuanyi. They both possessed advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank cultivation bases. More than 10 Starry Sky Warlocks have died in their hands. Under their protection, Cangyue Xuanyi could run amuck in the Wei Sea City.

Smiling gloomily, Liu San replied: “Old man, if you know our names, then you should also know that if you dont agree to the Young Masters request, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death.”

Li Si revealed a sinister smile. Exuding advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank aura, he locked on the First Elder.

There was a look of impatience in Cangyue Xuanyis eyes, and he spoke coldly: “Why are you talking so much nonsense with this old dog? Just go ahead and kill him!!”

“Wait a minute!” A crisp voice sounded, and Shi Yuebing with a fragrance wafting from her walked in. Following her were three people, namely Yang Feng, Lila, and Eunice.

When he saw Lila and Eunice, Cangyue Xuanyis eyes suddenly lit up, and he revealed a lascivious smile.

Lila was a pureblooded high elf from the Sandra Plane. In the Cangzhi Planes continent, the number of pureblood elves like her was very small. Pureblood elven slave girls were a symbol of status, a luxury good among luxury goods. Eunice was also a stunning Caucasian beauty with a fiery figure. When these two beautiful women appeared, they nearly stole the soul of the lustful Cangyue Xuanyi.

Looking straight at Cangyue Xuanyi, Shi Yuebing spoke coldly: “Cangyue Xuanyi, I can give you the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. However, please give me and Uncle Lei a way out. If you agree, we can go through the handover procedure immediately. Within 10 days, Uncle Lei and I will leave the Wei Sea City with our people.”

The First Elder wanted to say something, yet in the end, he looked deeply at Shi Yuebing and sighed, saying nothing. He also understood that even if the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion was abandoned, but as long as Shi Yuebing and her party could leave the Wei Sea City, it would already be very fortunate.

When Shi Lie was still alive, the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion was united and could barely contend against the Cangyue Sea Pavilion. But after he died, the unity of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion was no more. Faced with a bigwig such as the Cangyue Sea Pavilions Young Master, if they could retreat unscathed, then it would already be amazing.

Cangyue Xuanyi showed a smile of contempt and tossed a low grade magic stone to in front of Shi Yuebing: “You want to leave just like that? The council of the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion has already agreed to marry you off as my 109th concubine. While your dowry is the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion, this is my betrothal gift. Now behave and be my 109th concubine!”

Cangyue Xuanyi swept Yang Feng with a vicious glance, and he spoke with a cold smile: “As for the man who came with you, Ill castrate him! The two women can become my 110th and 111th concubines.”

Although Cangyue Xuanyi was only a level-1 Warlock himself, but he didnt care about the Great Warlock Yang Feng.

The frowning Shi Yuebing suddenly broke into a smile, took a step back, and stood next to Yang Feng like a pure flower.

Yang Feng scanned Cangyue Xuanyi with his gaze, revealed a look of amusement, and uttered indifferently: “You waste want to dispose of me, what a joke!”

When Cangyue Xuanyi saw this scene, he couldt help but have an ominous premonition.

“Do it!!” Yang Feng shouted. A shadow suddenly popped out from Liu Sans back, and a dagger fused with the shadow sliced at Liu Sans neck like a meteor.

Liu Sans body shone brightly, and six or seven magic shields suddenly appeared and enveloped him.

The dagger fused with the shadow was the god armament Shadow Dagger that the Shadow Prince Mecca has spent a lot of time and divine force to forge. When it was unleashed, it could freeze the space within an area of 10 meters in diameter and dispel spatial spells. In addition to spatial spells, deffensive spells were as useful as paper in front of the Shadow Dagger.

The god armament Shadow Dagger, the god armament Assassin Dagger, and the god armament Slaying Dagger were known as the Three God Assassination Daggers in the Feisuo Plane, and they were in the hands of three gods proficient in assassinations. These three god armaments were mid grade god armaments, and were comparable to human Warlocks level-7 secret treasures in power.

They could only see a shadow sweep past, and then Liu Sans head fell to the ground. There was a look of astonishment on the severed head.

After the shadow easily beheaded Liu San, it rushed towards Li Si.

Li Sis body lit up with numerous radiances, and then his head turned in the air and fell to the ground. A large amount of blood sprayed out from the neck of the headless corpse.

After the shadow succeeded in its assassination, it merged back into the shadows and disappeared.

A scent of blood pervaded the room.

When he saw this, Cangyue Xuanyis face changed dramatically, and he flew into a rage and barked: “Liu San, Li Si, you dare to kill my men! You bastard, are you sick of living?”

The face of the Third Elder fell, and he silently recited an incantation, and a pair of thunder eagle wings grew on his back. With a flap of the wings, a booming sound echoed, and , with lightning twining around him, he flew towards the outside.

Following a disagreement, Yang Feng had the two Starry Sky Warlocks Liu San and Li Si killed. His methods were extremely ruthless. When the willy old fox Third Elder felt that things were anything but reassuring, he chose to escape.

A spatial gate strangely appeared before the Third Elder. Unable to stop his momentum in time, he rushed into the spatial gate, and then weirdly appeared next to Yang Feng.

A shadow swept at the Third Elder from Yang Fens shadow, and the Third Elders head fell on the ground.

Face deathly pale, teeth clattering, the Second Elder knelt in front of Yang Feng and implored: “Sir, spare me!! Spare my pathetic life! I didnt meant to, they forced me.”

The Third Elder possessed advanced Starry Sky Warlock rank strength. Compared with the Second Elder, the former was only slightly inferior. When he saw Yang Feng easily dispose of such an expert, the Second Elder felt like he was submerged in a mire, and immediately knelt on the ground and pleaded for mercy.

Yang Feng glanced at the Second Elder kneeling on the ground, and Lila immediately fished out a vial of Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir, stabbed the vial into the Second Elders neck, and injected the elixir into his body.

As if a god gazing at something mundane, Yang Feng scanned the Fourth Elder with a glance and spoke flatly: “Do you want to live or die?”

The Fourth Elder sighed: “I want to live! Sir, I have never coerced the Young Lord. I am willing to surrender all my rights and leave the Sky Blue Sea Pavilion. Please give me a way out!!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent and he said coldly: “In other words, you want to die?”

“I want to live!” Feeling the biting killing intent coming from Yang Feng, the face of the Fourth Elder changed several times, and then he knelt of the ground and spoke respectfully.”

Lila stepped forward and injected the Liquid Metal Nano Robot Elixir into the Fourth Elders neck.

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